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How to compare moving quotes

Posted on : May 31, 2019

Moving has become the standard of our time. We live faster and faster, often in pursuit of a new job. A new job can wait for us in another city which means that you need to find a moving company that will grant you the services you need. To do that, you have to know how to compare moving quotes. Those are very important aspects of every move so we better get started!

Get a moving quote

In order to compare moving quotes, you will have to get one first. Due to living in the era of the internet, most of the moving companies online offer exactly that service, giving a moving quote online. There are a few problems with that. First, it can’t be accurate. Before you think of fraud we better say that it isn’t their problem. They just don’t have precise information about the size of the move and the destination. Longer distances, like moving from Boston to New York are usually fixed while shorter distances are usually priced by the hour.

Do this only in person
Invite a representative of a company to give you a moving quote!

Also, avoid getting moving quotes via phone because of the same problem. The best way of getting them is to invite the representative of a company to your home and give them time to do a detailed scan of it. Only like this, you can be sure that it is the most precise number you can get. And if you want to learn how to avoid the other 10 biggest moving mistakes, you should get our book and get on to it.

Binding or non-binding moving estimate?

You should know what to look for in moving quotes. As much as we are concerned, it is always better to play safe. Go with a binding quote because it can give you some safety. Binding moving quotes can somewhat restrict the moving company you want to hire to charge you any higher than they estimated. We can say that it is some kind of insurance but keep in mind that you can be charged more for this kind of a moving quote.

Make sure you understand your hourly rate

This is very important if you want to compare moving quotes between multiple companies. Most of the moving quotes contain this. This includes knowing how many guys and trucks is the company sending in order to do the move. This determines the costs of the move so you should know about this. This kind of things should be listed but if it isn’t, the only thing you have to do is to ask. Be open, don’t be afraid to ask and be straight. Sometimes you have to do something yourself in order to do it right.

Travel time

This is a big part of moving quotes. How does this function? Well, the distance of the move matters. Longer the distance, more expensive the move. Also, that requires more specialized moving companies. Find interstate moving companies Boston in order to do this. Some companies have fixed prices on this matter, but some of them will start charging you from the time they leave your office and stop when they get in their office at the end of the move. Another way to charge you is to make you pay the gas spent for the move. Longer the move, higher the price!

Compare moving quotes

The sole purpose of moving quotes is to give you information about the price of the move. We have to be grateful for that. But there is one trap where many people fail. When you examine moving quotes, know these things:

  • The price can go up– If you go with a non-binding moving quote, there is a chance that the price can go up. When that happens, it most probably isn’t the fault of the company. Most of moving quotes aren’t precise, and with a good reason. No company wants negative publicity if they offer a fixed price and then give you a higher one. On the other hand, no company wants to be in losses due to saving credibility for not changing the price.
  • Don’t choose the lowest– The purpose of moving quotes is to give you the possibility to choose from various companies. That decision is most likely based on the price. We agree that you should save money but not on this. You don’t have to choose the highest price, but be careful about the lowest one. Just ask yourself why is that?  The service provided to you probably won’t be at a high level. When you compare moving quotes, choose companies that have the best balance about the price and the service provided.


Comparing moving quotes gives you vital information. You can use them to avoid fraudulent moving companies. Most of them will give you the lowest price for the move. It has the purpose to lure you and make you choose them for your move. After that, the price of the move will go up. There is a difference when a trustworthy company increases the prices and when a fraudulent company does that.

Use this to your advantage
Comparing moving quotes can be vital for avoiding fraudulent moving companies

The increased price of a trustworthy company is not that high. The sole purpose of fraudulent moving companies is to gain money with no work. That is why most of them will lure you to pay them the whole price of the move. After that, there is not that much you can do.

Check reviews

Getting a moving quote isn’t everything when it comes to moving. It can complicate easily and by that time you can do anything to prevent that. The importance of moving reviews is great so you need to check reviews of the company you are interested in.

Compare moving quotes synchronized to reviewing moving companies
Go online and check moving company reviews!

As we said, we live in the era of the internet so you can use that. Go online and search for reviews. There is a high chance that there is plenty of information. If there are plenty of positive information about the company, then you can proceed with the next step. If not, avoid that company and move to another one!

Hidden fees

There is one last thing you need to be aware of. Hidden fees! Some companies will provide a moving quote but won’t include every cost in it. Those fees can include gas charging, stair charge, piano charge or anything that can cost you more when moving. There are many aspects of the moving process that can cost you additionally. The best thing to do is to simply ask the moving company about any additional fees that will cost you more.


As you can see, it isn’t that easy to decide which company to hire when you want to compare moving quotes. There is an inner battle between wanting to save money and getting the service you asked for. That is why you need to suppress the greedy part and think clearly. The key when deciding about the moving company is to keep in mind that no one will give you their best with little money. If you want the best service possible, you will have to pay more and vice versa. Examine moving quotes, check the companies’ reviews and let the professionals do the rest!

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