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Benefits of using plastic moving boxes

Posted on : December 28, 2018

Before we continue we wish to get one thing out of the way. Our moving company is not pro-plastic and we do not support any use of plastic that can harm the environment. Our planet is in much trouble as it is, and further production of plastic items can bring more harm than good. When compared to other materials, plastic takes too much time to dissolve and thus brings quite extensive damage to the pollution of the planet. So, be green and try using as many green materials as you can. Protect and save your planet. Having this said, this article will address plastic moving boxes and their upsides. One place where you can find additional info on moving boxes Boston are professional movers.

Doing things to save the environment you live in is the best thing to do without a doubt.
Let’s all support saving the planet!

If you didn’t know before, there are several different types of plastic. And depending on the materials used, some types of plastic can dissolve much easier and thus pose a far lesser threat to the well-being of the planet. This is the type of plastic we fully support. If you are able to get your hands on items made out of this recyclable, dissolvable plastic then you are golden! There are many benefits to using plastic moving boxes. We will address them and make comparisons to cardboard boxes that are used widely across the globe. Both have their advantages, however, we believe that the plastic ones are the winners of this competition. Still, when comparing we will let you decide which is better for you.

Plastic moving boxes

Even though most of the moving companies you can hire will recommend and offer cardboard boxes, there are certain advantages to using plastic moving boxes. In short, plastic moving boxes are far more sturdy and are, above all, reusable. This element maybe justifies the usage of plastic moving boxes, to an extent. However, do the benefits outweigh the downsides? Again, you are the judge.

There are many ways to save the planet, and investing into reusable boxes is one of them.
Getting reusable plastic boxes is a great green investment because you save money and the environment.

The biggest pain introduced by cardboard boxes is their lack of durability. When packing a cardboard box you need to tread carefully not to overfill it. If you do, the box will most likely break and you are risking dropping some very fragile belongings. Breaking some very expensive china because you overrated a cardboard box can have grievous consequences. This pain does not exist with a plastic moving box. The odds of one breaking and forcing you to drop your belongings is close to zero. On another note, the fact that you are stacking cardboard boxes in a truck leads to the conclusion that the content of each box can be compromised.

Lastly, there is a matter of organizing and piling up boxes. With cardboard boxes, you can rarely pile boxes one on top of the other due to the lack of durability. With plastic moving boxes you are able to mitigate this limitation completely.

Plastic box durability

Plastic moving boxes take pride in their extensive durability. This means that you can stack as many belongings as you want within one box. Considering the bendability of plastic there are containers of all shapes and sizes. It is up to you which you need. Plastic is more durable than any type of paper or cardboard, and this is a fact. This fact alone makes plastic boxes the absolute champion of moving boxes. But, this comes at several prices. The first price is the actual price per box. Whereas cardboard boxes you can buy cheaply, plastic ones are a tad more expensive. See how you can save space when packing, and thus have a need for fewer boxes.

Furthermore, you need to take into consideration the fact that cardboard boxes can be found for free. Plastic ones can rarely be found free of charge. Only in a case where some family member of a friend owns plastic boxes can you consider borrowing them. Otherwise, purchasing them will force you to spend a little bit of money. In all fairness, this is how it should be. If you wish something more sturdy with higher quality – it is expected that you need to pay a bit more.

Cardboard boxes can be free

In contrast to the higher price of plastic moving boxes, cardboard boxes can be free. Given that vast usage of cardboard boxes, there are many companies and locations that have no use for theirs. In this scenario, they usually throw them away. If you can scout your surroundings a bit you could strike a deal to take moving boxes off of their hands and keep them for yourself free of charge.

Cardboard boxes are not on the same level as reusable plastic ones, so it's doubtful if you should be getting them anyway.
You can get cardboard boxes for change, or even for free, but it’s a questionable investment, to say the least.

The usual suspects are restaurants and libraries. Both of these industries have a wide usage of cardboard boxes given that their supplies and materials are sent to them in such boxes. Given the frequency of such orders, and their quantities, they will eventually get overwhelmed with the number of boxes they own. This means that they will be forced and willing to throw a bunch of them out. This is where you swoop in to help them and get some free moving boxes!

However, plastic boxes are always going to be the better choice

Still, in spite of the amount of money you can save, plastic moving boxes will be your top choice, always. It’s not for nothing that packing services Boston use them as their first choice. Considering their durability you will be more than happy when sorting out your stuff. Everything becomes that much easier. Packing, loading the trucks, unloading the trucks and unpacking. You can use them with ease and have very slim chances of damaging some of your belongings. This alone makes the slightly bigger investment worth it. But you don’t know until you try, so we advise that you take our perspective and give it a go. When you see them all stacked up beautifully in the truck you will understand what we are talking about.

Best of luck to you!

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