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How to declutter your home with storage?

Posted on : November 22, 2018

Getting rid of the items in your home you will never need again is very important when moving your home. Downsizing your moving cargo can be quite beneficial. However, if there are items you don’t wish to transport and sell, you can consider using a storage unit to keep those belongings. Use our guide and declutter your home with storage like a professional.

Are you moving into a smaller home?

In case you are relocating to a smaller residence, you should de-clutter your home with storage. Moving big and bulky items to a smaller home may not be the best idea. Those items may overcrowd the space and leave you with no room to breathe. If that is your situation, you should consider storage possibilities. In case you are moving to a smaller home for a while, you will need a storage unit to keep your belongings safe. There are numerous Boston storage solutions you should consider before the moving day. There is always the option of keeping some of your non-essential items in a storage unit. After the move is complete, you may decide what to do with all the belongings you keep inside a storage unit.

surveillance system
When choosing a right storage unit, make sure your belongings are safe.

With all the belongings that take space all around the house, it is best to sort out everything. Downsizing your belongings for the move will help you save money on relocation costs. However, you should consider which items you plan to throw away and which you wish to keep. All in all, when using a storage unit, all of the options are open.

Declutter your home with storage like a pro!

Moving to a new home will mean that you need to get rid of the old to make space for the new. This process will require your free time, good organization skills and effort. Decluttering your home with storage is the best option because you don’t have to get rid of everything you may need in the future. Decluttering is quite important because you can save money on your move and still save even more on the items you don’t need.

There are numerous ways to declutter your home with storage. The most effective method is a four-box method. Professionals use this method when they have a limited timeframe to declutter. The method is quite simple but also very useful. You will need to have four moving boxes or plastic bins. Every box should have a different label:

  • Toss
  • Keep
  • Donate
  • Sell

Where to start with when decluttering your home?

When you have your moving boxes ready, you should set the timer for each part of your home. You may need more time when going through your clothes. On the other hand, you may need even more time when decluttering your attic, storage area, basement or a garage. These specific parts of your home are the places where you may accumulate most of the items you may not need or use again.

cooking area with dishes
Make sure to start the decluttering process with the most problematic room in your home.

It may seem unorthodox, but you should also consider decluttering your pantry and your kitchen. If your moving day is slowly approaching you should consider using all the food from your freezer and fridge. If you succeed, you may avoid throwing away leftover food and defrosting your fridge on a moving day. That would be a mistake because quality packing services Boston professional won’t be able to pack your fridge on the same day. That way you may cause a delay in your shipment and cause your movers to change your moving schedule.

You should start decluttering in the most cluttered area of your home. When you decide to declutter your home with storage, you should prepare in advance. Keep in mind that you should already have a storage unit you can use to move some of your non-essential items. This will help you make more room and pack only essential belongings for the move.

How to rent the right storage unit?

Choosing the right storage unit isn’t so different than choosing a reliable moving company for your relocation. If you already have a quality moving company that provides a storage service, you should consider getting more information about the type of storage possibilities they offer. Big moving companies that provide storage services may offer more than one option. You can choose from smaller self-storage options in your area, public storage unit inside their facilities. On the other hand, you may also need an outdoor storage unit that is located near the main storage facility.

Most moving and storage companies have various storage options you can choose from. On the other hand, you can select a duration plan and rent a specific unit on a short-term basis. But when moving for a year or two, you can choose a long-term rental possibility. Renting a unit for a longer period of time will be significantly cheaper.

Choose the perfect storage unit for your needs

Choosing the right storage unit is not hard. You should consider numerous aspects before you make your final decision. The first aspect is the type of belongings you wish to store. In case you are storing big and bulky items, like pianos and pool tables, consider consulting a professional. Storage professionals with years of experience will give you advise or even assist when moving a piano or a pool table to a storage unit. Some of the items you need to store and move may require special attention or moving equipment. That is why you should let professional movers handle these belongings for you.

big storage units
It is best to consult a moving company’s professionals to select a perfect storage unit when decluttering your home.

When you need to declutter your home with storage, you should make sure your belongings are safe. Every quality storage company should offer all the information you need about their services. It is important you check if the company you choose has the latest security protocols and surveillance. On the other hand, quality moving service should also offer various insurance options for your belongings.

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