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Benefits of moving to Brookline MA

Posted on : May 22, 2019

Moving has slowly become a way of life for some. Some people are even looking forward to moving and living in another place. Yet, for most of us, moving is still quite stressful and exhausting. However, some places are worth all that. One of such places is Brookline, MA. If you plan on moving to Brookline MA, its benefits may help to seal the deal. Once you make the decision, all that is needed is to call your movers Brookline MA and set up a date!

If you are still on the fence about moving to Brookline, read on and maybe you will come to a decision!

Moving to Brookline MA – The benefits

There are many things to know about Brookline, but this one might be the clincher. Brookline has been ranked as the best suburb in the U.S. in 2015! And that is not all, there is another study that ranks this suburb as the best suburban community where livability is concerned.

Skyscraper behind trees
Brookline MA is definitely one of the best suburbs in the entire nation.

The study accounts for weather, jobs, housing, safety, etc. It is an interesting fact that other top 4 neighborhoods are Bronxville, Albany, Scarsdale, and Piedmont.

So, why exactly is Brookline at #1? Well, a combination of all those factors, coupled with the great community creates an almost perfect suburb! People feel safe and the amenities are great. If you decide to move there, your local movers Boston will get you there in no time!

Historic significance of Brookline

This entire area is under historical protection. You can rest assured that there were be no design changes in Brookline. At least none that Brookline Preservation Commission will not approve. And if they approve of a change, you can be sure it is for the better. There are 16 state or national register districts in Brookline and coupled with over 80 individual home listings, they create a strong historical significance.

Lifestyle in this area possesses a unique mix. Everything blends here, from senior homes to condos and attached homes. Of particular note are several walking tours that cruise around Brookline.

Comes at a cost

Being such a great neighborhood, Brookline is quite expensive. While it may not look like a benefit to most, it is definitely a benefit for some. Living expenses are not that high but the housing prices go through the roof. You can not get a three to four bedroom condo without investing almost a million dollars. And that is pretty expensive for any suburb! In that case, it would be nice if you could save some money while moving and avoid some typical moving mistakes, right? So, get our book and learn how to avoid the 10 biggest moving mistakes.

Life after moving to Brookline MA

The best place to hang out at, in Brookline, is Coolidge Corner. There is no contest, that is the place to be. You do have access to all fun family places in Boston but Coolidge Corner will keep you entertained for quite some time. This place was intended to be a church, and it was built as one in 1906. However, it was changed into a movie theater in 1933, which is its function today.

Perks of moving to Brookline MA - Coolidge Corner
Coolidge Corner will provide you with numerous hours of entertainment.

This picturesque theater serves beer and wine and has many programs to bring back the great films of old. If you are a fan of old movies, you will feel right at home at Coolidge Corner.

Brookline Booksmith

Another great place to hang out at is the Brookline Booksmith. It opened its doors way back in 1961, as “Paperback Booksmith”. If you like author nights this is the place for you. Other than author nights, there are other events and book club gatherings.

Great dining

From Regal Beagle, through Otto Pizza, to Paris Creperie, there are great food places in Brookline. They are nestled among some great shops so you can grab a bite between shopping. If you are looking for some exquisite dining, there is the Beacon Street and its famous restaurants. Overall, the food is great and you can not go wrong with any of the choices! Still, the neighborhood is always hungry for more, which makes it one of the top businesses to start in Boston.

Awesome place for kids

If your kid’s education is of any import, you will be extremely happy with schools in Brookline. The public schools are extremely highly rated in the nation and Michael Driscoll and Lawrence schools both received a natural 10/10.

A teenage girl
Your kids will have a great education and a lot of places to have fun in Brookline!

There are many great places to go with your kids, such as Larz Anderson Park, auto museum, and Brookline Public Library. All of those places are accommodating for kids and children love to hang out there.

Moving to Brookline MA – Be a part of the history

Brookline has many historical places that are well worth the visit. It is no small thing to be living in the same place where one of the greatest’s was born.

John F. Kennedy House

John F. Kennedy was born here. I will let that sink in. You can get a guided tour of his home! It is quite popular and park rangers will serve as your guides and also as protectors of the place.

Larz Anderson Auto Museum

If you are a car enthusiast, previously mentioned Larz Anderson Auto Museum has a great selection of historic cars. In fact, this collection is widely known and recognized as the oldest one in the U.S. 

Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site

This one is for us history nerds. Even the name is quite long and difficult to remember! However, Olmsted himself is one of the founders of U.S. landscape architecture and you can walk the grounds that he did and get a tour of his former office.

And there you have it, quite a few of the benefits of moving to Brookline MA. I hope that some of the information presented in this article helped you in reaching a decision on whether to move here or not. If you do decide to move here, Premium Q Moving and Storage Boston would be happy to provide you with assistance. You can contact us easily and we will be happy to talk to you and provide you with any moving-related information! We wish you all the best and a great life, wherever you choose to move!

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