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Settling near college campuses – pros and cons

Posted on : February 7, 2019

Every big or mid-size city has a college, university or a few larger schools within city limits. Those college and university areas sometimes resemble small cities. They have residential areas where students and other people rent apartments. So, if you are looking to buy or rent an apartment, you will certainly find more than a few listings in close proximity to college or university campuses. However, most home buyers have a negative reaction when it comes to settling near college campuses. If you are one of those people, consider all the pros and cons of living near a big college or university.

Where to start?

When looking to buy a real estate on your own, you will consider numerous options and discuss every decision. You will consider every opportunity that comes along and make sure to carefully consider all of the benefits and downsides of the perspective property. In case you are already browsing through, listings and finding potential real estate, make sure you know what do you need and know exactly what are you looking for. Professional real estate agents advise that you create a list of pros and cons for every property you are considering. Also, it is important you discuss your wishes and needs with your partner or the members of your family.

Find out more about living near the college campus before making your final decision.

Sometimes you may need to choose a smaller property if settling near college campuses and when your goal is to become a homeowner. It is not hard to adapt to a smaller living space when buying your own home. The expenses are not that high, and you can get all those benefits when buying your own home. You can always choose a bigger home and have a garage and enough storage space for all of your belongings. If you decide on a smaller home, you may consider renting a storage unit. You can always use additional storage space and store the items you don’t usually use and gain space in your home.

Pros of settling near college campuses

Good real estate investment

Buying a real estate near college campuses is a great investment. Universities and colleges are stable institutions, and they tend to exist for a long time. Cities and towns have numerous benefits from those institutions because they straighten the economy aspect of each location. On the other hand, nearby investments tend to grow and prosper like cafes, restaurants, and markets near university areas. The same goes for real estate. The real estate located near college campuses is always in demand. Students and faculty members are always in need of housing. And the best part is that you know they won’t be late with rent because their parents will cover all the settling near college campuses expenses.

Whether you are settling near college campuses or buying a property as an investment, consider this option. Your real estate will be on high demand, and it will retain a constant value on the market.

If safety is your main concern, the college area apartment may be the right choice.


One of the biggest benefits of settling near college campuses is safety. Homes near campuses usually have additional security with campus guards. Universities pay for additional security for college towns in the USA because they know that many students live in the nearby area. On the other hand, police officers patrol the areas regularly. This way they want to ensure that all of the residents and students are always safe.

Transportation and amenities

Another great reason to live near a college campus is a great connection and the possibility to get around with ease. Urban planners make sure that students use public transportation to get around. That is why college and university areas are well connected to any other part of town no matter the basic location. On the other hand, there are also thriving businesses around. Numerous urban bars and cafes, stores of all kinds are located nearby. You can always use the proximity to these businesses to your advantage no matter if you are settling near college campuses or renting your real estate.

Cons of settling near college campuses

Buying a new home is a big decision. If you are considering buying a near-college home, consider the downsides:

  • Noise – Near college areas tend to be noisier. Students may have games and attract crowds on the weekends. There may also be a party or two. If you are the type of person that dislikes noise, you may reconsider settling near college campuses.
  • Turnover rates – parents tend to buy houses or apartments for their children after they enroll. Those apartments tend to be sold after schooling is completed. You may feel that your community is constantly changing.
  • Fewer families around – parents with small children tend to live in more family-friendly

Professional movers can help you move

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Professional movers can help you relocate your belongings with ease.

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