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Risks of hiring cheap movers

Posted on : June 12, 2019

It’s no secret that professional moving services can make a substantial hole in your budget. However, it is the only way to ensure a completely stress-free relocation. While you may be tempted to save some bucks, you should know that risks of hiring cheap movers are high. By market standards, reliable moving companies do not sell their services for ridiculously low prices. They do offer some discounts and payment solutions, but the costs of moving and storage Boston shouldn’t vary significantly from one company to the other. If you’ve found the movers with very cheap prices, consider what risks you are taking by hiring them.

Low-quality service

While a high price isn’t always a guarantee of quality, in the moving business it’s commonly the case. It is a rule of thumb that better service will cost more than low-quality service. Risks of hiring cheap movers lay precisely in that fact. You can’t expect a splendid service if its price is too low.

Therefore, by paying less you’re risking to get sub-optimal service for the money you gave. That shouldn’t be the case when you’re hiring movers to relocate your home. It is a process which requires a lot of attention and effort from the workers that are performing it.

Review sheet - Not being satisfied with the quality of service is just one of the risks of hiring cheap movers.
There is a big chance you won’t be satisfied with the quality of service which cheap movers provide.

If the movers are on the poor payroll, the chances are that they won’t care that much about your relocation. They will do things halfway and mechanically, not considering that some of your belongings require more tender touch.

Low-quality moving services put your things in danger, so you are directly risking the safety of your belongings. In the end, hiring cheap movers can even cost you more than purchasing specialty moving services of some reliable relocation company.

Movers with no experience – one of the risks of hiring cheap movers

It doesn’t necessarily mean that cheap movers will provide bad service. Their prices may be significantly lower because they are the new company trying to get a good reputation.

If that’s the case, you movers may even work extra hard to provide quick and efficient service. The real question is, do they know how to do that? Lack of experience is a serious handicap in this line of business. Surely, everybody has to start somewhere, but do you really wish that your relocation be one of their first jobs?

If you need assistance for moving to the next street, this kind of movers might be suitable. However, in the case when you’re moving long distance, have very valuable household items or your relocation has obstacles, the experience of the movers is crucial.

Moving scams are one of the most serious risks of hiring cheap movers

One of the biggest risks of hiring cheap movers is that they are in fact part of the fraudulent company. Those companies exist on any market, and moving industry isn’t the exception. When you’re comparing moving quotes and stumble upon movers with much lower rates than the competition, you have to take it as a serious red flag.

Warning sign
So if you encounter the movers who are offering the same services for half of the price, you should be very suspicious.

While the moving companies do offer discounts and ones can be more affordable than the others, the general rule is that their quotas do not vary significantly.

It’s not uncommon for such company to hand you a bill which has more zeros at the end than presented. Or to hold on to your things until you comply with their demands. If you sign the moving contract and neglect small letters stating that the company can change its quotas during the move then even the authorities can’t help you. And if you’d like to learn how to avoid the 10 biggest moving mistakes, you can get our book and save yourself from troubles.

Inform yourself before hiring movers

Fraudulent moving companies usually take advantage of the customer’s lack of knowledge about the moving business. They attract their clients with the promise of great prices and then fail to mention them all the hidden costs.

Most people don’t know what separates the good moving company from the bad one. Before you even contact the movers, you should do a research about the company.

Inform yourself before starting to look for the movers.

Pay attention to the features which the reliable movers must possess:

  • Proper license and insurance
  • Great reputation
  • Good reviews
  • Professional attitude
  • Vast experience and knowledge
  • Free in-house estimation

If the movers that interests you have very low rates and don’t have one of these features, it is quite possible that you are dealing with the fraudulent movers. Also, when you are checking their website and reviews, pay attention to details. All reliable relocation experts use specialized SEO services for moving companies. Therefore, when you look at their websites and notice how much time and energy they are investing in presenting themselves the right way, you will know whether or not choosing them is a potential risk.

Hiring low-cost international movers lead to money loss

When you don’t spot the moving scams from the beginning, there’s little you can do at the end. Except to comply with the fraudulent company’s terms in order to see your items again.
In the case of relocation, if something sounds too good to be true – that’s because it is.

Meaning that risks of hiring cheap movers can easily become reality. In the end, this type of move can cost you more than getting assistance from a more costly, but more reputable moving company.

If you’re lucky, you will receive a poor quality service. On the other hand, if you fall into a trap of fraudulent movers, you can find yourself in some very unpleasant situations.

In conclusion

There is a big chance that your cheap movers will cost you much more than the service of the reputable moving company. Are you really willing to risk not only burning the hole in your budget, but also the safety of your things? While there are many ways you can save money on relocation, hiring movers with low quotas certainly isn’t one. Risks of hiring cheap movers are just too high and too real.

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