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Family fun in Boston to explore

Posted on : May 12, 2019

Every moving is stressful, more or less. But there is one thing you need to do after the move. Get rid of stress! It isn’t so easy depending on the place you moved to. But, if you’d like to learn how to avoid the 10 biggest moving mistakes, you can get our book and make your life easier. However, if you moved to Boston, you are in luck! There is a lot of family fun in Boston to explore, so find out the best family locations you should see after the move.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston represents the capital of Massachusetts. The city covers around 125 square kilometers with about 685000 people. If we count the surroundings, it has more than 8 million people. Boston is one of the cities in the US which has a lot of history such as the famous Boston Tea Party that happened in 1773.

overvie of Boston
Boston, Massachusetts

One of the most famous things in Boston Is Boston Common, the oldest park built in the USA. It was built with the intention to encircle the city. ParkScore ranking rated it as the third best park in the USA. There is a lot of other parks scattered around the city which you should see too.  As we can see, there is plenty of family fun in Boston so if you have a family and plan to move there, you should try various moving companies Boston which will provide the best service for you and your family.

Boston Common

As we said, it is the oldest park in the US. It was built in 1634. Boston Common is the center of tourism in Boston during all seasons. It consists of numerous trees and it represents the best shade during the summer days. Sure, there are differences in looks depending on what season it is. So, if you want to catch the beautiful shades and green trees or reflections on the Frog Pond, choose the time for the move wisely. The park has a lot of fun for families if you choose to go there:

  • Frog pond- We can freely say that it is the center of happenings in Boston Common. It has a lot of space for a family picnic and your children can freely splash the pool without any risks. You can relax and enjoy the beautiful colors that are there for the whole year. Go and have some family fun in Boston with your youngest.
  • Brewer Fountain Plaza– The other popular place within the Boston common is Brewer Fountain Plaza. There are two food trucks working there so you can always grab something to eat.
  • Common Canine– Represents a program that is developed to provide a space for dogs where they can freely run and play without a leash.

Legoland Discovery Center

Where is the best family fun in Boston? Maybe not for the whole family but we can all agree that it is all kids wish to go there. It is an indoor lego center with a lot of ways to have fun like 4D cinema, Lego rides, and a soft play area. There are various replicas with, of course, a replica of Boston. If you seek for some fun as a family, visit Legoland Discovery Center.

Boston public library

It is the third largest public library in the US. It is considered to have around 24 million copies. With this number, you should definitely know how to find books in a library. Throughout years, his library has suffered certain changes. For the better, of course. This library has renovated Children’s branch with various esthetic changes. First, the walls of the library are in different colors for the children’s delight. Here you can find numerous books for kids to the age of 8.

Make a day out of it
Go to the library and have fun

Skywalk Observatory

It is located on the 50th floor so this can be an obstacle for some families that has the fright of heights. The others will have lots of fun because skywalk observatory offers 360-degree sightseeing of the city. Pretty fun, right? Due to its height, you can see across 100 miles in the distance so it is the best way to “explore” Massachusets.

Museum of fine arts- family fun in Boston for all ages

Museum has the collection over 500000 pieces, which is pretty impressive. When we talk about the topics of the pieces, we assure you that there is everything for everyone’s taste. From Greeks ages to the new pieces made by current artists. This museum also offers various courses for children so they can form their artistic skills and maybe make a career out of it. If you prefer America’s art, you will be pleased to hear that the Americas branch of the museum was opened a few years ago. All Americas pieces, no matter how old or new they are, are located here.

Franklin Park Zoo

The zoo was opened in 1912 and since then its attendance is growing. In one period of the zoo’s work, the entry to the zoo was free which led to the highest attendance. Nowadays, there is a fee to enter the zoo but the numbers aren’t as high as they were in the days when the entry was free for all.   It stands on around 290000 square meters with various exhibits.

woman cuddling goats
Have some family fun in Boston while visiting the zoo

There is one program, especially for children. It is interactive where children can even touch the animals. Through the glass, of course. Family fun in Boston is guaranteed if you go to Franklin Park Zoo. There is even a playground there for the additional fun.

Sport-related fun

Everything so far considered some kind of casual fun among family members. But Boston provides a lot more than that. It provides a lot in the area of sport. Famous Boston Celtics are certainly one of the things the whole family can enjoy. Nothing like some NBA dunkings with some food and refreshments. Fenway Park is the Boston symbol of baseball. Also the place for some cheering and having fun. Since there are two “monuments” to the sport, you can try to provide sports opportunities for your children in Boston or Massachusetts in general and have them play one day in one of these stadiums.

Moving to Boston

We can’t put every single thing that will make you have fun as a family but we assure you that there is plenty of them. If you are interested in moving to Boston after reading this, try hiring local movers Boston so the professionals could make you moving less stressful. After that, all you need to do is to have fun while staying in Boston.

No matter if you move to Boston or just visit it, you aren’t going to be disappointed. There is plenty of family fun in Boston to have so we hope that you will enjoy your stay and have the time of your life!

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