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How to move with kids

Posted on : May 29, 2019

Children are very reluctant to accept that their world is changing. They rely on the things they know and every major change comes like a very big impact on their lives. When you are considering relocation with your children, your focus should be their emotional state. All the other logistical tasks you can manage, but the sensitive feeling of your little ones should be your first priority. Here are some tips that can help you when you have to move with kids. Also, make sure to avoid the 10 biggest moving mistakes, so get our book and give yourself a chance of a stress-free relocation.

Start getting ready for your move with kids right away

The backbone of every successful move with kids is good organization and meticulous planning. However, when you’re moving with children, you should keep in mind that it will be much more difficult than moving on your own. Meaning that you will have to start with preparation as soon as you can, and to hover over every detail.

Since you will have to balance between fulfilling the emotional needs of your kids and many moving tasks that require your attention, you will be under a lot of stress. The best thing that you can do in this overwhelming situation is to hire one of the expert moving companies Boston. By delegating the hardest moving tasks to professionals with years of training and experience, you will have time and energy to focus on your kids.

Some tasks can’t be delegated

When you hire professional movers they will be responsible for loading, transporting and unloading your moving boxes at your new home. If you enlist some of their additional moving services, you can take a lot of burden of your back.

Women on the clock - the time ius of the essence when you need to move with kids
You can beat a clock if you start to plan your move with kids as soon as possible.

However, while the movers will do all the heavy lifting for you when you move with your kids, these tasks nobody can do instead of you:

  • Finding a perfect family-friendly neighborhood
  • Renting/buying a new home
  • Choosing the new school for your kids
  • Notifying your friends, family and all the services about your address change
  • Arranging the cancelation date for utilities in your current home
  • Renting/Selling your current home
  • Planning a moving budget
  • Making travel arrangements for your family to your new home

Being honest is the most important thing when you move with kids

You may feel that as a parent you don’t own your kids an explanation for your decision making. That is a really bad approach. The one that can ruin a relationship with your children. Try to put yourself in their shoes. One day they are playing with their friends in their room, and the next one they find out that all of that will be rip away from them. Their friends, their home, their favorite playground – everything that is familiar and dear to them.

They will be confused and sad, with a good reason. Changing living environment is hard for the grown-ups, but relocation is much harder and more intense for the kids. When you need to move with your kids, brutal honesty is the only and most effective approach. Children understand much more than adults realize. If you lie to them in order to protect them, they will be hurt to the core when they figure it out. And they will have no doubt about it.

Daughter hugging mother
When you treat them as equals, you may be surprised how maturely their reaction may be.

Treat them like adults and explain to them why the relocation is the best move for your entire family. Tell them that you understand how they feel and that you will be there every step of the way. When they know exactly why the move is necessary, they will be more willing to accept it. In order to get them on board and help kids settle into a new home after relocation, you will need to keep the lines of communications open and honest.

When you move with kids, let them pack their things

Of course, that doesn’t mean that your kids will be in charge of packing the furniture items in their rooms. Depending on their age, they will require a helping hand during the packing process. Surely you won’t let them use the sharp tools, but you need to let them decide what will they bring with them.

If you declutter entire home and pack your kid’s room without their presence, the whole hell will break loose. With good reason – just imagine how will you feel if someone throw away half of your stuff.

Toddler crying
Don’t cave under their sad eyes and crocodile tears.

On the other hand, that certainly doesn’t mean that you should let your kids pack all of their belongings. Any of many reliable movers Revere MA have to offer will advise you to pack less household in order to cut on the moving costs.

As you should, but not without your kid’s knowledge or presence. Give them the opportunity to choose the things they like the most, but set the limit on how many items each child can pack. Be firm and stand your ground since your kids will have a tough time letting things go.

Include your children in the decision process

Surely, you are maybe in a situation where you have to move with your kids. For financial reasons, to help your elderly sibling, or maybe you got a better job offer. Even when the relocation is imminent, make your children feel like they have some say in it. Moving with the child that is totally against it will turn into the nightmare. It will act out, have angry bursts or even try to hurt itself to show its resentment.

By including them into the moving decision process is the best way to get them on board. Ask for their opinions about the new home, neighboorhood or the new school. Answer all the questions patiently and without raising your voice. After you explain the reasons for the move, try to emphasize the good things that await your family in the new place. Ask for their opinion about it. When they feel that you are respecting their opinion about this matter, they will be more eager to accept this big change. And that will make your move with kids much easier for sure.

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