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How to prepare your motorcycle for storage

Posted on : February 28, 2019

Summer is the best absolute time in the world for those who have the privilege to own a motorcycle. A motorcycle is definitely not for everyone. It takes a special kind of person to enjoy it. And this is great because bikers should be unique people, as are all other connoisseurs of different hobbies. However, owning a motorcycle is less of a hobby and more of a lifestyle. At least for most. Everyone who can relate to the first part of this paragraph can also relate to the fact that your motorcycle is your baby. Your most precious prize. And as such you need to prepare your motorcycle for storage each time biking season ends.

But what does it really mean to prepare your motorcycle for storage? This is much more than simply storing it into a garage or a rented storage unit. Although, even finding the perfect storage unit is not an easy task.  So, you can check out self-storage Boston to see if it fits your needs.

Of course, there are things that need to be done in order to be able to say that you can prepare your motorcycle for storage. In this article, we will discuss a few things you need to know and do in order to be able to securely prepare your motorcycle for storage. Also, there is a matter of picking the right storage. More of that to come.

So, how do you prepare your motorcycle for storage?

Well, in order to have your baby securely tucked in you need to do several things. First, you need to make sure that you have serviced it and done all the regular things you do at the beginning of the season. In doing so, you will be more prepared for the coming season as well as having it to sit without being turned on. It’s like taking care of the things in your house that you temporarily don’t need. So you use quality moving boxes Boston to store them through the season. On the other hand, if you have the ability to turn it on every once in a while, then the procedure will be slightly different.

General motorcycle checkup

However, some things are universal. You basically need to undergo a full checkup of your motorcycle before safely storing it away. This means that you have to check all the chains, transmission, all the fluids as well as the tires. This will give you a very good overlook of the condition of the motorcycle at the end of the season. Moreover, this will give you a very good idea as to what awaits at the beginning of the next one. Additionally, you have to make sure that you have secured the exterior of the motorcycle with different coats in order to preserve its shine and metal parts.

In case that you are unsure how to do a bike check up, then it might be a good idea to take it to a bike shop.
If you are inexperienced with bikes, take it to the shop and they can do the check up there.

This may seem like a lot of work, but it is something that needs to be done at the end of each season. So, don’t be lazy about it! It will save you a lot of time and money later on. Plus, if you are doing it at the end of the season you will avoid a lot of rush that normally comes at the beginning of it. This is because people usually save everything for summer, and then make sure to do all the maintenance. But if you do it in the winter time, you will be first in line!

Make sure to check all the liquids

This can vary greatly depending on the bike. But we will do the most common ones. The oil in your breaks, the oil in your transmission, engine oil as well as gasoline inside it. These are the liquids that you should take care of.

One crucial thing to do to prepare your motorcycle for storage is to take care of liquids in it.
Take care of the liquids before you decide to store the bike.

What I normally do is drain all the liquids that are safe to drain. This way I will leave no liquid inside that isn’t necessary. The reason why I do this is to avoid any gathering of stickiness on the walls of the gas pipe, for instance. If your gas remains idle in it for too long it may change its form and cause clogs in the future. You know you are not going to be riding it in the winter – therefore it does not need any gas in it. You can also go ahead and check all the other fluids and make sure their levels are satisfactory. If some are missing – refuel!

Check the tires

This is only as a precaution for next season. Make sure to inspect your tires and determine their condition. In doing so you will be more than prepared for the upcoming season, knowing whether or not you will need to invest in new ones.

One thing that you should keep your eye on no matter the season are the tires, their pressure and tread groove.
You should routinely check tire pressure and tire’s tread groove, no matter the season.

Furthermore, if your tires are severely damaged there could be another underlying problem that should be investigated. Remember, safety first!

Protect the exterior of the motorcycle

First of all, give it a very detailed cleaning. Anyone owning a motorcycle will know just how enjoyable this is. Take your sweet time polishing it and applying all the coats you can find.

Another very important thing to do is to make sure that all the exterior metals are secured. This way you will avoid any rust coming due to weather conditions the motorcycle is being kept in. This is probably one of the most fundamental steps in preparing your motorcycle for storage. This way you will make sure that the condition you leave it in will be waiting for you when spring comes.

Last but not least, you could go to your mechanic for a regular check-up. This way you will maybe determine some new things that need to be addressed in order for your motorcycle to be safe and sound. Sometimes it can happen, that your bike won’t start so you might need the help of professionals to get you there.

Other than that, live through the winter and survive until spring! Good luck!

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