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Posted on : June 25, 2019

There are some jobs about moving that are very boring to do, like unpacking. Unpacking usually consumes a lot of time for people due to the lack of proper organization. So, in order to unpack with ease, you have to properly pack before the move. You can do this by seeking packing services Boston or try to do that by yourself. No matter who does it, it needs to be done adequately. Only like that, you can be sure that you can unpack like a pro. Find out how to do that!

Pack properly

As we said, maybe the most important part of unpacking is packing. Yes, it is confusing but it is also the truth. In order to unpack with ease, you have to do everything you can to make some kind of order among your belongings. There is some stuff you should include:

  • Make a schedule- To pack properly, you have to start packing on time. You have to understand that you probably could pack in one day but we don’t recommend it. There is so much room for error when doing this so there is no chance for you to unpack without stress. Make a schedule, pick several days and pack.
  • Label moving boxes– Organize your packing like a pro. There are many ways on how to label moving boxes. Buy markers in various colors. Pick a category for each of the colors. You will save a lot of time on unpacking if you do this. Also, you should write the content of the boxes. It is recommended to do that on two sides. If you do like this, you will unpack like a pro in a split second.
  • Sort things– What we mean by this is that you can’t mix different kinds of things together. The best way to sort things out is to sort by the room. Put things that go to one room to one set of boxes. To that for all the rooms of your new home and you won’t have the trouble of unpacking them later because you will know where each box goes.

Clean your place

Unpacking is dull, let’s face it. But it is even duller when you come into your new home and it is, well, dirty. Dust everywhere and it just deprives you, right? So, when you come into your new home, clean your place. Since it is even more boring that unpacking, you can always hire a cleaning company. The only thing you need to be informed is how to choose professional cleaners? There are various of them so there is a chance that you make the wrong choice if not careful enough.

This will give you motivation to be fast
Clean your place before unpacking

Make a schedule to unpack with ease

There is a schedule for everything in life, from packing to unpacking. We said that you should not hurry when packing and leave everything to the last minute. This increases the chance of something going wrong. This same rule applies to unpacking. You do not have to do everything in one day. That will make you more stressful than packing. Relax, pick several days to complete the unpacking. You just have to find moving boxes Boston, put your stuff into them and enjoy them by unpacking stress-free.

Pick days for unpacking and unpack with ease
Make schedule about unpacking

Where to start?

The key to unpacking like a pro is to start by choosing the right room. No matter if you are moving to a house or an apartment, the start is the same. Bathroom! Moving requires a lot of mental and physical strength. The mental strength is more important before the move while physical during the move. What we mean is that when you finish the move, you will be exhausted. And of course, sweaty! You would not want to unpack everything while being that sweaty. So, try to unpack the bathroom first so you could take a well-needing shower.

Next: the kitchen!

Well, you are wrong if you thought it was a bedroom. To unpack with ease you will need a lot of energy. Moving uses a lot of energy, but unpacking is a cherry on the top of a cake. Unpack your appliances since they are the most vulnerable. You should make some food to gain energy so you could finish the rest of the unpacking.


The next on the list is the bedroom. After all that work, you will definitely need some rest. The key is not to reverse the list. Many people use the chance to unpack the bedroom and make the bed so they could have some rest. Studies show that longer you procrastinate, there is a higher chance to fail. When we say fail, we mean even more procrastination and stress over a simple job like unpacking. Simple, if you follow the order…

Ask for help

All of the above can be a should be of help. But when you move into a big house there can be a lot of work to be done. If that is the situation, you could always ask for help. We do not think about professional help but asking your friends and family. No matter how good you are at packing, unpacking, you could always have some additional help to finish unpack with ease. So, there is no need to be shy or to think that it is that big of a deal. It is not, you just have to pick up the phone and dial!

You will end up finishing twice as fast
Ask friends to help to unpack


As you can see, there are a lot of ways on how to unpack with ease. It is just important to have a schedule and order. As much as we understand the urge to simply go to bed and finish the day, it is not the best idea, especially if you just enjoy procrastinating. It is not like a school paper where you can finish it in a matter of hours. If you are that kind of person, find the strength to fight and beat unpacking procrastination. In the end, if you do that enough you could end up never settling into your new home!

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