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Pros and cons of moving to the suburbs

Posted on : February 15, 2019

Moving to the suburbs is a dream come true to many. Myself included! There is no part of any city that I would rather live in. The suburbs offer everything you could possibly want whilst being close to the city. The proximity to the city is the best actual element of living in the suburbs. The fact that you have safety, peace, and quiet of a little village while being one commute away from the city has no price.

This is and always will be my primary choice. However, it is not a choice for everyone. Some people simply love being in the heart of all the dynamics a big city brings. Even when they decide to leave and try the suburban life, they leave a little piece of old life stashed. What I mean is that they put away their things in self-storage Boston in case they ever want to go back. This I can respect and have nothing against. But, there are suburban elements that I adore and that I wouldn’t change for the world.

Moving to the suburbs – benefits

As you can probably tell by now, I am partially biased to the topic. But, I did live both in a city center and in the suburbs. I have done this in more than five cities. If nothing – I have the general experience needed to discuss this topic. Trust me when I say it – living in the suburbs is brilliant. The very best part is the fact that you have everything the city can offer at your disposal whenever you want it. This is both for those owning a vehicle as well as those that commute. The commuting networks are usually so good that you can never be late for anything. Jump to Google Maps and you can compare your commute times in the city and in the suburbs. You will be amazed!

But this is just one of many benefits moving to the suburbs brings. There are quite a few but we will touch base with only the most relevant ones.

The price

The cost of moving to the suburbs is significantly lower than living downtown. The price reduction is there for a reason, and this is fine. Living in the suburbs means that you are not living in the city, as much as you would love to claim that you are. You are living on the outskirts of the city and this is why the price is reduced. The further you move away from the city center – the further the price drops. Which works very good to your advantage! Get away from the city center noise and save money whilst doing it? Yes, please! This also means that you can afford professional movers to help you with the long distance moving if that is the case.

The quiet

I cannot stress enough how important this is when considering moving to the suburbs. Having peace and quiet in your own home. After a very difficult day at work, you get to return to your castle and rest without interruptions. Living in the actual hearing of the city makes this almost impossible. Maybe I am old at this point, or not, but being able to take a nap without any traffic waking you up is priceless.

If you like the nightlife and an active lifestyle, then the suburbs might not be for you.
Life in the suburbs can be appealing if you like peace and calm in your surroundings.

Also, if you are doing any type of creative work – having peace and quiet could be essential to focusing and getting into the zone. So, if peace and quiet is a quality you would love to look for – then the suburbs are brilliant for you.


I know, I know, it sounds like a ridiculous factor. But the more I have seen cities, and the more I relocated around – the more I realized just how important it is to have a parking slot in front of your building. Living in the suburbs offers access to a parking spot of your own. This means that whenever you return home you will have a place to park. You will not have to drive around in circles for hours trying to find somewhere to park, only to realize that you wasted an hour doing so. This is one hour taken out of the 24-hour day. Add to this the need to do this several times per day and you got yourself a real mess.

So, laugh all you want, parking is highly relevant. Especially when your moving trucks pull up and they have nowhere to remain while they get unloaded. So, go suburbs! Go parking!


The city is a very fast and loud space. Considering the density of people living there it is easy to understand the size of the population. This size brings forth the criminals and criminal activity. The suburbs have no such thing. So, if we are to compare, the suburbs are the best choice you could ever thing off. You can leave your house in the middle of the night and go for a walk or a drive and you will be perfectly safe.

You can stay calm at night walking around because the suburbs are much safer than the city.
Most of the suburbs are gated communities that have 24/7 protection of the homes.

Doing something like this downtown and you may regret it. I do not wish to scare you. However, I would love to develop some awareness for this factor within you to make sure you understand the gravity of the situation.

The place to have a family in

If you are starting a family and you are hoping that your kids will chase around with the dog around, then moving to the suburbs is the ideal decision for you. To put it differently, this could be the only decision you can make. One thing that can drastically ease your transition is hiring residential movers Boston to set up your new home.

One of the usual reasons that people are moving to the suburbs is to raise a family.
You are going to have a much easier time raising a family in the suburbs than in the city.

Raising a kid and starting a family in a downtown district is something we never recommend. Air pollution, safety, the noise and places to play in are all highly unbeneficial to kids. They need an epic yard with a few dogs to chase around with. They (and you) need playdates and yard barbeques. All of this is possible in the suburbs but very much impossible downtown.

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