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How to organize your storage unit easily?

Posted on : December 7, 2018

When moving to a new residence, you may need to store some of those valuable belongings. Most of the belongings can take up space in your new home. To avoid losing space in your new home, consider some of the self-storage Boston possibilities. Are you wondering how to organize your storage unit and fit all of your belongings? If you do, use our guide and find out how can you save space, organize and keep your belongings safe for a longer period.

Declutter your home with storage

To make sure you can organize your storage unit without difficulty, you should declutter your home first. This task will help you downsize your relocation costs and save you valuable space at the same time. Keep in mind that decluttering your home using storage will be far less complicated than just decluttering without additional storage space. When you have a storage unit in mind, you can plan and organize your belongings with ease.

storage area
Declutter every part of your home using a four box method.

The first step is sorting out your belongings. You will stay more efficient and declutter easily if you use a four-box method. Use four cardboard moving boxes or bigger size plastic bins and label them – toss, keep, donate and sell. After you get ready, set the timer while sorting out your belonging. Try not to lose too much time while deciding which items you wish to keep. If there some items you get emotional about, out them aside and leave them at a separate box. This way you will work more efficiently while filling out the boxes.

You should repeat the process for every room in your home. Consider that you may need more time to declutter your kitchen, storage areas, garage or your closet. Decluttering your home will be effective if you get rid of all the items you don’t need or will never use again. Get rid, donate or sell items like:

  • Perishable food you cannot use before the moving day
  • Old clothes you don’t fit anymore
  • Old magazines, papers, and document you no longer need
  • Flammable items and dangerous materials
  • Machinery that uses fuel
  • Plants, old rugs, kitchen towels and chipped mugs and plates you wish to replace
  • Old and worn out furniture pieces that take up space etc.

Packing for storage

After you get rid of all the items, you don’t need it is time to pack items for storage. Consider buying quality packing materials and the best moving boxes Boston to secure your items for a longer period. Use moving boxes in various sizes so you can save space when packing odd shaped things. If you have plastic bins, use them also. Depending on the items you wish to pack you should get other packing supplies like bubble wrapping paper, packing peanuts etc. While packing you will organize your storage unit easily if you label all the boxes.

When you have all of the packing supplies on hand, make sure to pack bulky and heavy items first. It is best if you position those big items and appliances at the back. Back them first because you won’t move them frequently.

Make an inventory list

Other than labeling your boxes, you should make the list of everything they contain. That list is called the inventory list. This task may take up some of your free time, but it will pay off in the long run. Make an inventory list template and note of the contents of each box. With your list, it won’t be hard to find any item in your storage unit. And the best part is, you won’t have to unpack each box to find what you are looking for.

Choose the perfect storage unit for your needs

When deciding to get a storage unit for your belongings, consider asking professionals advice. Quality movers or storage specialists will give you pointers on the best solution for your needs. Reliable storage professionals offer insurance options for keeping your belongings safe. In case you need to store valuable belongings, make sure you get the best insurance option. Storage companies may also offer special storage units for items of high value. Before you make your final decision, get advice from your movers.

storage area
Consult your movers about the best type of a storage unit for your needs.

How to organize your storage unit like a professional?

You will organize your storage unit without difficulty if you use some of the old movers’ tricks.

Put heaviest boxes at the bottom

When moving your boxes into a storage unit, make sure you put the heaviest boxes on the bottom. After that, you may stack lighter boxes on top. Remember not to stack those boxes higher than need be. In case you need to move a box that is positioned higher than your head, you may cause the entire stack to fall on you.

Shelves gain space

You will gain more space and organize your storage unit without a problem is you install shelves. Shelves gain space, and they are a practical solution when storing smaller moving boxes or plastic bins. On the other hand, you can place on shelves items that you wrap or keep in plastic bags. Shelves also can be very functional for storing your office supplies and other items that you need to access at all times.

finger pointing to a document schetch
If you plan a layout of your storage unit, you will be able to easily find everything you pack.

Plan a layout of your unit

In case you are using your storage space frequently and you need access to everything, plan ahead. If you plan a layout of your storage unit, you will get to your items without moving all of the boxes. When you have an arrangement already in mind, you will organize your storage unit with ease. If you can, divide your boxes into different piles and make an isle in the middle. If you have a center aisle, you will be able to get to your items in the back with ease. Using your inventory list, you will quickly find anything that you need.

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