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How to pack antique furniture?

Posted on : November 30, 2018

Moving can get overwhelming, especially if you have to do most of the move-related tasks yourself. However, it is not as hard as it may seem in the beginning. Packing every item in your home will be the biggest part of your move. But today you can find numerous hacks, tips, and guides online and speed up the process while staying efficient. Packing your home, especially bulky, heavy and expensive items will require your free time and skill. And you may need more free time if you have antiques you need to pack and prepare for the road. If you are packing antique furniture for the first time, use our tips and make the job easier. Here is what you should do and avoid when you pack antique furniture for moving to a new residence.

How to prepare for packing antiques?

In case you need to pack antique furniture, you should prepare in advance. This part of the packing process may take a while. This kind of packing will require patience and the best packing materials similar to one’s professional movers use for packing. However, it is not enough to just buy the best packing materials and wrap everything. Before you start you should consider finding a professional to access the condition of your antiques. Consider using an officially licensed art appeaser to check each item before packing. He will issue an official document with his estimate.

instrument antique
In case you need to move antique music instruments consider hiring professionals to help.

This is the most important part of your moving preparation when you need to pack antique furniture pieces that are quite valuable. For the insurance purposes, you should have a copy of the official report with you at all times. In most cases, old antique furniture pieces are irreplaceable and quite valuable. Usually, they may be the most valuable pieces in your home. For this reason, you should do everything to protect and pack each item the best way possible for transport.

In case you have old and antique instruments like pianos, you should entrust the packing to professionals. Moving a piano is quite delicate in this situation — old vintage antique pianos tend to be quite valuable, even irreplaceable. For this reason, it is best to find a specialized moving service with years of experience. Movers that pack antique furniture should also have special tools and equipment to perform this task with ease. Keep in mind that hiring a professional to relocate your most valuable furniture is always to the best option.

Find the best movers for the job

Professionals advise that you should always consider hiring the best moving company for moving antiques. Quality movers pack antique furniture to the best possible standards. Quality moving professionals use the best packing supplies to protect and secure each individual piece. When looking to pack antique furniture consider finding the best movers to help. They should have:

Research moving companies online before you make your final decision for hiring.
  • Years of experience
  • Valid license and id number
  • Special packing services
  • Quality reviews and references

Get the best insurance when moving antiques

Every reliable moving company that transports antiques and items of high value will explain this process in detail. Movers will always tell you to avoid moving antique furniture without having insurance coverage. Experienced residential movers Boston will offer more than one insurance policy for your move. The best way to stay safe is to choose the best insurance option – full value insurance. This way you will get a full refund in case of any damage while your valuable belongings are in your mover’s care.

Use the best packing materials

In case you decide to pack antique furniture n your own, you should prepare in advance. Make sure to get all the tools you need in advance. You will need the best quality packing supplies. A moving company’s representative you trust may recommend where to buy the best quality moving boxes Boston. To pack antiques like a professional, consider all the packing materials you may need:

  • Special moving blankets for protecting bigger surfaces
  • Plates of Styrofoam for additional protection
  • Packing tape and scissors
  • Bubble wrapping paper
  • Packing paper and markers
  • Wrapping stretch

How to properly pack antique furniture?

Antique furniture packing requires patience and skill. You should consider that any damage, no matter how small can ruin your antique furniture piece. That is why you should be very careful during packing and take as much time as you need. When packing sensitive items like these, consider every step before you proceed.

packing tape and scissors
Get quality packing supplies in advance and pack every piece in layers of protection.

The first step is protecting each surface. It is best to use moving blankets or wrapping paper to secure each surface. After that, consider making an additional layer of protection with Styrofoam. This way, even if you pack your small coffee table, you may be able to load it onto to moving truck. You should position it upside down. This way you will be able to protect and provide enough padding to the legs.

The second step is adding another layer of bubble wrapping paper for security and padding. In the end, you should protect the item inside the moving box or an additional layer of cardboard. Each piece should be secured with multiple layers of packing tape before you can carry them onto the moving truck. Keep in mind that you should prevent antiques from moving while in transport. You should make they are secure in place while inside the moving truck.

Should you disassemble antique furniture?

Professionals recommend that you shouldn’t disassemble antiques without professional assistance. Those pieces of furniture usually are too delicate. Its crews may be old, or bolts might be stripped. On the other hand, in most cases, disassembling small pieces may damage the patina of the piece. For this reason, professionals don’t recommend taking pieces apart when you pack antique furniture.

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