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Reasons to avoid DIY relocation

Posted on : June 18, 2019

Everyone who has prior experience in moving knows what a hassle relocation is. It requires you to organize in time and plan everything carefully and in details from A to Z. It takes up a lot of your time to organize and execute all tasks properly and it can cost a lot of money. Not to mention the time and nerves you must invest in relocation. That is why people sometimes decide to relocate on their own, instead of hiring a reliable moving company to do it. It may seem like a good idea at the start, but there are plenty of reasons to avoid DIY relocation. You will avoid making so many mistakes.

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When is the absolute imperative to hire a moving company?

If you are moving from one dorm room to another, there are no reasons to avoid DIY relocation. You can get the proper packing supplies in the right amount and pack by yourself. And when it comes to transferring the belongings across the hall or campus, you can always ask your friends to help you. Most of them will gladly do it. Especially when they remember that they will probably use you to return a favor sooner rather than later.

Reasons to avoid DIY relocation - man taking boxes in a van
There is plenty of reasons to avoid DIY relocation

However, when it comes to a bit more serious types of movings, you really shouldn’t think too much about hiring movers. You need someone with experience and skills. And professional movers have all that and more. They will plan, organize and even pack everything on your behalf.

But most importantly, especially if you are moving to another state, interstate moving companies Boston will make sure your belongings remain safe and sound every step of the way. And that should really be a priority in every relocation, right? Not to mention that interstate movers have the necessary knowledge about rules and regulations when it comes to different items crossing state lines. You really need someone who knows what they are doing in order to avoid having your belongings returned to the starting point or locked out in some government custom unit.

The main reasons to avoid DIY relocation

So, now that we have established when is absolutely necessary to hire an experienced and reliable moving company, no matter for residential or commercial relocation, it is time to explain why is a good idea to avoid relocating on your own, even if you are not changing states.

Some of the reasons to avoid DIY relocation are:

  • if you want to save money on relocation,
  • save time and nerves,
  • you will avoid injuries and property damage,
  • maintain a good relationship with friends and family.

Avoid DIY relocation in order to save money

It may sound like a paradox, but it actually isn’t. Many people go with a premise that relocations are expensive, therefore, it is better to do them on their own. However, sometimes the reality is completely opposite. Sure, you will save some money on hiring a professional moving company. But ask yourself: how much money will you spend either way?

girl looking at a piggy bank
You will not necessarily save money if you relocate on your own, on the contrary

Assuming that you don’t own a moving truck or a van, and neither do your friends, you will need a vehicle to transport all your possessions to your new address. Also, someone will need to carry all your stuff, to load and unload them. If you do it by yourself, it can take a lot of time. And not to mention the pain your back is going to suffer. If you happen to drop something, you risk damaging it. You also can’t expect to finish everything in two weekend days, so you will probably have to take some days off work.

Additional costs

Speaking of additional costs, let’s not forget the gas for a vehicle, moving insurance, road tolls and taxes, and possibly even cleaning charges. Should anything go wrong, the list can carry on pretty long. You also need packing materials, supplies, and equipment to pack all your belongings. So, you will have to obtain boxes from stores, markets and friends and family. And with that, you risk the safety of your belongings.

Therefore, instead of getting some of the best moving boxes Boston has to offer from a professional moving company, you will spend money on something not as reliable as that. Again, you stand to lose much more than money for hiring professionals, and that is one of the biggest reasons to avoid DIY relocation. So, think twice about that.

Save time and nerves

It is pretty obvious how one of the main reasons to avoid DIY relocation is saving time and nerves. It is closely connected with your lack of experience in relocations. No matter if you have moved before, professionals are bound to do the job faster and better than you. Which decreases the chances of something bad happening to you and your belongings. Just make sure to avoid hiring a fraudulent moving company in order to really save anything – time, money and nerves. If not, your relocation experience will be much, much more expensive.

Avoid injuries and property damage by avoiding relocation on your own

Again, we can’t stress enough that you don’t have as much experience as moving professionals. Neither do your friends and family. Professional movers have the skills and strength to pack and move all kinds of items without getting hurt. Especially when it comes to moving bulky and heavy items such as a piano or a pool table.

a hand with injured fingers
Make sure to avoid injuries by hiring professionals

With the lack of strength and experience, there are pretty high chances of dropping something down. On the ground or worse – on your feet. You will not only damage your belongings but probably seriously hurt yourself. Unless you are regular in a local gym and have previous working experience in the moving industry, you really shouldn’t risk injuries by moving on your own.

Maintain a good relationship with friends and family

No matter if you are moving locally or across the state, you want to maintain a good relationship with your friends and family. However, if you decide to move with their help, that can sometimes be a mission impossible. Firstly, everyone thinks they know best and how you should perform your relocation. And the fact is that nobody really knows enough. So, besides the fact that there is a big possibility of someone getting hurt, there is also a good chance that the feud is going to happen. And you can see how that is one of the biggest reasons to avoid DIY relocation.

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