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Hiring a moving broker – pros and cons

Posted on : July 17, 2019

Moving is a process that can take up a few months of your life. If it can be made simpler and easier it should. When moving it is extremely important that the moving company you hired, or a moving broker hired for you has all the services that you require. Moving services Boston are all that you will need for your moving, we can guarantee you that. Hiring a moving broker definitely has its pros and cons. Since we want to make relocation easier for you, we will now explain all the advantages and disadvantages of hiring one.

Who is a moving broker anyway?

Before we start discussing the pros and cons of hiring a moving broker, we want to go in detail about who the moving broker is and how are they different from the moving company. A moving broker is, simply said, a middleman between you and your moving company. This means that they do not have the trucks or any equipment necessary for moving. Instead, they have access to the moving companies that can relocate you. When you hire a moving company directly, you are dealing with people who will move your items. In each scenario, you should know how to prepare your home for movers.

hiring a moving broker, people shaking hands over the desk
Hiring a moving broker means that they will find the perfect moving company based on your needs

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Cons of hiring a moving broker

There are certain cons when hiring a moving broker. You will have to undergo some risks, as you would have to do when hiring a moving company unless those are the reliable local movers Massachusetts. After this text, you will see which pays off better.

Potentially higher chargers

Since the moving broker is not an expert in moving, the estimate can often be wrong. When you hire a reliable moving company, they will send an experienced member of staff to estimate the cost of your move. On the contrary, a moving broker will decide on the chargers based on your telephone conversation. You would explain to them what items will be relocated, and since you have no experience in this, the estimate can be significantly lower than the final bill. There are plenty of hidden moving costs to look out for, as well.

dollar bills
There is a risk that the estimate of the relocation is much lower than the final bill

A question of responsibility

When hiring a moving broker, they will hire a moving company to relocate you, they are no longer responsible for your items. If it happens that your items get lost or damaged during transport, a moving broker will direct you to the moving company. A moving company will, on the other hand, redirect you to the moving broker. And that is how you end up in a vicious circle. Usually, neither party will compensate you for the loss or damage.

Knock, knock. Who is it?

Although having someone search for a reliable moving company for you sounds great, the truth is, you never know who will come. You are completely depending on the reliability of the moving broker. If they did not manage to find a moving company for you, some moving brokers will still send someone. A popular moving broker scam is that they rent a truck and inexperienced personnel to relocate you. And while you may leave a bad review afterward, the damage has already been done.

Pros of hiring a moving broker

Hiring a moving broker also has many bright sides. The fact is, many people would never be able to relocate if it were not for reliable moving brokers.

A reliable moving broker can save you time and energy

When relocating, the most important thing is to find a reliable moving company which has all the service that you need. So, why would you spend hours searching for the right moving company, when instead you can just find a reliable broker? They have access to all licensed moving companies, and they are professionals at choosing the right option for you.

They can save you money as well

We already mentioned that they have access to all the licensed moving companies. This means that they can find the best price for you, whereas you do not even have to lift a finger. It is in their best interest that you are satisfied, so they will find you a company with the most affordable prices. This sounds pretty good, doesn`t it?

a laptop, notebook, cell phone and a glass of water on the table
A reliable moving broker can save you countless hours of searching for the right moving company

They find you exactly what you need

It often happens that people find a moving company that is reliable but does not offer the services that you need. If, for example, you need packing and transportation service, but you end up having to store your items for a month, you will find yourself in trouble. This means that you will need to spend an extra few hours in finding a reliable moving company that can store your items. With a moving broker, you do not have to worry about this, they will find everything for you.

What should you pay attention to when hiring a moving broker

There are a few things that you should be aware of when hiring a moving broker. If any of the below-mentioned things are missing, consider finding a different moving broker, or contacting a moving agency directly:

  • A moving broker must be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)
  • Offer you an FMCSA booklet called Your rights and responsibilities as well as a brochure called Ready to move
  • Use only FMCSA licensed moving companies
  • Provide you with the written contract between them and the moving company

Now that you are aware of the risks and benefits of hiring a moving broker, you can decide whether it pays off to hire them. If you can make your relocation easier than you definitely should. Good luck!

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