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Moving to Cambridge MA will certainly be one of your biggest and possibly best decisions. A quiet town with an abundance of amazing schooling opportunities houses many friendly and welcoming people. It’s a great place for a young family as well as for any single individuals looking for a way to grow and improve. Since the relocation process can be a bit of a hassle, it is important to have an experienced group of professionals who will do the job carefully and efficiently. Our team of movers Cambridge MA offers just that. Years of working in the field have thought us to handle every move with responsibility and awareness. We take every opportunity as a learning experience and keep on growing as true experts of the moving industry.

Things to know about the city of Cambridge

Originally called ”Newtown”, the city now known as Cambridge was settled in 1630. The founding of Harvard College in 1636 made the settlers change the city’s name into something more appropriate for a college town. Thus, the name of Cambridge University in England was the perfect choice. The city of Cambridge is now a part of the Boston metropolitan area, with Charles River flowing just 3 miles to the southeast. Most famous for Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge is a great place for an aspiring scholar of any age.

A girl walking by a campus building
A true place to live and learn

Cost of living

A bit on the costly side, Cambridge can be a bit of a challenge for people with lower income. Its overall cost of living is above average for the USA. However, the most expensive aspect of living in Cambridge is housing. The median home price is $780,200, compared to USA’s average of 216,200. Being a part of the community in this intellectual, fun and vibrant city comes with a cost. Howbeit, most of the locals will agree that it is worth it.

What sets us apart

The whole team of Premium Q moving and Storage Boston, including our movers Cambridge MA, works under a motivated and dedicated leadership. They always put an extra effort to adapt to the changes that the market brings, whilst making sure that it’s in customer’s best interest. They make sure that we stay on top of every detail and provide the best service our customers deserve. When you hire us, we view you as part of our team and appreciate your input. Don’t be discouraged to come forth with your preferences and desires. It is our job to take special care of your belongings and provide quality service, all in a timely and efficient manner. Another thing that stands out is our guys. They tackle every move, no matter the size, with the same care and a big smile. Any unexpected occurrence will not change their approach to the job. They will work diligently until the move is finalized.

Two people shaking hands
Put your trust in our movers Cambridge MA

What you can expect when hiring movers Cambridge MA

  • Our company offers a fair and reasonable price for every customer. We like to start with a free and accurate moving estimate based on the latest technology. We also like to assign an agent that is your direct point of contact. This dedicated professional is at your disposal for any questions, concerns, and inquiries. We encourage and nurture transparent communication during this whole process.
  • Our movers Cambridge MA is a highly trained and fully equipped team of professionals. On the relocation day, you can expect the cleanest trucks and proper moving equipment. Our agents will handle your belongings with great care and knowledge, whether it’s an antique vase, a big piano or a high-end couch.
  • We value integrity. Having to pay extra for extra peace of mind is not the politic we implement in our business. When you hire us to do the moving, your stress and worry over the safety of your belongings should not exist. We take full responsibility for every transported item, no matter its size or value.

What do Premium Q Moving and Storage Boston offer

  1. Local Moving. Whether it is three blocks away or further, if you feel like relocation is too much work for you, don’t waste another minute a give us a call. Every branch of our team knows every street and corner they are operating on, whether it is local Boston movers or movers Cambridge MA. We know what a trustworthy company looks like, and we enjoy such a reputation as well.
  2. Interstate moving. Our professionals know how demanding the task of an interstate move can be. But, having done it so many times, you can rest assured that it presents no challenge whatsoever. A highly trained team of responsible movers are ready to meet your every need and request. With hiring our movers, you are getting a reliable partner and coordinator. He will make a custom-plan bast on your demands. Our goal is to ensure that you have your peace of mind through this big change.
  3. Packing/Crating. Every relocation necessitates packing. However, the majority of people find this task to be quite difficult. Having to pack all of your belongings takes time and nerves. All that comes with wondering if there is a way to do it more efficiently. Our company knows all the intricacies of packing. Out of all movers Cambridge MA and further, we adamantly claim to offer the best service. Feel free to contact us and see why every customer feels special when working with us.
  4. Storage. The lack of space is a common problem we are familiar with. People tend to distribute some amount of their items to their friends and charities, while a certain amount goes to the bin. However, what about the items you want to keep but have no room for? Premium Q Moving and Storage Boston offer state-of-the-art facilities for such demand. If you hire us, your belongings will be stored in climate-controlled storage units with surveillance cameras 24/7.
A big white truck on a road
Local or interstate move – we are at your disposal

The overall experience

We know that the moving company can either make or break the whole experience of the relocation. That’s why we take our job seriously. We always appreciate the input and welcome every critique and advice. We take pride in our customer ratings, having that they are very high. Nonetheless, we always try to better our performance and enhance the quality of our service. By hiring movers Cambridge MA, you are guaranteed a wonderful experience. We ensure you that your expectations will be exceeded.

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