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Posted on : August 1, 2019

Relocations are complicated as it is. Especially in a big city, such as Boston. There are a lot of moving parts, to say, and you need to be focused from day one in order to handle everything properly. In case you make a mistake, that can make your moving process significantly harder. However, if you prepare yourself before the adventure begins and surround yourself with moving professionals like our Premium Q Moving and Storage crews are, you can even enjoy the process. That is why we bring you the premium 10 tips for moving in Boston. Follow these tips and tricks and you will decrease the possibility of unsuccessful relocation immensely.

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Let’s start counting the best 10 tips for moving in Boston

Since relocations bring many challenges with them, people sometimes tend to start panicking in advance. It is usually when they realize that there is so much stuff to do and so little time to do them. Not to mention that every mistake probably costs even more money than you are willing to pay for relocation. That’s why you need to play it smart and prepare yourself properly for a Boston move with these top-notch tips!

 tips for moving in Boston - man and a woman carrying boxes
With these tips for moving in Boston, everything will go smoothly

1. Change your address as soon as possible

This is something people don’t usually think of until it’s too late and they start missing their bills. So, unless you want to pay penalties for not paying bills on time and encounter other legal complications, it’s a good idea to change your address. Do this a month prior to moving day for:

  • bills,
  • driver’s license,
  • credit and debit cards,
  • subscriptions of any kind.

If you can’t find time to do this, due to numerous obligations concerning the move, don’t despair. You can outsource this activity to some of the best local movers Boston has to offer. Our team at Premium Q will gladly take care of all bureaucracy on your behalf.

2. Be diligent when it comes to researching moving companies

This can be a slippery slope if you’re not careful enough. One of the best tips for moving in Boston is not to hire the first moving company you lay your eyes on. You should thoroughly research the market and see who fits your needs the best. It doesn’t matter if they offer the most popular moving services Boston asks for if they don’t offer what you need. Therefore, look for a company that will satisfy your specific moving needs.

For example, you may wish someone to provide you with a white glove cleaning service, as our Premium Q movers will. So try to be as specific as you can when it comes to your needs. Also, make sure to investigate, compare, and finally hire a licensed and insured company with reasonable prices. Check the reviews to see other people’s experiences and afterward don’t forget to leave a review yourself.

3. Make sure to understand your moving estimate

The most important thing when hiring any kind of services is understanding what exactly are you paying for. The same goes for moving. You really need to make sure to understand all parts of the final price before you sign any contract. A good moving company will be prepared to answer all your questions and clear all doubts in order to avoid misunderstandings later. Nobody wants to have to explain themselves on moving day, so this is something you need to resolve well before you make any deal with movers.

 tips for moving in Boston - a calculator
An estimate is not the same as the final price

You should know that moving estimate depends on several factors, such as the distance (travel time and gas), the amount of stuff you are moving (the number of movers and trucks), and the time of the move. We suggest you choose some less popular timing to relocate, like the middle of the week and a month, in order to get better prices.

4. Pack wisely, not randomly

This is one of the first tips for moving in Boston, or anywhere else, actually. You need to be very pragmatic when it comes to packing. Sure, it would be a lot easier to just throw everything you own into boxes and call it a day. However, that wouldn’t be so wise, would it? Why would you lose time and money on something that you are not using and never will? Therefore, you need to choose carefully what to take to your new address. Everything else should either go to charity, to sale or to trash. You might even earn some money, right?

When you are left with the final amount of stuff, make sure to organize packing room by room. Or, better yet, hire professional packing services to execute the job for you. They will certainly do it faster, better and more careful than you could. Since they have a lot more experience than you in this area, they will finish in no time and all your belongings will remain undamaged.

5. Krown the packing with good labeling

Unless you want the unpacking to turn into a nightmare, you should obtain some colorful markers and start writing. Make sure to get some quality boxes and label them by rooms and content. And don’t forget to mention if something contains fragile content or needs to be in the upright position at all times.

labeled boxes
Label your boxes for easier unpacking

Firstly, by writing down the rooms, your movers will know exactly where to put the box in your new home. Secondly, since you probably won’t have enough time to unpack everything at once, it will be very useful to know which is where. So you will know where to find everything you are looking for, without opening every single box. And that saves a lot of time and nerves, trust us. Again, if you hire professionals, they are experts in all parts of moving, so they will take care of labeling as well.

6. Make sure to prepare your essentials box

There are things that should always be within reach. And no matter how great your local or international movers are, you shouldn’t leave these things with them. Primarily because you might need them during the moving process and transportation. We are talking about keys, personal documents, meds, phones, and chargers. But also, one of the valuable tips for moving in Boston is to put in your essentials box a change of clothes, bedroom sheets, toiletries, a first aid kit, tools and everything else you might need that first day or night in your new home.

7. Get your kids onboard

If you want the relocation to go as smoothly as possible, you need to know how to move with kids. Explain to them what is going on on time. You need them to express their emotions long before the actual moving day comes. They need to have time to process the whole idea of leaving everything they have known their whole life. So, to make it easier, make sure to tell them that all their toys and possessions will remain intact. When the moving day comes, prepare their favorite toys and books, so they could have something to distract them from getting in the way of movers.

a kid playing
Find a good distraction for your children

8. Moving is a big family adventure

If you have a family, all relocation-related subjects affect all members of the family. That is why you need to take their needs and emotions into consideration and find a way to relocate entire family stress-free. Plan some activities that you could all do together once you move. That way your kids will have something to look forward to. Give them the opportunity to choose the look and the layout of their rooms, if they are old enough. And the most important of the tips for moving in Boston – make sure to stay in touch with their friends and set up regular playdates. After all, Boston isn’t that big, that you can’t manage those once in a while, right?

9. Get to know the extra costs

Do you know the difference between a moving valuation and moving insurance? The liability that a moving company will accept for the value of your belongings if they get lost or damaged is called valuation. And the insurance is the price you pay for a guarantee that the company will compensate your losses should anything happen. However, if you are not completely certain what is what and how it affects your extra costs, you should contact the movers and their agents should explain everything to you in details.

10. Read the fine print on your moving day contract

The last one of the tips for moving in Boston, or anywhere else, of course, is to check out your contract carefully. Except for understanding what is what, you should know that your estimate will not be the same as your contract and final bill. Even though the hourly rates will remain as you have agreed upon, there are some things that you probably didn’t consider prior to moving.

a paper and a pen
Pay close attention before you sign the contract

For example, did you know that the moving companies track time from the moment their trucks leave their offices to the moment they get back? There is also a matter of additional costs for packing supplies and additional service, for example. You should be aware of all of them before the moving day, so there won’t be any surprises.

There you have it. If you follow these 10 tips for moving in Boston we guarantee you will have a successful relocation. However, if you’d like to hear more moving tips, please subscribe to our moving day podcast and let us know your thoughts and experiences.

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