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How to find reliable cheap movers?

Posted on : October 2, 2018

Anyone who has ever moved or is planning to do so knows how grueling the whole process can be. Relocation can turn out to be a pricey venture, so you’re trying to save at least some amount of money, while not cutting back on the quality. Finding reliable cheap movers is an ideal situation for everyone who needs to move to a new home. In order to help you with such a quest, we will go through some of the ways you can ensure you’ve got the biggest bang for your buck.

The ball is in your court

Let’s get one thing straight right at the beginning. Your aspiration to find reliable cheap movers is highly understandable. However, you need to cope with the fact that quality usually comes with a price. You will need to be able to recognize what price is a reasonable one while tossing aside those which are simply too low. Some money will have to be spent, and there is no way around it. But there is a way to be clever about it. Let’s start with things you can do on your part, in order to save as much as you can from the get-go:

  • Start the search for reliable cheap movers early. Best deals, by and large, get snatched early, so you need to be fast. Ideally, you should book your move before the season begins in order to get the best deal.
  • Instead of hiring the company, do the packing yourself. There is an abundance of advice you can find online regarding this topic. Set aside one afternoon where you’ll go through everything you ought to know and write it down. You’ll be a master in no time, trust us.
  • Optimize your belongings. Go through every piece of furniture and personal possession in order to differentiate a necessity from a surplus. Keep in mind that everything you get rid of saves you money. That doesn’t mean you should throw everything out, but rather be smart with your selection.
  • There are numerous ways to save up on packing materials. Borrow boxes from local grocery or clothing stores. Use t-shirts and socks as cushioning material and pack items into storage units you already use. Baskets, drawers and such can stay packed, just be sure to plastic wrap them for security.
A white piggy bank with paper money in it
Be smart about your savings

Friendly advice

Chances are at least some of your friends or co-workers have changed location in the past. Whatever their experience might have been, it’s useful for you. A word about a good company is as valuable as a word of a bad one. Perhaps they have info on some good deals they’ve managed to negotiate, or some quality offer they might have missed. There is even a possibility of them knowing someone who was in the same situation as you. You’d be surprised at the advice people can give. Some have had amazing piano movers work for them, while others shudder at the thought of their previous interstate movers. So, ask around and collect precious information you can later use.

Online reviews of reliable cheap movers

If your friends weren’t as useful, or you just want to be thorough with your research, the Internet has a substantial collection of various information. It may not be the most reliable source but is ineludible nonetheless. We suggest going through as many reviews as possible in order to get the clearest picture. Take into consideration the written comments, rather than the rating, since it can be false. Good and reliable companies take their reviews seriously and try to keep their internet reputation clean. Check the Internet for blacklists regarding moving companies. The Better Business Bureau provides any complaints that have been filed against the company.

A man using laptop
Take some time to do the proper research

Estimates can say it all

Ask the companies you’ve considered to give you an estimated price of the move. Reliable movers will require that it is not done over the phone, but rather in person, where an estimator comes to your home. This is also the way to see how affordable they really are. Show the agent everything you want to be moved. Go through every room, closet, your basement, attic, and backyard. It would be great if the company could give you a written binding estimate, and even better if they offer a binding not-to-exceed estimate. This will ensure that the final cost does not go over the estimated one. Premium Q Moving and Storage Boston offer great deals to all of its customers, so be sure to check it out. Next, compare offers from three or four companies to see which one suits you best. Very low bidding in comparison to the others can be a bad sign, a smokescreen so to say. If such a deal occurs, make sure to go through the whole contract thoroughly before signing it. Certain companies usually find a way to up the price very quickly once they get the possession of your belongings, so be careful.

A businessman and a businesswoman having a talk
Listen carefully since an estimate can show if it’s reliable cheap movers your dealing with

Well disguised red flags

While on your search for reliable cheap movers, there are some warning signs which are not to be overlooked. Pay close attention to:

  1. Big deposits. This a great way for a cheating company to get a hold of your money and running away with it, without doing any work.
  2. Information that is provided. After meeting with your estimator, you should know the company’s full name and other names it uses for doing business. You need to know its address, phone numbers, e-mail and website address. Most important is the company’s U.S. Department of Transportation and motor carrier license numbers. These are a guarantee of its legitimacy. Lastly, you ought to receive a booklet titled “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.” It is required by federal law that every interstate mover provides this guide to each of its customers.
  3. The truck they come with. If it has no clear markings of the company you’ve hired, it’s probably a scam. A moving billboard advertisement is recognized as a good advertising opportunity by any quality company. Why opt out of using it if you have nothing to hide? And if the company doesn’t have enough money to mark their vehicles, it’s probably not that good, so you’ll want to avoid it anyways.


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