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How to hoist your furniture?

Posted on : November 1, 2018

Who would ever imagine that moving can be such a stressful job?! Deciding to relocate home is for sure
one of the biggest events in one’s life. That brings excitement and positive change in many ways. But
when it comes to actual preparation and implementation, it can be tricky. As there are lots of tasks that
should be covered. Amongst the many action points that should be on your moving plan, one that might
worry you the most is how to hoist your furniture. This is for sure not an easy thing but with some tips, it
can be done without too much stress. In the article below we will try to give you some advice on how to
lift and carry your furniture when moving.

Preparation is a key to successful moving

Making a moving checklist might sound like a boring thing to do. But it is a necessary part of preparation
prior to your big moving day. One of the most challenging tasks is finding a good and reliable moving
company. There is nothing more important than the safety of your belongings. A company with a
dedication to customer’s needs such as Premium Q Moving and Storage Boston is here for you. With the
variety of services this company provides and their extensive experience in the business, they are in a
good position to offer stress-free moving to their customers. Statistics show that moving is high on the
list of the most stressful life events. In order to decrease the level of stress, prepare yourself for every
step of the moving process. So, let’s see what you should have in mind when it comes to hoisting your
furniture during the moving.

Moving company can help you to hoist your furniture
Finding a reliable moving company is an inevitable part of the moving process

Packing your furniture

Packing is probably the most time- consuming part of the moving process. Selecting things that you should pack is never easy. Take into consideration that the fewer things you have to move the less money you will spend on your relocation. So, choose wisely which items you will move and which you could donate, recycle or sell. There is also an option of storing things in a self- storage unit. That way you can keep your possessions and still save on moving cost. For the items that you will relocate, acquire all the packing supplies. To hoist your furniture, you will need a lot of equipment and different kind of supplies. So that you can properly protect them and prepare them for the process of moving.

If you decide to do it all by your own

In case you decide to hoist your furniture by yourself, be very careful. This does not refer to your possessions only but also try to avoid any possible injuries while carrying heavy items. Do not hesitate to ask your friends for assistance because doing it on your own might be dangerous and potentially unsafe. For avoiding injuries when lifting of heavy items we recommend you to always lift heavy items with your legs and not with your back. Also, wearing proper clothing and footwear is essential. Wear comfortable and tear-resistant clothes.

Injuries may occur when you hoist your furniture on your own
Be careful when lifting furniture in order to avoid possible injuries

Clear the path before you hoist your furniture

An inevitable part of the preparation for hoisting your possessions is having a clear and safe pathway to the moving truck. Make sure there are no obstacles on the pathway, especially if you are moving during the winter time. Remember, safety always comes first.

Protect furniture before lifting it

As we have already mentioned, packing is a part of the moving which you should pay the most attention to. Especially if you are packing fragile items, regardless if they are small or large. Proper packing will protect your possessions and furniture from possible damages during transportation. For adequate wrapping of your furniture, we recommend using multiple pads to cover your belongings. Tape the items and cover with stretch tape. This way you will protect them from rubbing against the walls or railings.

Proper lifting techniques

Using proper techniques for lifting heavy items will help you avoid injuries that can have long-term effects. You should also protect your furniture and other belongings before the move, and here are some tips for ensuring this process is done properly:

  • Good lifting form – Whether you are exercising or not having any regular physical activities, please note that for this kind of exercise one needs to be in good physical form. Start practicing lifting, which means constantly lift with your legs and keep your back straight.
  • Have proper equipment to hoist your furniture – You should get a dolly which can be very useful when moving heavy furniture. A simple tool but most valuable in the process of lifting, and can also prevent back injuries. There are also plastic sliders that you can place under the furniture legs. With that you can easily slide it across the carpet. The padded ones can protect wood and other types of floors. In addition to dolly and furniture sliders, lifting straps can also be very useful. Straps protect your back and at the same time allow you to lift furniture with your shoulders or forearms. You can easily adjust them for the size of the item and of course the height of the mover.
A dolly is a great equipment which can save you from injuries
Getting a dolly will help you a lot to hoist your furniture
  • Carrying of the furniture – You should try to tip over larger items such as sofa, cabinets or heavy furniture – carry them at an angle. That means one person should carry one end high and the other should hold the piece low on the opposite end.
  • L-shaped furniture – Moving large chairs and recliners can be a bit difficult. So if the doorways are tiny, flip the chair over on its side so that you can hook it back around the doorway.

Even if moving your home can cause you a bit of a headache, when you have help from professionals, everything seems easier. Think twice before you decide to hoist your furniture on your own. Saving health is more important than saving money. We hope you will have an easy and safe relocation.



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