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In-house storage ideas to consider

Posted on : March 17, 2019

Some people live normal lives where they don’t own too many things. Other people live like me. My apartment cannot fit all the things that I own. This is a red light for me to either get a bigger place or downsize the things that I own. Be as it may, currently it is like this without any outlook for a change. This is why I needed to figure out some in-house storage ideas to make it bearable. At this stage, it became almost impossible to turn around the house, let alone find something I need. These in-house storage ideas were desperately needed.

In-house storage ideas are badly needed when you have this many books.
Collect all the books in the world!

After some time planning, I figured out several things I could do in order to make a lot of room. The solutions I was looking for had to be relatively easy and as cheap as possible. I didn’t have too much time to invest in all this. I needed a quick fix. Also, I needed to avoid packing mistakes. And if you would like to learn how to avoid the 10 biggest packing and moving mistakes, you can get our book here:

And here are some tips and tricks I came up with that cost little to nothing and require not much time invested. The result? I finally have room to move around and store my things. I even managed to establish a little corner in the living room as a home office. All in all, it was worth it.

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In-house storage ideas – how to begin

First, before you can even begin this journey you have to understand what it is that you will be storing. In order to store your stuff properly, you need to know exactly how many of what you will be storing. How I went about doing this is that I took all the things that I will be storing and placed them on the floor, in the middle of the room. This gave me a clear insight into how much room I will have to set aside. Otherwise, if you try to guess how much room you will need, there is a very good chance that you will evaluate wrong. People usually underestimate just how much room certain items take.

So, grab all the (book) that you wish to find some In-house storage ideas for, and place them in the center of the room. On the floor. This will give you an idea of how much space you need to create.

Brainstorm storage ideas

Now that you have identified what needs to be stored you need to proceed to figure out the idea storage idea. One idea that should always help out a lot is a box. Or many boxes. Boxes are an ideal storage space that can compress a large number of belongings and allow you to store them neatly. Books are an ideal thing you could pack in boxes.

However, the problem for me is that I usually use my books. I don’t buy and store them. I use them frequently. Boxes are quite unfriendly for this level of usage. Especially because, once you store the books into the boxes, you can hardly remember which book was placed where. And if you wish to reach a book quickly, you will most likely not be able to. Furthermore, if we are to acknowledge Murphy’s Law, you are probably going to find it last. And spill some coffee over it.

A built-in close could be a fix for all your hardship with space.
A bit more expensive, but very useful!

I found that boxes are more suited for clothes that are out of the current season. This is a perfect way to store winter clothes in the summer, and vice versa. But for books, not so much. Fortunately for me, and everyone that is remotely like me, Ikea exists. However, for something like storing paintings, you are going to need even further steps.

Ikea furniture

Ikea has a ton of various furniture you can buy, assemble and place anywhere in your place. When I was younger I had no access to Ikea so I never understood its value. However, now I do. You have over 50 different shelves to look at. The best solution that I discovered for my books were shelves that are being stuck into the wall. This way there is nothing on the ground (like your regular bookshelves). These cost very little money since it is essentially wooden planks that can be screwed into a wall. Furthermore, the installation was as simple as it can be.

I was able to place shelves into my walls, off the ground and out of everyone’s way. These shelves stored all the books that I owned and still have room for more books that I am yet to buy. Lastly, if it ever comes to it, I would be able to take them down in an instant and pack it all away for it to be re-used at the new house. It’s a cheap solution, that is super fast and easy to set up.

Built-in closets

The last best thing you can do (if you can afford it) is to get built in closets. These are installed into a wall and they are a bit more expensive to have. However, once you install them into the wall they are out of your way and to you, the apartment looks as if nothing new happened. But what you do get is a few square meters of usable space. It is the pricier option when compared to other ones, but it is the most efficient one. Your apartment outlay remains the same but you get almost something like a new room to store items. If you still have no room, you might want to consult storage Boston units. They will have a solution.

Find as many boxes as you can. They are an easy bandaid.
Boxes are the cheapest solution.

All in all, be creative. There is always a way. You just have to think of something clever. Good luck!

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