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How to properly store paintings away

Posted on : March 8, 2019

The ideal place to keep your paintings is your wall. But, when you need to remove them from the walls and to find a safe place to store them, you should be very careful and to find the best self-storage Boston where you can be sure your paintings are safe and protected. Maybe because of the upcoming move or remodeling your home, there are many reasons why you need storage space. If you want to store paintings away properly, you need to know how to pack to avoid damages and crushes. Keep reading for all the necessary tips.

Here are some simple steps to properly store paintings away

  • Select the area with good storage facility

Make sure to find the storage facility that is an inconvenient area for you. You want your artwork pieces are near you, so you can take them whenever you want.

  • Prepare paintings for storage

Your paintings should be properly wrapped and protected before you store them in the facility. You don’t want to risk damages, crushes or mold on your canvas.

  • Wrap and protect your framed art pieces

Wrap the artwork with the blanket or other wrapping material and use the packing tape to seal them. Protect the front and the back of the paintings.

  • Secure your unframed art pieces

Use the paper to cover the front of the canvas and wrap it. Also, protect and wrap the front and back of the art pieces with a blanket or some other wrapping material.

Woman looking at painting
Protect and wrap the front and back of the art pieces before moving them

Climate controlled storage unit is the perfect place for your paintings

You need a safe place for your paintings. There is no better place than a climate controlled storage unit. Sudden changes in temperatures and humidity can cause damages on canvas, so you need to protect your paintings against these possible complications. The climate-controlled storage facility is the right place for you. Changes like mentioned can lead to the paint flaking and cracking. In climate controlled storage you don’t have to worry about mold growth. In right temperature controlled space you don’t have to worry about the humidity and big changes in temperature.

Temperature control is an important thing if you want to store your paintings away
With right temperature controlled space you don’t have to worry about the humidity and big changes in temperature.

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Use padding, wrapping, and different coverage protections to store paintings away properly

Make sure to store your paintings separately and use padding to stack the art pieces. Also, the paintings you should place on the flat and free surface. Use the clean piece of cloth to cover paintings and your artwork. The proper coverage will keep the dust and dirt away from your paintings. And the surface will stay untacked as long as they are stored in the storage facility.

Our suggestion is to avoid storing paintings in attics and basements; these places are very risky because of mold growth and temperature changes which can lead to the damages on your canvas. Make sure your paintings are stored in the place where the temperatures and humidity are constant.

Avoid sunlight and direct heat!

Never lay your paintings on floors and places where you risk many different damages. Prevent fading of the paint by putting paintings away from sunlight. Also, avoid direct heat because it can cause fire and serious damages to paintings. You need to understand all the risks involved in the process of storing your artwork and paintings.

The biggest threats when storing paintings

When you are storing and moving your paintings there are many threats, such as:

  • Breakages and tears
  • loose and missing elements
  • Fingerprints on surfaces.
  • Stains and marks
  • Mold and paint fading
Painting in the basement is not a way to properly store paintings away
Storing your painting in the dirty basement is not a good idea. Your paintings deserve a clean and dry space.

Packing the paintings steps

  1. Minimize contact.

The first successful packing is to minimize human contact. So, create a barrier between you and the painting during the packing process.

  1. Wrap in plastic.

Use plastic to wrap the paintings to keep them clean and protected while they are in the storage unit.

  1. Pack with dense packing material.

Make sure to fill out space in moving boxes Boston to avoid the bouncing in transit. Seal every box with packing tape.

 How to transport a painting with care?

  • Be careful when driving.
  • Store the painting vertically.
  • Protect the painting with other objects in your car or truck.
  • Pick safe and a well-maintained
Paintings in living room
Carefully remove the painting from your wall and protect it when you transport it to a new home

Sum up

Following these few important tips, you can be sure you have found the best way to store your paintings away properly. Remember:

  • Never store your paintings in basement or attic
  • Make sure they are clean and dry – paintings and storage place
  • Don’t store paintings on top of each other.
  • Make sure to lay your paintings on flat
  • Keep paintings away from fluctuating temperatures.
  • Keep your paintings away from the sun. Direct sunlight can fade colors.
  • Make sure there is no moisture near paintings.

If you want to store, hire professionals!

If you plan to store your paintings in storage Boston, make sure to hire the best professionals to do it! Agents with experience and knowledge know the best how to store your most precious items correctly. A right climate controlled storage space will give you the peace of mind. Make sure to find reliable storage locations near you.

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