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Are people still moving to Brooklyn?

Posted on : July 24, 2019

Brooklyn is one of the most famous New York City boroughs. Many people would like to live here. However, recently, the number of residents has dropped when compared to earlier years. For this reason, maybe you are wondering whether people are still moving to Brooklyn? They are moving to Brooklyn, but not as intensely as before. But there are many reasons why you should make Brooklyn your home. You will be packing your suitcase once you finish reading this article. 

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Moving to Brooklyn because it is a cheaper option 

Living expenses are one of the major factors that influence people’s decision on where to live. As you probably know, Manhattan is the most expensive one. It is almost impossible to live comfortably in Manhattan unless you earn a large amount of money. On the other hand, Brooklyn is more affordable. However, it is still more expensive to live in Brooklyn if you want to compare it to the other New York City boroughs. Still, it is a good option when you are moving to Brooklyn from Boston, for example. You can spend additional money on movers from Boston to New York that you would otherwise give for rent. 

moving to Brooklyn to walk on the Brooklyn bridge
Choose the right neighborhood for you

A large number of neighborhoods to choose from 

An advantage of Brooklyn is a large number of neighborhoods. This means you have plenty of options to choose from. All of them have a specific ambiance that you might like. They all have good schools, parks, interesting places to see and visit. Some possible neighborhoods would the following.  

  • Park Slope 
  • Red Hook 
  • Flatbush 
  • Bushwick 
  • Fort Greene 
  • Green Point 

However, you have to keep in mind that living expenses are different according to which neighborhood you move to. For example, Park Slope would be the most expensive one, but it has the best schools in Brooklyn. It depends on your personal preference and financial stability where you are going to live.  

Hire a good moving company 

Before you read other reasons for moving to Brooklyn, you should know how to find a good moving company. Every relocation needs reliable movers. However, there are many moving companies today, so you can easily come across a fraudulent one. In order to avoid frauds, you should check the credentials of every moving company that you like. In addition to this, you should read comments and reviews that people left on mover’s website. If it has a large number of negative comments, then it is for the best to avoid that company. If you are still looking for a good moving company and you are from Boston, then you should consider interstate moving companies Boston. 

Moving to Brooklyn for a good job market 

There are many companies in Brooklyn that are looking for new hard-working employees. Even if you want to start a business on your own, it is cheaper to rent office space here than in Manhattan. You can find a good job with relative ease in Brooklyn. A decent job means more money, so you can enjoy living comfortably in this part of New York City. For this reason, once you move, see if you can find a job position in your field. You can search online or when you meet new people, they might be able to recommend something. 

black table in one cafe
Many unique cafes to visit

Sense of community 

Brooklyn has been lucky enough to preserve the sense of community. For this reason, if you move to this borough, you will have an opportunity to meet and actually talk with your neighbors. In addition to this, there are many parks and lovely places to visit with your family. It is not as crowded as other places in New York City. You will have a place to relax and breathe after a long day of work or studying. Younger people should not worry as well since there are plenty of unique and interesting bars and cafes where they can hang out. You should visit one that has a rooftop since you will be able to enjoy a beautiful night view while drinking cocktails. It is certainly one of the cons of moving to suburbs if you want to call Brooklyn a suburb.

Brooklyn is quite diverse 

If you want to live in a multicultural environment, then you should move to Brooklyn. You can meet many people from different backgrounds, get to know their language and culture. In addition to this, because of this diversity, you can go and visit various restaurants that feature different national cuisines. This whole experience is even more interesting if you are a student. Maybe you will end up dating someone from France or China, everything and anything is possible. In any case, you will find an amazing group of friends in Brooklyn. However, the multicultural environment can be good for elderly people as well. So, it is no wonder why Brooklyn might be among the best places for seniors.

a group of people having a great time
Meet new interesting people

Art and Music 

Williamsburg is known as an artistic neighborhood in Brooklyn. There are many music venues and art galleries scattered around Williamsburg that you should visit. It does not matter if you are a student or you just want to relax after a long day, you can always catch amazing performances of local bands. Nightlife in Brooklyn is more relaxed when compared to Manhattan. In addition to this, there are several festivals organized in this area, which are completely free. Since you will live in the city that never sleeps, apart from the art and music scene in Brooklyn, you will have the whole New York City close by. You can go and visit every famous museum and art gallery in NYC since they will be so close to you once you move to Brooklyn. 

Are people still moving to Brooklyn 

As you can see, there are many reasons why people should keep moving to Brooklyn. The interest in New York City has decreased generally. Millennials these days prefer to have small cities as their permanent home. However, if it is your wish to live in Brooklyn, then you will not regret it. 

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