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Posted on : June 7, 2019

Moving to another city can be a difficult job, especially when it comes to a city of great size. There are many options when it comes to a part of the city where you can start over. If you plan to move to this city we suggest reading the article about the best neighborhoods in Seattle. And if you want to avoid making 10 biggest moving mistakes while doing that, you can get our book and stay on the safe side.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is one of the seaports on the west side of the US. This city has the most houseboats in the whole US, more than 500. As you can see, a big part of its economy is the fact that it is a port.  It has about 750,000 residents and over 365 square kilometers. This is the largest city in the northern part of the US. When we talk about the economy, it was the fastest growing city in the whole US and stayed in the top 5 until 2013.

It is wrong to cut the list just to some neighborhoods because there are plenty of them
Seattle, Washington

This says a lot about the possibilities you can find here. It has many lakes, parks and recreational centers dispersed all around the city. That means that there are many good neighborhoods in Seattle and we want to find the best ones!

Queen Anne

This neighborhood is one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for those that want to be nearby Seattle Center and have everything on the reach of their hand. There is plenty of reasons why you should move there:

  • Everything is close- You can easily walk to everything with no problems. There is no need for transport, no matter which one, public or personal. Just go outside and walk wherever you have to go.
  • Quitness– Contradictory but there is part of Queen Anne that is different. You just have to find a perfect house on the hill. We have to warn you, it can be troublesome for people that don’t like to walk frequently.
  • Fun– You will find a lot of interesting locations for fun. Lots of restaurants provide you many possibilities to go out and hang with friends and family. If you are a fan of recreational walking, go to Kerry Park. We suggest going to the sunrise because it provides an outstanding feeling.
Queen Anne is one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle due to different offers to the people living there
If you enjoy recreational walking go to Kerry Park!

If you are still considering moving from Boston to Seattle, you shouldn’t. Just do it. This is the perfect neighborhood for people that don’t mind living in the big city. You definitely won’t mind this fact due to already coming from a big city like Boston.


Why should we consider Ballard one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle? Because it has the best beaches in Seattle. Also, there are many restaurants and places to enjoy some live music. There is plenty of choices for restaurants and won’t be able to decide where to go. One of the best places to eat are bakeries that make cakes with local chocolate, so dip in! For people that like to see incredible views, we can suggest the Olympic Mountains, especially in sunset.

Capitol Hill

This is for the hardcore fast living people. You won’t be able to make a difference between NYC and Seattle. Downtown is very close so you can be sure that you won’t lose a chance to go out on short notice. This is definitely one of the best neighborhood in Seattle for people that enjoy living fast. One of the many good things about this neighborhood is the proximity of Volunteer Park. It is one of the biggest parks in Seattle. The downside is that it is settled in the core of a city but believe us when we say that you won’t be able to make a difference between it and wildlife nature!

Greenwood, one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for family

For people that want to find peace and start a new life with their own family, this is one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for you. Family life there is flourishing but we all know how hard it is to move with kids. That requires lots of patience.

a kid fishing
Go to the Lake Union for some family fun

If you want to move there we should warn you that finding a place here won’t be easy. There are plenty of people that want just the same as you do. This neighborhood has modern houses that take your breath away. People there are very friendly so you won’t have that much trouble meeting your new neighbors. Also, nearby is Lake Union where you can go on family picknick and where your kids can run free without any obstacle. Family paradise!


This neighborhood is located on the periphery of Seattle. We can exclude fast living people right away. It is suited for people that enjoy silence and peace. If you look for something like that, this is one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for that. The originality of the neighborhood comes from the fact that there are many bungalows and cottages. You must admit that it is quite strange for the neighborhood of a major city, such as Seattle.

Due to its location, it is perfect for fall where you can find all peace necessary for you. The best way to achieve this and move in time is to consider this area way before you would actually move. This way you can find decent self storage Boston, put all your belongings there and be ready when the day comes. You have to risk if you want to move here. But we can assure you that you won’t regret once you feel the freedom this part of the city provides.


We are sad that we can’t include all of the best neighborhoods in Seattle by our choice on this list. For such a big city, we would have to make multiple lists so we can include all of them. Seattle is a city of variations. There are neighborhoods that are specially made for families while on the other hand, we have ones for the people that live a fast life and enjoy it. There are ones for people that don’t mind noise and for people that like quiet days with their own thoughts. All you have to do is hire a perfect moving company and enjoy the ride. Even though it is located on the far northwest of the US, we can say that the feeling is just like in one of the major cities of the east coast!

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