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Best Boston neighborhoods for young professionals

Posted on : September 30, 2018

Our future, the future of this planet, is dependent on our youth. In an era of easy access to information and technology, education is much more affordable to everyone across the Globe. This is the reason why we nowadays have a lot of young professionals willing to invest in their work. They are all willing and ready to move places in order to gain knowledge. And experience and thus remain committed to achieving their dreams. In this article, we will try to give you an insight into what we think are the best Boston neighborhoods for young professionals. And which ones should all fresh post- grads check-out in the process of finding a place to settle in this beautiful city.

One of the places, ideal for the professional growth of young people, is in Boston. In the midst of all the various opportunities that this place can offer, Boston provides for some very nice and attractive neighborhoods. It is up to you to decide which one the best suits you. When you decide, we are here to help you with packing your possessions for this big change.

Moving to Boston as a young professional

Relocating to a new place can be challenging. Especially if you are young and in the very beginning of your post-graduation carrier. In such cases, one does usually not worry about the job itself, but also the various difficulties, the process of moving entails. But do not despair, as anything you can do with proper preparation and planning. By this, we mean making a moving checklist and hiring a reliable moving company.

Choosing good movers is of paramount importance and is something you should give special attention to. Professional moving companies, such as Premium Q Moving and Storage Boston are specialized in this field and can offer first-class assistance. By providing a different kind of services, your moving can be a complete stress- free exercise. Nothing is more important than having your belongings transferred safely and without delays.

When moving to Boston hire reliable moving company. So that you can easily relocate to one of the best Boston neighborhoods for young professionals
Choosing the right moving company

Some of the best neighborhoods in Boston for young professionals

Here are some of the best neighborhoods in Boston for young professionals:


Dorchester, once a little village, has developed into if not the biggest, then definitely the most diverse neighborhood in the city. The area itself is made up of many pocket neighborhoods and there sure is a place for everyone. If you are after easy and quick access to the city, parks, and beaches, Savin Hill and Jones Hill are exactly what you might be looking for. Neighborhoods such as Neponset and Lower Mills offer a great sense of closeness and community with regular neighborhood events.

The distinct Victorian architecture is present throughout Dorchester, giving it a cozy, charming touch. Due to the cultural diversity, the area has quite a foodie scene offering everything. From fine dining and exclusive restaurants to eclectic pubs and alternative bars. With its’ proximity to the downtown, an excellent network of public transportation, exciting restaurant culture and an array of museums and galleries, it’s clear why Dorchester is one of the best Boston neighborhoods for young professionals.

It is not an easy thing to decide which is the best Boston neighborhood for young professionals
Choosing the best Boston neighborhoods for young professionals

Beacon Hill

As one of the oldest neighborhoods, Beacon Hill stands directly north of the Boston Common and the Boston Public Garden. It represents one of the best Boston neighborhoods for young professionals. Rich community life where people know each other is what makes this place perfect for a living. This place is friendly, livable, and is offering “living in a village” vibe, with a cosmopolitan touch.

A rich history has made it be designed as a historical district paved with cobblestones and decorated with indefinite tree lines. Brick facades are protected and uniquely beautiful. The neighborhood is home to the most photographed street in America – the Acorn Street. Along the Paris-looking streets, you’ll find petite boutiques, eateries, and cafes with welcoming patios. This upscale neighborhood is only a mile away from Boston Commons, but it’s a picture-perfect, movie-like district, perfect for a good lifestyle.

Jamaica Plain

The culturally mixed, but tight-knit community of Jamaica Plain (affectionately known as JP) proves that variety is the spice of life. JP might be one of the most charming neighborhoods in Boston. It is bringing together a large Caribbean community, as well as Thai, Lebanese, Italian and many more. All those communities are contributing to the area. So whether you feel like having Thai food or Italian gelato, you’re in for a treat. Most restaurants own families, so you are likely to feel at home.

The independently owned shops and boutiques, together with the distinctive Victorian architecture add a European touch to the area. Jamaica Plain loops around the Jamaica Pond, where the greenery is lush and nature is thriving. Many parks and the oldest arboretum in America offer relaxation. JP is a melting pot of young families, professionals, artist, and activists. Close enough to the city, it has a perfect position to provide a balanced lifestyle. So, have in consideration JP, it might be one of the best Boston neighborhoods for young professionals.

Buildings in Boston
              Buildings in Boston neighborhoods

Mission Hill

Even though Mission Hill is the smallest neighborhood in the city, it packs quite a bit in less than one square mile. The small neighborhood vibe is evident all around. Especially in the narrow residential streets, decorated by distinctive brownstones. Which makes this place one of the best Boston neighborhoods for young professionals. The steep streets, surrounded by lush, thick woods, offer great views of the city. The neighborhood has a lot of college students, so it can get noisy and the parties can get rowdy. Don’t be put off by their presence, as there are perfectly quiet pockets in the proximity to the downtown.

There is an array of pubs, bars, and restaurants. And the bustling Huntington Avenue balanced out by Iroquois Woods above. So it’s no surprise Mission Hill is attractive and popular. Mission Hill has an atmosphere similar to Jamaica Plain. And with the housing being much more affordable, this lively neighborhood might be very appealing to young families and professionals alike.

In this article, we’ve mentioned some of the best neighborhoods in Boston for young professionals. Moving to Boston will for sure be a great life experience, with everything that this place can offer. With plenty of business and entertainment opportunities, you will not regret choosing one of these Boston areas. It is up to you know to decide what suits your needs and expectations best.

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