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How to make an ideal moving plan?

Posted on : September 5, 2018

Not all of us like to plan things in advance. The excitement of experiencing events just as they come might be one of the reasons. Some of us tend to have a plan for everything while others prefer a more spontaneous approach to life. In case you decide to move, however, we strongly recommend having a good moving plan. You would want to avoid having regrets after.

Relocating is an exciting but at the same time cumbersome process and as such you should not take it for granted. With good organization, you will worry less and will be prepared for any unexpected setbacks. Making a good moving plan contains a lot of tasks, so let us start from the beginning. In this article, we will try to help you make your moving preparation easier by giving you the tips on how to make an ideal moving plan.

Start with making a moving checklist

You’ve been wondering how to begin, where to start? Setting priorities can be difficult, especially if you are moving for the first time. The process of preparing a good moving checklist will certainly take some of your time. But good planning and organization of relocation are the most important parts of the whole endeavor. A good checklist is a basis on which everyone should build this life adventure in order to ensure that the move is on track.

Relocating is said to be one of the most stressful experiences. Good planning will significantly decrease the level of stress and hence ensure that your moving to another place can be as much stress-free as possible. Below is a list of actions you should be aware of.

Moving checklist is the most important part of your moving plan
Moving checklist

Thinking about the budget while making a moving plan

Some people decide not to think about organizing their budget, mostly because of the possible headaches it might entail. Nevertheless, setting the budget is a crucial part of every big project such as the move to another location. Gathering information is very important. Knowing all the possible costs of moving and looking for saving opportunities is a big advantage. Not only that you can save your money but you will be also able to monitor your budget and to try not to step over the limits that you’ve set.

Hiring professional movers

Even if you think that you can do everything on your own, note that help is always needed when moving comes along. Relocating is a complex process and in case you are not about to move by yourself, hiring a professional moving company is always a good option. Finding an appropriate company isn’t always easy, so try to do as much research as you can. Compare the moving quotes from at least three moving companies and find out which offer is the most affordable. Try not to make your decision paying attention only to the prices. Be smart and check all the conveniences that the companies provide. Do not miss to verify the customer reviews of the company. The experience of other clients can be a relevant factor in choosing the right mover. Please remember that some of the companies can provide special moving services. So, in case you need to relocate your piano, pool table or other specific items, make sure to dial the number. Ask the moving company for all the possibilities, and of course, do not forget to ask for a discount.

One of the task in making good moving plan is finding reliable moving company
Hiring a professional moving company

How to sort possessions and pack them properly

Preparing for a move is usually the right time for checking and sorting the items in your possession. There are a lot of things in everyone’s home that no one is using for a long time. Getting rid of unnecessary possessions will make your packing easier. You can sell your things, recycle or even donate them to charities. After deciding what you will move with you to your new home, start thinking about packing. Packing might sound easy, but it actually is not. We recommend that packing is one of the tasks in your moving plan which you should give special attention to. If you are packing on your own, have in mind all the moving supplies that you should possess. In case you are not so keen on spending time and energy on packing – hire professional packers. Professional packers will carefully pack and take care of your possessions so that you will not have to worry about their safety.

Storage unit- good way of saving possessions

Is the decision-making process of what to move and what to donate or sell making you nervous and uncomfortable? Do not despair as you can store all of the items that you will like to keep but not to move with the others. Many moving companies are providing storage units where you can leave your possessions. Just search for them.

Many moving companies provide storage units for storing your possessions
                            Storage unit

Documentation, insurance and other papers of importance

Create a binder for a collection of all the receipts, estimates, forms and agreements. Also, do not forget about your personal documentation, medical insurance, important contact numbers. Check with your moving company what kind of insurance they provide. It there is a need, pay extra money for it, you never know what might happen.

The last but not the least task of the moving plan- cleaning of your new and old home

After finishing the crucial parts of your moving preparation, cleaning is what is left.  As a matter of fact, this, at the first glance, not so important task will save your time after moving to your new home. Prepare your home for arrival, check with your real estate agent if all the utilities are set. Hire someone to properly clean your new house. Organizing the arrangement of your furniture, unpacking, and settling, in general, in clean space will mean a lot to you. It would be preferable if you could do the same in your old home too so as to leave it in good shape.

As you can see, making a moving plan is not so difficult. Set the timetable of your moving process, start making a moving checklist and you are on the right path.

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