Best sports bars in Boston

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    Are you a sports fan? Then, you need a good place to visit in order to hang out with other sports enthusiasts. This place usually is a bar, and there are plenty of them in Boston. It does not matter if you have just moved to Boston or have lived here for years. You can always discover some hidden gem among many bars. For this reason, here is a list of best sports bars in Boston. You can pick the one that you like the most and make some plans for the weekend.

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    Best sports bars in Boston – The Fours 

    One of the most famous Boston sports bars would be The Fours. It has everything you look for in one sports bar. The food menu mostly consists of chili, nachos, steak, and burgers. Walls are decorated with the framed Boston jerseys, signed photos, and many sports wallpapers. In addition to this, you can enjoy playing drafts while drinking your favorite beer. 

    two people drinking beer at the best sports bars in Boston
    Celebrate the win of your team with a beer

    McGreevy’s Boston 

    McGreevy’s has a long history and it popular among locals. You can learn about the history of Red Sox since the current owner has ties to this team. In addition to this, the whole bar is decorated in a quite interesting way. They used baseball bats as lighting fixtures, which only makes adds to the atmosphere. You can find a decent choice of beer and a menu inspired by New England’s food. 

    Cask’n Flagon 

    This bar is more upscale than previous ones on this list. Many Sox fans gather here to cheer on their favorite team. Age does not matter since everyone is welcomed. You can find here older locals and college students. A good place to socialize if you are feeling lonely in the new city. In any case, you can expect a friendly atmosphere, classic fried treats, and a lengthy beer list. In addition to this, if you want to move your pool table so you can make your own private sports bar, then you better find a good pool table movers Boston. 

    Baseball Tavern 

    Family-owned and with a long history dating back to 1963, this bar is popular among alumni groups. It has always been a gathering place for generations after generations of Sox games. You can find here three spacious floors to drink, hang out, and cheer on your favorite local team. In addition to this, you can find out here what the top Massachusetts opportunities are if you are interested in making a career in sports.

    sports fans celebrating the win
    Enjoy the company of other sports fans

    Best sports bars in Boston – Parlor Sports 

    You can describe this bar as having two things in one as it is connected with Trina’s Starlite Loung. If you enjoy a glass of good whiskey, then look no further. However, you should also try some of the locally brewed beer, or classic cocktails. In addition to this, you cannot leave this bar without trying something from their exquisitely prepared meals, such as sweet and sour pork nachos, grilled dogs, and pickle-brined fried chicken strips. 

    Game On! 

    As the name of this bar suggests, you come here to get your game on! It has one of the best pizzas in town, as well as burgers and beers as any sports bar should have. In addition to this, you have two options when visiting this bar, you can either join a rowdy crowd upstairs, or head downstairs for a game of ping pong, batting cages, and many more. 


    How do 40-plus flat screens sound to you? If this is like a dream come true, then head over to Champions. They have TV screens at every available inch of wall space, which makes it impossible to miss anything for the game. As with any other bar on this list, they have a wide range of beer options, as well as nachos, burgers, wings and other classic bar food. However, what they have different is a breakfast buffet for NFL fans who like to spend the whole at the bar. 

    Best sports bars in Boston – Stats Bar and Grille 

    Stats Bar and Grille is a true place to enjoy fried food and replays. You can catch your game of choice on one of the 20 screens placed strategically around the bar. This means you have a good view of every game currently playing on those screens. If you want to belong to a big crowd, celebrate the win of your team, or to mourn the loss, then this is the place to visit. 

    people eating fried food
    Enjoy fried food in sports bars

    Tony C’s Sports Bar & Grill 

    With a total of 32 plasma TVs that together make a 32-foot-long, 8-foot-high screen, it is no wonder so many people visit Tony’s bar. As for food, you can choose between lobster rolls and myriad burgers and dogs. After, have one of 20 beers on draft.  However, what makes this bar special is the view. This bar can be found next to Boston Harbor. 

    Sports Bars 

    Why do people go to these sports bars? Well, here is what can you expect when you visit one. 

    • Fried food 
    • Beer and more beer 
    • Numerous TV plasma screens 
    • Excited crowd 
    • Bar games 

    Best sports bars in Boston 

    As you can see, there are many bars that can be included in the list of the best sports bars in Boston. For this reason, choose one, eat delicious food, drink local beer, and cheer for your favorite team. Do not forget to have fun as well. 

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