Creative ideas for a housewarming party

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    Moving is not only complicated because you have to transport all your household to the new address. It is difficult since you have to move away from your friends and family. Your residential movers Boston will take care of your things, and you have to meet your new neighbors. For this reason, it is time to organize a housewarming party. If you are out of ideas, or you do not know how to make one, here are some creative ideas for your housewarming party. 

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    How to throw a housewarming party 

    Organizing a party needs to be prepared, just like when you are organizing your move. Only this time, you do not have to search for top moving companies Boston, but for people to invite. However, there is one thing these two activities share – you have to start on time. Here are three important things to consider when planning a housewarming party. 

    • Make a Guestlist – include your family, and friends, as well as new neighbors to get to know them better 
    • Date and Time – There is no perfect day and time, just go with the one that works the best for you. Pay attention to the weather 
    • Housewarming Party Theme – your party is going to be more interesting and memorable if you choose a theme 
    two people organizing a party
    Prepare your party well

    Party etiquette for party hosts 

    Since this is your housewarming party, it does not have to be formal. Usually, people tend to keep the party informal so all the guest can feel comfortable. For this reason, you do not have to have all the moving boxes unpacked just yet. Since the party can take place in your dining room or living room, make sure to have those two ready. Everything else can wait. In addition to this, since guests usually bring gifts, have one table cleared for this occasion. If you do not want to receive any gifts, you can either tell them or write it somewhere on your invitations. Send your invitations at least two or three weeks earlier since people need time to organize their own schedule. 

    Creative ideas for a housewarming party 

    If you still need to unpack and decorate your home, have your guest to the job. However, make sure you and your guest will be comfortable with this idea, especially your new neighbors. 

    • Unpacking party – if you are aiming to organize this type of party, then make sure to label all of your boxes. This way, your guests will know where to put certain items. This is a great way to unpack with ease.
    • Paint your home – maybe your new home is in dire need of fresh wall paint. For this reason, you can have your guests do the honor. In addition to this, having other people to help you with this task will make this job more interesting and full of laughter. 
    • Bring the drinks – yet another creative idea for a housewarming party. You can ask your guests to bring over their cocktails and the recipes for them.  

    More traditional themes 

    Maybe you do not like the more creative ideas for your housewarming party. That is completely fine. For this reason, here are some ideas for traditional party themes. 

    • Garden Theme – if you have a beautiful garden, use it. It works always, except during the winter. Then, you should skip organizing a garden party. 
    • Potluck – Just like with drinks, tell your guests to bring over their favorite dishes. This way, you can all enjoy trying out new meals. Maybe you will even ask for a recipe or two. 
    • Open house – the most common party ideas out of them all, here you do not have the set date or time. Guests can come when their schedule permits. 
    • Block Party – you can have the block party. Talk to your neighbors about this idea so the whole block can join in and open their homes as well. This is the best way to meet your new neighbors. 
    organize a dinner for your housewarming party
    Make a garden theme party

    Games to play at your party 

    Sometimes parties can get a little bit dull. In order to avoid boredom, you can introduce a few games to play. Maybe this seems too juvenile for you but it can come in handy. You can play scavenger hunt, and hide items around your new house. Additionally, make a map for your guests so they can follow it in order to find all the treasure. The next game is designing a room. You can ask your guests to participate in decorating one of your rooms. Who knows, maybe you will end up liking all of their ideas. This is especially convenient if you are out of ideas for decorating your home. Lastly, a house tour is not exactly a game but still a fun activity. You can show your new home to all your friends and family. 

    Party decorations and favors 

    Party decorations are not important in this case. You should follow the-less-is-more agenda. The only decorations you can have are some fresh flowers and candles. In addition to this, it would really great if you prepare small gifts for your guests. This especially applies if your guests will help you with some tasks. You can make small packages filled with personalized notepads, or magnets or anything else that you like. In addition to this, you can even put some delicious chocolates and cookies. This way, you can say thank you to your guests for coming over and for their help. Your guests can have something to remember you and your party by.  

    food decorated on a table
    Prepare delicious food for your guests

    Ideas for your housewarming party 

    As you can see, there are many ideas for your housewarming party. It depends on your personal preference on how you will organize it. Just remember to invite all the people you love, and to have fun. A housewarming party should be fun, so do not stress about it, but rather enjoy it with your guests. 

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