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Choosing storage – what to pay attention to?

Posted on : November 9, 2018

So, you are about to enter the process of choosing storage? Well, rest assured – it is not an easy process. However, it is far from impossible. There are just certain things to pay attention to, and if you manage to do this you will have almost no problems in choosing the right storage for you! You will see that Boston storage fits all of your needs as we describe what you need to look for.

The most important thing you are looking for when choosing storage is trustworthiness. This is possibly the most important element in this process. It isn’t easy. But it isn’t impossible. With a few tips and pointers, you will be able to do it easily! Before you are able to choose a storage unit, you actually need to answer a few questions. Not to anyone but yourself. In order to choose the right storage for you, you need to know what you wish to store. Basically, begin by identifying your needs.

Choosing storage – how to

This process has several steps. If you are able to follow this process step by step, you will have little to no trouble when choosing storage for yourself. By precisely identifying your needs you will be able to find appropriate storage. The most common mistake people make when choosing storage is the failure to assess their needs. What they do is they just Google storage spaces and get stuck when they are hit with numerous ads. You will have an incredible number of options to choose from! If you don’t know your needs you will have a very hard time making a decision.

This is why we have prepared a step by step guide that will help you asses what type of a storage unit you need.

First things first – gather all the stuff

Before you wish to do anything else you should gather all the items that will be stored. This way you will get a clear picture of how many items are going to be put in storage. This will answer two questions:

  1. How big of a storage unit you need
  2. What type of a storage unit you need

The first is pretty much self-explanatory. Depending on the number of belongings you wish to store you will know how big of a unit you need. The second question is a bit tricky, but fundamentally quite simple.

Type of a storage unit needed

There are different types of belongings you may want to store. Based on this, you will need various storage units. The best thing to do is to sort your belongings based on its type (material they are made off). So, for instance, you will gather all the furniture made of wood at one side. All clothing and other fabrics on the other. Evaluate which material is dominant and choose your storage unit to fit that type of material. If you have a hard time figuring how to pack fragile things for storage maybe this article will help.

So, for instance, if the majority of belongings being stored is made out of wood, you will most likely need a secure storage unit that has no moisture or dampness coming in. Alternatively, you will most likely be looking for a climate controlled storage unit that is distant from any type of piping or water sources.

The best storage spaces are climate controlled and will be adequate for keeping of your things, even if they don't require it.
Not all of your things require special conditions for keeping. But the best storage spaces will offer them anyway.

The further you investigate the type of items that you can store, the easier you will end the process of choosing storage.

Once you’ve gathered everything – grab some tape!

The easiest thing you can do is place a bunch of tape on the floor, around the items that should be stored. This way you will get an idea of how big of a storage unit you need. Carefully measure the, now drawn square, on the ground and voila – you know how big of a storage unit you need!

Storage unit security

This is one thing you should pay close attention to. Security is a big deal. Regardless of the actual value of the items you are storing, you want them to be safe. You want them to be there when you show up to pick everything up. This is why you should take the security of a storage unit into consideration.

When you are choosing storage and looking for security options, make sure it features all of the modern types of security
Modern storage spaces should have multiple security options. If they are lacking some, try finding another.

There are various types of security that you can look for. Safety locks, security cameras or personnel attending to the storage unit. Of course, the level of security will impact the price of the storage unit, so keep that in mind. You will know best what level of security will help you sleep at night. And this, in our opinion, does not have a price.

Look for insurance

This is something you should probably never skip on. The only scenario where you should ignore this is when the belongings in question have little to no value. In this specific case, which is a very rare one, purchasing insurance is an overkill.

In every other scenario insurance is something you should not skip on. No matter how safe the unit is. No matter how certain you are that everything will be fine. There is always a possibility that something will go wrong. And if it does, you will curse the day you skipped paying for insurance.

Getting an insurance seems like an unnecessary thing to do, but when you need it is usually too late to get it.
Put the value of your things on paper and make an estimate of how much it would cost you if something happened to it.

This is why we always say better safe than sorry. If anything does somehow go wrong, you will have coverage and safety. If a pipe burst and water start coming in, damaging all of your furniture or clothing, you will have insurance that covers for the entirety of the damage. This is, in our book, worth it.


There are several relevant elements when choosing storage for your belongings. The first one is, obviously, the price and this is dependant on several things. First, how many items you need to store, second what type of items are you storing, third the level of security and finally – whether or not there is insurance involved. Premium Q Moving and Storage Boston fits all of the criteria and is always a safe choice.


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