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Hidden moving costs to look out for

Posted on : April 22, 2019

Whenever we are signing a contract, there is one part of it that we tend to be fearful of. At least we should be. That part is called the small print and usually contains that most important information about the terms of the contract. Of course, the general outlines are explained in the main part of the annex. However, there are certain exceptions to the contract, different changes in the interest rates and penalties that companies tend to include in the less visible part of the contract. This way you are tricked into thinking that you are getting more than you actually are. Or that the conditions offered are better than in reality. This happens in every industry and moving industry is no different. When relocating, you need to beware the hidden moving costs. Bear with us and find out more about them.

What hidden moving costs are there in the moving department?

Every industry has some characteristic hidden costs that you should be looking out for. Moving industry is no different. Check your moving contract before singing it. You may even ask your lawyer for an opinion. Still, open your eyes and challenge everything. Ultimately, know that reliable moving services Boston would never put you in a position in which you could end up unhappy with the moving service provided to you. Still, not all movers are reliable, not in Boston or anywhere else.

Hidden moving costs can make your head spin
Make sure to get well-informed on the moving costs in order to have a stress-free move

Therefore, beware of the following hidden moving costs:

  • If your moving quote is too low, there must be something wrong with it.
  • Changing your moving dates close to the move can result in unexpected and hidden moving costs.
  • Packing supplies do not come cheap.
  • Insurance.
  • Moving large items is usually more expensive.

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The moving estimate

Alright, welcome to its royal highness, the moving estimate! Why do we refer to it like this? Because that is what a moving estimate is. It has become a standard in the moving industry that all reliable commercial and residential movers Boston simply cannot do without. And neither can their customers. Therefore, this is the first among the hidden moving costs that we need to point you out.

Question mark
Moving estimates should always be free of charge

The moving estimate should always be free, no questions asked. If the contract that a mover gives you states otherwise, move on!

Too low a moving estimate is one of the types of hidden moving costs

Secondly, compare at least three estimated prices in order to be sure that you are getting the best offer possible. However, bear in mind that the cheapest is probably not going to be the most affordable. This is another on our list of hidden moving costs: if an estimate is too low, there must be a catch. Usually, it means that you are being quoted a basic price for transport only. You should make sure to receive the details on the offer in writing and study it hard.

Changing moving dates

Trustworthy moving and storage companies Massachusetts are difficult to come by. They are booked more often than not. So, in order to make sure that you would change up your moving dates only in unpredicted circumstances, a moving contract may include a clause which would stipulate penalties in the case that you decide to change your moving dates a certain number of days before the move. Therefore, check the contract for such information. Then, make sure that the possibilities of you having to postpone your move are the slimmest possible. Only then will you be certain that you would avoid hidden moving costs on this basis.

The price of packing supplies can be an unpleasant one

In the case that you have decided to try and save money on your move by packing by yourself, you are going to be interested in this one. The packing supplies are a necessity that you are going to have to invest in. However, they are not as cheap as you might have thought. Therefore, check prices before creating your budget. A bundled moving offer turns out more affordable quite often.

Moving insurance is one of the hidden moving costs

This one is something that plenty of us have tried to avoid paying. However, when you think about what you stand to lose in transport, the smart ones decide to purchase moving insurance. What they fail to do, however, when budgeting their move is to plan this expenditure as well. You should not make such a mistake. Know that you should most probably invest some money in the moving insurance.

Hands on a wheel
A lot can happen in the traffic, purchase moving insurance

Furthermore, be aware of the fact that it will, most probably, not come cheap. Go online and find out how much moving insurance costs. Purchase it and enjoy a stress-free move.

Moving large items is more expensive than moving the regular items

If you are going to hire a moving company to assist you with your moving, make sure to let them know that you have some non-standard, large or special items that you need to move. Such items will require help employment of different non-standard resources, moving crews with advanced moving training and perhaps larger moving truck than what you counted on. When the movers arrive at your place, make sure for this to be the first item that you will show them. The price of the move is dependent on it. Therefore, make sure that movers are aware of them when they come to make the assessment.

Avoiding hidden moving costs

There are different types of hidden moving costs. You should make sure to get yourself familiar with them and do your best in order to avoid them. Follow the pieces of advice that we have given you above, stay imaginative on the subject and you should easily avoid unexpected moving costs.

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