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Posted on : January 24, 2019

Every single move we have ever encountered was unique. Unique in several ways. For instance, there are relocations that require some short-term storage solutions. Or, there could be relocations that require several different types of transportation in order to get everything to the final destination.

Also, we frequently encounter different people with different needs, which always force us to stay on our toes. You never know what types of requests you might receive. Additionally, each relocation we have done had different obstacles to it.

These obstacles are what separates the good moving companies from the other ones. Your ability to adjust to these obstacles and find ways to overcome them is what makes your moving company brilliant. It is what we take most pride in. This is what we think makes our services one of the best you can find.

Leaving the work in the hands of professionals means trusting them with your valuable possessions. That trust is what keeps them in business.
When you hire professionals, you know the least that you can expect is that they are taking responsibility to satisfy your demands.

Bottom line is that, no matter what the obstacle is, we find a way to overcome it and continue with the relocation project. This is something that we learned over extensive years of service. Furthermore, we have faced so many different obstacles that we are now prepared for whatever may come our way. Therefore, you need not to worry. You are in safe, capable hands.

Moving challenges

The challenges one can face throughout the move are endless. Each move is unique, and with this comes that fact that each unique move can bear its own unique challenges. The good news is that we are ready for this.

As your local movers Boston we are ready to take face on any challenge you might have. One of the most frequent challenges we faced is when the client needs a short-term storage solution to safe keeps their belongings for a short period of time. This usually happens because the final destination for their belongings is not fully ready. Or, in some other cases, our client would need to move out from the current place but is not yet able to move into the next one.

In these cases, the safest solution our clients are our short-term storage solutions.

This is a safe and cost-effective solution that will make sure that all your possessions are kept as they should. There are countless benefits to this and very few downsides. However, this is not something that we impose on our clients. This is something that we always recommend, at best.

Nevertheless, it is up to you, the clients, to choose the best way to tackle this challenge. We are always here to facilitate all your wishes.

Benefits of Short-term storage solutions

The benefits are extensive. The upsides are abundant. The only downside is the fact that it is an additional cost. But if you set this aside you get your money worth by far.

We will try to explain benefits through this scenario.

Regardless of what the reason is, you are in need of a short-term storage solution. This usually happens when the final destination your items are about to reach is not ready. In this case, you are left with either keeping everything on the street (unlikely to happen), finding someone to keep them for you (hassle of going to Facebook and asking all your friends for a favor) or simply hiring a short-term storage solution.

The last case is something that we entirely take care of for you. So, instead of chasing around people to keep your items for a short period of time, and then finding a way to bring everything to them you get to do nothing about it. Inform us of this predicament and this is the only thing you actually do.

When you need someone to care about your things like you do, our short-term storage specialists are there for you
Our storage specialsts have years of experience, safely and reliably taking care of your possessions.

From that point on we take everything from your current destination and carefully pack it in one of our storage units. Once the final destination is ready we are the ones who go back to the storage unit, sort items and load them onto the trucks and carry them to your new home or office.

You put your trust in hands of a professional

Throughout the entire process, you have zero liability and zero responsibility. You get to relax and work on other things whilst we take very careful care of your belongings. So, in your eyes, there were no predicaments. There was a need for a temporary storage solution, but you had no obligations to participate. All you do is show up on at your new home, or office, and start unpacking!

Brilliant, isn’t it? This what self-storage Boston can offer you.

Insurance, security, safety

There are other elements that make use of storage solutions so valuable. These elements are all working in your favor, making sure that no matter what happens you are protected. There are countless situations where you and your belongings could be in danger. Accidents and unfortunate events can happen, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. But with our insurance, you will be more than protected. No matter what happens, your items will be protected.

Depending on the space you require and time period that you want to store your things, the insurance rate will go up or down.
Insurance rate depends on what you are keeping and for how long, so don’t forget to ask about all insurance options.

In case of any harm coming to them, you will be well compensated. A flood might happen, or an earthquake might strike. These are unfortunate events we can do nothing about. But we can ensure that if they do happen, you are more than protected.

Our security makes it nearly impossible for someone to break in and steal your belongings. Of course, nothing is a hundred percent sure so neither is this. But it is making it near damn impossible to do. And even in the off chance that it does happen, your insurance will be able to cover for everything. Lastly, our storage units are using the latest technologies to ensure the safety of your belongings.

You are in safe hands.

Best of luck!

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