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Halloween events in Massachusetts

Posted on : October 28, 2018

I don’t know about you, but Halloween is my favorite part of the year. Not sure why this may be the case, but some of my absolute best childhood memories originate from this time. To put some backstory into it, we originate from a very poor family. Growing up poor, there are not that many things you can do for fun. And furthermore, in a poor family’s home, there is always very little candy. Halloween events in Massachusetts was that one day and night where this wasn’t the case. We weren’t poor, we were a dangerous family of zombies, skeletons, and wizards. 

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So as a kid, Halloween meant going out to trick or treat. Best. Thing. Ever. The thing that still makes me very happy to this day is the fact that this event remained to be very popular. If you’d leave your home to go for a walk, you could still see a great number of kids dressed as whatever, waddling about, ringing doorbells and thinking they are scaring the pants out of people. Yes, a great time indeed.

Halloween events in Massachusetts

However, now we’re all grown up. Going trick or treating only makes sense if you have kids and you wish to accompany them. Or they wish for you to accompany them. At a certain point in life, I got children, and they have grown enough to want to go. For me, this is where my Halloween changed. Each Halloween, at least for the time being, you can find me on the streets trick or treating with my kids. And quite honestly, even though parties were super fun, they absolutely fade in comparison to the things I am doing now.

Still, if you don’t have kids, you will most likely be out pursuing Halloween events in Massachusetts. So, for now, as far as the events go, if you have children you’ll be out with them. Hopefully. But if you don’t, here are a few things you might do. 

Pumpkin patches are still a thing

A fun activity for you, your family, your friends or your loved one is the pumpkin patch. They are pretty much still a great deal in Massachusetts! There is over 50 of them throughout the state, so wherever you might be located you will have a pumpkin patch within an hour’s drive. 

One fun experience to go through on Halloween is to visit a pumpkin patch with your family
Visiting pumpkin patches is fun for the whole family, and it is an experience better lived than told

It’s simply a joyous event, going to a pumpkin patch. You get to get inside and spread out far and wide. Everyone picks out their pumpkin and you can proceed to purchase them. When I write it down like this it doesn’t seem all that exciting. But when you actually do it, it just becomes such a fun thing to do even though it sounds like nothing special. This is something you should definitely not miss out as it costs very little money, takes very little effort to achieve but provides with a crapload of fun!

Haunted houses

Oh yes, my absolute favorite. I just can’t wait for my kids to grow old enough to be able to get into one. This will be our routine every Halloween. Deffo one of my top three Halloween events in Massachusetts!

Sadly, my wife was never a huge fan of the even. She simply gets too terrified and it becomes more unpleasant than it is fun. So, I usually went alone or with my brother. Even to this year sometimes I would leave the wife and kids for an hour or two and go see one. I don’t know, for me it never really gets old.

Ghost tours

When we talk about Halloween events in Massachusetts we cannot avoid mentioning the ghost tours. All across Massachusetts, ghost tours have become a very popular trend. Salem, with its long history and reputation, has been listed as the third most haunted city in America by CNBC! This is, of course, because of the witch trials that took place in the 1600s. But then again, who hasn’t heard of Salem. 

You probably have heard of Salem, the place where the witches were burned at the stake, so why not visit it?
A unique experience you can have in Massachusetts is to visit Salem, where the infamous witch trials occurred

Aside from Salem, there is the Lizzie Borden House, number 74 on the Haunted America Tours. 

Whether or not you believe in such paranormal activities, this is something that I find to be very theme friendly (in accordance to Halloween), and something that can be fun for a group of friends, loved ones or a bit older family. Probably not too much fun for kids, unless you wish to scar them for life, in which case you probably shouldn’t. You can organize some treasure hunts or a simple walk around explorations hoping to witness something paranormal. But it has been known that if you are very hoping to see something paranormal, your brain might project it and convince you that you’ve seen a ghost. Where you probably didn’t. 

Be as it may, this is something that you should probably try at least once. Especially if you are living in the state of Massachusetts. Salem should be your go-to place. 

Halloween events in Massachusetts – Summation

All in all, Halloween is a fun part of the year that brings a lot of people together. It is a tradition as old as time, and it remains a popular one. Massachusetts offers a lot of activities on this day and a few days before and after, and in my opinion, you should participate. If you are just now moving to MA you will want to get Boston moving quote. This way you will save enough money to spend it on having fun on Halloween.

Halloween events in Massachusetts are fun as anywhere, as you get to dress up and go trick or treating!
Who doesn’t love to walk around in costume gathering sweets for a day?

Some of my greatest memories were forged on Halloween. Plus, you get a chance to dress up as whoever you wish to be. Scary or otherwise. 

Go, and have fun!

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