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How to plan an office move with minimal disruption

Posted on : January 28, 2019

Is your business growing? If it is, it may be time to plan an office move to a larger space. Moving to a bigger office will expand your business and provide more space for your employees. New office space will present you as a successful business owner to your employees and your clients. But how to make that happen? How to plan an office relocation without harming your business? Use our guide to plan an office move and organize everything with ease. It is possible to gain more clients when moving to a new office. Keep reading and find out how to relocate your business without difficulty.

Important things to consider when planning your business relocation

When you plan an office move, you should consider the time you have to conduct and organize everything. Professionals advise that you take time and start planning early. If you can, make sure to start planning your office relocation at least three months in advance. The perfect option would be to have six months to organize everything. However, that may not always be the case. Sometimes you have to plan an office move at the last minute. Even if that happens, professional movers can help you move your office at the last minute. Quality commercial movers Boston can provide you with the free moving quote. That is the official estimate of your relocation costs. It is important you ask for the moving quote before hiring any moving company to relocate your office belongings and help your staff members relocate as well.

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Before you plan an office move, consider calculating your budget first.

While you plan an office move you should consider:

  • The time and budget you have to organize everything
  • Your new location – it is important you already have an office space in mind before you contact a moving company to help you move
  • Your workers and staff members – your staff members need to be included in your relocation process. In most cases, they can help and pack their own belongings before movers arrive
  • The cleaning service you need to hire for cleaning your old office space

Plan an office move and include your staff in the process

In case you need to plan an office move without professional assistance, make sure to prepare and make a to-do list. Put on paper all of the tasks you need to complete before you can pack all of your office belongings. Make sure to determine your moving budget and consider the time you have to leave the current space you are using. After you consider all of these details, make sure to list other important tasks you need to complete before you change location.

Organize your office move and discuss the moving date with your movers.

The number one task is finding a suitable location for your new offices. Consider hiring a reliable real estate agent who can show you various office options in your target area. He can help you close the deal on the new place without any complications. He is there to represent your interests and negotiate the terms of the lease on your behalf.

Find a perfect space and organize your team

After you acquire a suitable space with all the amenities you need, it is time to plan an office move and find a reliable moving company. Quality movers are here to take care of the details after you give them all the information about your office move. Movers will provide a moving quote and estimate your costs. If you agree to the terms and sign an official contract, they will schedule everything. On a moving day, they will come and pack all of your office belongings with care.

Before your movers pack your old office, consider changing your office address. When you do, your current and future clients will be notified about the change. This way, your clients will know about your change. It is important you select a team to handle business-clients communication while your office is being moved. If you do, your office move won’t affect your business in any way. In the end, you can organize an office party to show off your new space to clients and potential customers.

Let professional movers help relocate your business

Hiring professional movers to help you plan an office move is essential. Quality movers have years of experience of moving businesses. Keep in mind that every quality commercial moving company will provide various safety measures for your belongings. Reliable moving specialists in your area offer insurance for your items during transport. However, if deciding to relocate your office items on your own, you may need to spend a substantial sum of money to ensure your items during transport. On the other hand, if you hire a professional moving service, they will include an insurance policy as a standard option with any service they provide.

Professional movers can pack your office items using professional packing supplies for maximum protection.

Professional movers can also help you plan an office move. After you provide all the information they need, they will create the timeline of your move and discuss a possible moving date with you. Also, they will make sure you know the exact delivery date when using their services. Quality movers usually offer a professional packing service. They can safely pack fragile items To the best possible standard. They use professional packing supplies and tools to move each of your valuable items. Movers with experience know how to move specialized office items that require special attention. In some cases, they may need to take apart some of those big printers or computers to transport them without damage. Even in this scenario, you won’t cancel your warranty if you hire professionals to do everything for you.

Consider using storage while moving your office

In case you plan an office move and need additional storage space for your office items, consider renting a short-term storage unit. Renting a Boston storage unit to keep your items safe when moving your office to a new location is a perfect way to conduct your move without affecting your business. In case you need help, you can always ask your movers to help you choose a suitable storage unit for your items.

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