How to find affordable last minute movers?

Posted on : October 19, 2018

You already know that moving can give you a lot of headaches and it takes time. And unfortunately, sometimes we have to move fast for some reason. Some people move because of the job, others because of other different reasons. But, in any case, when it comes to the last minute move, that can be even more stressful and difficult. So, you are wondering what should you do in this type of situation and how to find affordable last minute movers? Let’s go through this problem step by step and help you as much as it is possible.

Finding Affordable last minute movers – Professional moving companies

One of the most important things, when it comes to last minute move is to act fast. You will have to call a lot of different professional moving companies, see what they can offer but from the other side, you will have to think of your budget too. Nobody said this is an easy thing to do, so you should use your time wisely. If you are really in a bind call Premium Q Moving and Storage Boston, they will help you on a short notice.

Affordable last minute movers aren't easy to find, so you need to call a few companies before your move
The sooner you start looking for companies, the better deal you will get

In order to avoid a scam, search for companies online and check the forums. You will find a lot of people suggesting professional moving companies and telling you if they had good or bad experiences with those. Also, you will need to call a lot of companies and sort out in the end which one can give you the best offer. Finding affordable last minute movers is difficult and you should prepare that you might also need to spend a little bit more money for this.

The professional moving companies have a lot of experience and very well trained employees. Also, it is hard to find a good and affordable last minute movers, but not impossible. You will need to search a lot and in this situation, you should also ask some of your friends and colleagues for help.

Every good professional moving company will offer you a lot of services and some of them are:

  • Good communication
  • Packing and labeling boxes
  • Proper trucks and safe transport
  • Insurance policies
  • Unpacking and recycling
  • Other special services 

Things that you should do for the last minute move

Since you are in a rush, there are some things you should also do and not rely on the moving company only. It is true that they can help you, but in emergency situations like this, there are some things you can do to speed up the moving process. So, since you’ve found affordable last minute movers, these are the things you should worry about now:

  • Find help
  • Get rid of the things you don’t need any more
  • A moving essentials bag
  • Don’t think too much, just pack your stuff
  • Find and buy as many packing materials as you can

Find Help

For the last minute move, you will need a lot of help, and fast. Family and friends should first come to mind. You can also get professional help but it will cost you extra since it is on short notice. You would be better off asking colleagues, maybe even offering some of your acquaintances a bit of money to help you. Last minute move is difficult and finding help is no exception.

It's hard to do moving on your own, so get some friends to help you
Get the help of some friends, and the whole moving thing will go much faster and easier

Get rid of the things you don’t need any more

This is the time to be efficient. All those things that you think that you do not need anymore need to go. This will reduce the overall clutter and the weight of the shipment, making your last minute move cost a bit less. Consider your budget when you are making a definitive list of things that you are throwing away. There will always be some things you know that you will not need but will want to pack anyway. If there is no room for them in the budget, your decision will be easier.

Prepare a moving essentials bag

You might find yourself in a rushed situation and forget to prepare this bag. That would be a mistake. In the last minute move, many things can go wrong and they often do. Having a moving essentials bag insulates you from some of the problems that might occur. This bag includes everything a good survival kit would, like toilet paper, change of clothes, snacks, water, important documents and so on. Basically, imagine you will not be able to move in your new home for a day or two. Just think of anything that you might need in the meantime and pack it in the bag.

Don’t think too much, just pack your stuff

That’s right, in the last minute move you do not want to be making elaborate lists of what goes where just pack everything as fast and efficient as possible. You can not afford to waste too much time planning. That does not mean that you jam everything you see in a box, that will give you hell when unpacking. But try to be as fast as possible. You can find here some tips on how to pack fragile things.

Label boxes so you know where did you store your things
Do your packing as fast as you can, but don’t forget to label packages so you know what is where

Find and buy as many packing materials as you can

You will need a wide variety of packing materials for rapid packing. Try to get as many boxes and other supplies as you can, as they will make the whole process go faster and easier. Specialty boxes (such as dish packs and wardrobe boxes) will make your packing more organized, should you decide to purchase those.

So, to sum everything up. Finding affordable last minute movers is difficult and you need to spend time on researching, in order to avoid scams. Yet there are available residential movers who can help you even on short notice. You also need to make sure that you are thoroughly prepared, both mentally and physically, for the chaos that is last minute move.

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