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Reasons to hire expert hot tub movers

Posted on : December 14, 2018

Are you planning to move your hot tub? If you are, consider that this process may not be as simple as it may seem in the beginning. Whether moving a hot tub to another place in your yard or moving it, packing and installing in your new home, you should be careful. A hot tub is one of those expensive yet very heavy and bulky items you shouldn’t move on your own. You can hire expert hot tub movers when relocating. Take a look at some of the reasons why you should hire professionals to help with this task.

Why hire expert hot tub movers?

Moving a hot tub is not an easy task. An average 56 square foot tub may weigh around 900 pounds. On the other hand, the same hot tub with water weights up to 6000 pounds. Hot tubes are extremely difficult to move or transport without professional moving equipment, movers usually use. There are numerous moving tools that you will need to perform this task on your own. But, even with the right equipment, you will need strong friends to help you complete this task. The weight of the hot tub is just one of the many reasons why you should use professional movers for moving heavy and robust items. Professional movers will always recommend using a professional moving service that specializes in moving this large outdoor feature.

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Calculate your overall costs before you decide to move a hot tub on your own.

Avoid injuries – hire expert hot tub movers

Moving heavy and bulky furniture may be more comfortable than moving a hot tub. Hot tubs and jacuzzi tubs are quite heavy. For this reason, it is not always safe to move it with the help of your friends. Your friends may not have the necessary experience for this type of move. Without proper tools and professional moving equipment, someone can get injured with ease. That is why professional movers follow safety procedures to avoid injuries and damage when moving a hot tub.

This task will require serious workforce and muscle. For the standard size hot tub, you will require at least three people to help with this move. However, it is best if you can recruit up six people to do the heavy lifting. It is best to find professional moving services Boston to move your tub without injuring yourself or others in this process. Reliable moving companies already have experience and proper tools for moving heavy and bulky pieces like hot tubs.

Renting the equipment for the move

Next, to the possible injuries that may happen when moving a hot tub on your own, there is the question of costs. If you decide to move your hot tub on your own, you will need to buy or rent special moving equipment. Keep in mind that not all moving equipment and tools are adequate for moving a hot tub. A standard moving dolly usually can take up to the 800 pounds of weight. That means you may need to find non-standard moving dollies that professional movers use. That may cost you’re more than average moving equipment people rent for a standard move.

To move a hot tub you will need professional moving equipment.

To move your hot tub, you will also need to gather quality packing supplies before the move. Supplies and tools that you may need may include:

  • Moving Straps
  • Two furniture dollies
  • Few pieces of large pieces of plywood
  • Hot tub cleaning supplies

The cost of moving a hot tub

If you decide not to hire expert hot tub movers, you will also need to invest in part-time moving professionals. Only with experienced moving help, you will avoid damage or injuries. Your overall costs will also include the cost of renting a professional furniture moving equipment. On the other hand, you will also need to rent a moving truck. All of these costs may add up to a pretty sum. Even when doing it everything yourself, you may still have to pay a lot of money to cover all of your relocation expenses.

Compare moving quotes

When you calculate all of your efforts and costs, you may realize that may be more affordable to hire expert hot tub movers to help. When you have the final amount of all the costs of relocating your hot tub on your own, you should consider researching the best furniture moving companies in your area. You can contact quality moving professionals and ask for the official moving estimate Boston. Relocation specialists will come to your home and estimate the difficulty of your relocation and give you the written document as a quote.

Before deciding whether to hire expert hot tub movers or do everything on your own, compare movers estimates with your moving expenses. After you do, it will be easier to decide if it is better to hire quality movers. In case you are moving on a budget, consider talking to your movers. They may offer different possibilities for moving your hot tub while staying within your budget.

Quality movers can help you move a hot tub without injuries and damage.

How to recognize quality hot tub movers?

When you need to find a quality moving company for your relocation, consider doing some research. Examine if the company you like has the official license. Every moving company representative will tell you important details like the license and the id number. You can check the official license at FMCSA. After you make sure, your company has a valid license, browse the official web page. Most reliable movers will try their best to attract clients. They invest in their online presence. You can find various information about the company and their services online. Read upon official online reviews and ask for references before you hire expert hot tub movers for your relocation. This way you will make sure your movers are the reliable professionals that will perfectly suit your relocation needs.

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