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How to find a decent self-storage in Boston?

Posted on : September 17, 2018

Renting a storage unit is a great way to keep your belongings safe and secure. It is especially useful when you are downsizing or relocating. If you are moving to a smaller apartment you most likely won’t be able to fit all of your furniture in it. But, unless you are planning on living in that apartment for the rest of your life, you will probably need it when you move into something bigger. Why waste money on new furniture when you already have everything. That’s why self-storage in Boston is a great solution. You can rent storage in a short or long term. And all your items will be safe and very secure.

First steps in looking for a self-storage in Boston

When you are trying to find a storage company that fits your needs you are swarmed with so many options. Self-storage is a very popular service and there are around 50,000 storage facilities in the US. When you try to google for “Boston storage” or “self-storage in Boston” you get many ads, legitimate websites, some shady ones and so on. So how do you pick the best one for you? You need to be aware of your needs. If you are relocating an office in Boston you should look for companies that can help you in that particular area. But if you planning on storing your piano there’s a whole different range of requirements that need to be met. Before you start searching for the right company you should know what exactly you are looking for.

truck infront of self-storage in Boston
You need to store your items safely

What makes a storage unit great?

When it comes to storage units, at first glance, it might seem straightforward. You pick the unit size based on the size of the items you have, and that’s it. It’s just four walls. But there is so much more to storage than meets the eye. You will be using self-storage in Boston to store some of your valuable items. Some, like old photographs, that can’t be replaced. That’s why you need to dig a bit little deeper and research the subject. Storage unit needs to be secure.

We are talking about units that are filled with valuables and left alone. So if the facility is not safe, your storage unit isn’t either. Ask your storage company a little bit more about security. Do they have cameras? What is access control like?

Another thing that makes self-storage in Boston great is options. You should be able to choose an option which suits your needs. Long-term or short-term? A good storage company should offer both. There should also be a climate controlled storage option for your more sensitive belongings.

old pictures
You need to safely store your valuable belongings


Location of the storage unit you want to rent is very important. If the storage facilities are too far away from you it will be a huge hassle to go there every time you need something. Unless you are planning on just leaving a bunch of stuff in storage for many years, you should pick something close by. Location of the storage facilities is also important if you plan on storing sensitive items. For example, if you want to store expensive furniture, it’s not advisable to store it near salt water. Climate controlled unit could help a lot. But why pay for something that you don’t necessarily need. That’s why it’s recommended to look for a location that is away from the sea.

It all depends on your needs

Choosing the perfect self-storage in Boston is not a straightforward thing. But most importantly, your decision will depend on your particular needs. If you have a car you can rent a unit that is a little bit further away. If you plan on storing collectibles or other sensitive items then you should definitely go with a climate controlled option. Some companies offer packing services, while others provide free boxes. Take into consideration all the factors and don’t rush your decision.

How to find a decent storage company?

Finding the right company for you might take some time. Some people prefer a more laid-back approach to business, while others might be looking for something more professional. But, as we already discussed, there are some things that you should look out for. After you have done your research it’s time to start the search.

Use the internet

In this day and age, almost every business on the planet is online. The perfect self-storage in Boston is just a few clicks away. You should start by searching for a few keywords like “self-storage in Boston”, “Boston storage” or “rent a storage unit in Boston”. You will be presented with many different options.

person using lap top
The Internet is your best friend when you search for self-storage Boston

The first few results are usually paid ads. Most people skip them, but if they are relevant, then you might want to take a look there. Open a few results and take a look at the websites. A good and reliable storage company should have a nice and modern website. You should be able to find contact page very easily. There, you should find their address, phone number, and other relevant information. If some key info, like a local address, is missing, it’s maybe better to skip them. Anyone with enough money can build a storage facility, but you want only the best for your valuables.

Read some reviews

Websites like Yelp and Google Maps are a great way to read what other people think about a particular company. Good moving companies often link their Yelp page on their website. They don’t have anything to hide and are proud of their past and present customers. So look for things like that in the bottom portion of a website. If not, you can always search for them by name on Yelp itself. Google Maps is also very useful. If you search for their business name or address you have a pretty good chance of finding them. People can rate the company, post pictures and write reviews.

Call them

Websites are pretty easy to build these days. And you can always post a few fake reviews. But when you give them a call you get to experience their business practice first hand. Ask them anything and everything that you want to know. Ask them how secure is their self-storage in Boston? Also, ask how long does it take to drive there from your location. Ask if you can stop by and take a look at the facilities. They should give you straightforward answers and show patience and good manners.

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