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The charges indicated herein are estimated charges only. All charges are subject to actual time plus travel time. Subject to tariff, rules and regulations in effect on date of actual move. Unless a greater value is declared by shipper, goods are released to the carrier at a valuation of $ 0.60 per pound per article. Charges are payable by cash, credit card or certified check.

  • 24/7 moving coordinator
  • Pick up of your goods by a professional team of trained movers
  • Basic disassembly of furniture at origin
  • Professional wrapping and protecting of all furniture
  • Descriptive inventory of all items for items going to our storage facility ( when applicable)
  • Loading & offloading
  • Truck/ vehicle
  • Fuel
  • Delivery of goods to residence at destination
  • Basic assembly of furniture at destination
  • Dispatch Center & Customer Service
  • Basic valuation coverage of $0.60 per pound per article
NOT INCLUDED ( unless listed under extra charges)
  • Full pack service for all boxes
  • Full unpack service for all boxes
  • Storage
  • Hoisting
  • Crating/ uncrating of wooden crates
  • Reassembly of furniture pieces which require a tradesman
  • Extra valuation(available at extra cost)-optional
  • Waiting time beyond 2 hours ( only applied for Long distance jobs)
TRAVEL TIME( only for local jobs)

TRAVEL TIME represents the time and fuel expense arriving at your origin residence from our office at 20 Sycamore ave, Medford, Ma 02155, and returning from your destination residence to our warehouse/office in Medford, MA. Travel time is calculated at the same hourly rate as the labor and is always included in the total estimate of cost.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: A non-binding estimate covers only the articles and services listed. It is not a warranty or representation that the actual charges will not exceed the amount of the estimate. If you request additional services to complete the move or add articles to the inventory attached to this estimate, the household goods mover must prepare a supplemental estimate which will change the amount of the original estimate. If the total tariff charges for the listed articles and services exceed this estimate by more than ten percent, then, upon your request, the carrier must relinquish possession of your shipment upon payment of a maximum amount of 110% of the amount of the estimate (and any supplemental estimates). You are obligated to pay the balance of the total charges within 30 days. Household goods carriers are required by law to collect transportation and other incidental charges computed on the basis of rates shown in their lawfully published tariffs, except as provided below: (1) A household goods carrier may not charge more than twenty-five percent more than its written non-binding estimate for time charges for a local hourly rated move nor can the household goods carrier charge more than fifteen percent more than the written non-binding estimate for accessorial and other services not related to time, unless the household goods carrier prepares and the shipper signs a supplemental estimate. .(2) A household goods carrier may not charge more than fifteen percent above your written non-binding estimate for a long-distance- rated move, unless the household goods carrier prepares and you sign a supplemental estimate.


Any local job, residential or commercial has a 2 hour minimum policy. 2 hour time includes labor + travel time. After 2 hours are passed, the hourly rate and other charges listed on the estimate will apply.

NOTE: TRAVEL TIME (only applied to local jobs)

"TRAVEL TIME" represents the time and fuel expense incurred in arriving at your origin residence from our office in Medford, Ma and returning from your destination residence to our office in Medford, MA 02155. Travel time cost is calculated at the same hourly rate as labor unless noted otherwise.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: All Long distance estimated are considered binding estimates-flat rate, once a surveyor has visited your property.

"Binding estimate" is a representation of the actual charges that will apply on this shipment. If you change the conditions of the shipment (request additional services, add items to be shipped, etc.), the household goods carrier must prepare a supplemental estimate that will change the amount of the estimate for the shipment.


All interstate moving charges must be paid half at origin location and half at destination. The moving charges may be paid by cash, bank certified check. A personal check will not be accepted. If paying by credit card, MasterCard or Visa is accepted.


$ 100.00 deposit is required for booking a Local move

$ 400.00 deposit is required for booking a Long distance move

- any move is considered BOOKED only after deposit amount is confirmed charged

- deposit is considered REFUNDABLE, only if the date is rescheduled with a 72 hours notice(for local moves), and new reservation it will based on availability

- deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE if the job is canceled at any time, regardless of the reason

- deposit will secure your move in our schedule, and is then applied towards the final moving costs


If no arrangements have been made with Premium Q moving and storage for reserving a parking permit before the move, truck parking spots will need to be secured by the customer! All parking tickets applied during the move will need to be added on the final cost!


By pressing Accept and sign electronically, you agree with all terms and conditions of this quote and understand that the electronic signature is a legally binding equivalent to any handwritten signature. Please call us before you accept and sign electronically your quote if more than 4 hours have passed since you have received it in your email. All estimates are subject to price change based on availability.

Note: All jobs are only confirmed/booked ONLY once a credit card is on file with the company and deposit has been confirmed charged.


I understand and accept the terms and conditions above

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