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Best cities for seniors in MA

Posted on : March 2, 2019

The most common thought that comes to mind when speaking about retirement is Florida. And this is for a good reason, too! Florida is simply stunning especially for either high school teenagers or those of us in retirement. However, there are some of us who will not take Florida as their top choice, in spite of everything else screaming that we should. Some of us really wish to stay as close as possible to our family and friends, and thus have to look at different options. In my case, I had to explore cities for seniors in MA. Also, I found amazing local movers Boston that can help me get there cheap.

When I say ‘had to‘ it sounds so malicious, however, it is not the case. I say had to because at the beginning it really was a must. I had to figure out the best cities for seniors in MA since I really wanted to stay. However, throughout my exploration, I learned just how big of a gem Massachusetts is when it comes to retirement. Perhaps it is not as grand as Florida is, but it also depends on what you are looking for. I personally found everything I need, and more. No need for anything glamorous. I got the opportunity to be not so far away from my family whilst having everything I need when not with them. A retirement dream come true!

Cities for seniors in MA

Still, cities for seniors in MA might not be for everyone. I was able to find my peace and I will try to share my experience with you. Hopefully, you will follow in my sted if this is indeed what you are looking for. And if you would like to learn how to avoid the 10 biggest moving mistakes, you can get our book here:

In very kind of basic terms, Florida is better. If there are no other factors, and you are alone on God’s flat earth than Florida might be a better option for you. Still, in spite of the common belief, Massachusetts has plenty to offer. All you got to do is give it a chance! Within this article, I will take you on a journey I myself took. This journey was one that explored the cities for seniors in MA. I had no special standards, and I was rather open-minded in this task. I was looking for something ‘nice’. Nice could take any shape and form, and I really wished to see everything that Massachusetts can offer before making a judgment call.

City choice – the criteria

So, how do you determine that one city is nice for retirement? I have explored this online and compared what others thing with what I need. This led me to a list of things I added to my criteria list when searching for cities for seniors in MA. This list is not demanding, but it is common sense that you would want to have all these things. So, the list of criteria is as follows:

  • Low cost of living
  • Low crime rate (or none, if possible)
  • Plenty of activities to have around (museums, libraries, theaters, colleges, etc.)
  • Close to an international airport
  • Other seniors living in the region

It is not much, but it is more than enough for me to have a very relaxing retirement whilst still being close to my family and friends. This is why I chose MA to begin with. Was I able to find cities that cater to all my needs? Oh, I most definitely have. Furthermore, I was able to find more than one place that was to my liking. Most importantly, the places were safe and nice, meeting all my criteria while still keeping me close to my folks. And also there are some exquisite movers Lexington MA that can get me there cheap. So, without further ado, here’s my list!


The number one winner of my list and my ultimate choice was the town of Hull. With a population of no more than 11.000, this adorable town had everything I really needed. The rent was cheap, meaning striking at about 1000 USD. This was brilliant and under what I could afford. The closest airport was 6 miles!! Only 6 miles! Traveling was a breeze.

If you love the seaside, consider Hull MA as the place for your retirement.
Hull is a beautiful tourist destination as well as a place that you can call home.

This town in Plymouth Country of Massachusetts is on the southern edge of Boston Harbor. With a small population and a high population density, this place is simply stunning. On top of it all, the crime rate is ridiculously low, at a striking 3%. One of, potentially, the safest towns in the United States!


The striking second was Longmeadow. This slightly bigger town was still able to meet all my standards, just like Hull did. Truth be told, there is not that much difference between the two, but this place simply had a slightly better vibe. It was far more subjective than it was objective when it came to the comparison.

Most of the cities for seniors in MA are safe, that you don't have to worry about any criminal activities going on.
Longmeadow is one of the safest places in MA, so if safety is of an issue to you, this is the place that you can call home.

Crime rate? Super low. Distance to an airport? Staggering 9 miles. The average rent price? Staggering 1200 USD. Meets all the criteria by far. So, since they are both as fit as it can be, it came down to the details. I found an apartment that I liked slightly more than the one in Longmeadow. It was all in the details. But, if you think that I have selected Hull because it was better – do not have that impression.


This place is slightly bigger, but none the less, it made my top 3 list. The town is home to 30 thousand people, which is more than double what the other two had to offer. To some, this might be a good thing! Some might want a bit ‘crowdier’ place to settle down, thinking that there will be more things around to do.

Beautiful place to live, with a low rent median and low crime rate. That is Gloucester for you.
Gloucester has to offer everything you would want from a small harbor city.

Gloucester is a very safe place, to kick it off with that. Median rent is at a staggering 1000 USD, meaning that it is on par with Hull. With only 24 miles away from the airport, it is located on Cape Ann in Essex County of MA. The place is gorgeous, and if you are exploring your options you should not skip this one! And if you need a professional moving company to get there, try calling the best ones in the business.

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