Tipping your movers – when and how much

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    When moving to a new location, your goal is to find the best moving company for your relocation. Finding and hiring quality residential movers Boston is always the first step. Quality movers will schedule the move, pack your belongings and transport them to your new home. And while they do, you will need to be here, give specific instructions and oversee the entire moving process. In some cases, you don’t have to get involved and help. But in the end, there is always a question about tipping your movers. Use our guide and find out more about when and how much to tip your movers. But also, keep in mind that in some cases, tipping your movers may not be the best idea.

    Tipping your movers – should you do it?

    When dealing with quality movers that do everything to stay efficient and fast, you will consider tipping your movers. However, that may not always be the case. You should consider giving your movers a tip only when you are satisfied with the service they offer. On the other hand, you should feel obligated to tip your movers in every situation. In case you believe that your movers could be doing a better job, you should reconsider tipping.

    You should tip your movers if you are satisfied with their service.

    A nice tip is a great way to show appreciation for good work. But most quality movers won’t automatically expect to get a tip. Keep in mind that quality movers with experience will provide the best service no matter if you tip them or not. On the other hand, if your movers provide any kind of specialty moving services, you should consider giving them a tip. Specialty moving services usually include handling the packing and transport of high-valuable items or huge and bulky items that require special movers’ attention. Although you are paying for this service after you sign the contract with the moving company, tipping your movers is a good idea. The reason is simple. A small tip will show appetition for a job well done.

    You will consider tipping a quality mover who is transporting your expensive artwork or disassembling your expensive pool table. When movers handle your irreplaceable concert piano receive a tip, they will be extra cautious while packing and transporting. When dealing with a professional mover, you will get the best level of professional conduct and care no matter the tip. However, keep in mind that movers’ job is quite hard and it is best to show appreciation for good service.

    How much to tip local movers?

    Relocating to a new home is a big task. There are numerous things to organize before your movers even arrive to pick up your belongings. When dealing with the best quality moving company Boston, you should consider the type of your relocation before tipping your movers. You may ask yourself if you should tip local or your long distance movers. Most of us wonder about that because local movers don’t have as much work as long distance movers. However, that is the wrong approach when it comes to tipping your movers.

    The size of your tip will depend on your moving expenses and your budget.

    The distance of your move is an important factor to consider, but you shouldn’t calculate your mover’s tip depending on this factor only. Each type of relocation comes with challenges and difficulties for your movers. If you are hiring the best moving company with experience, you won’t have problems when relocating your belongings. Quality movers will organize everything and stay professional no matter the type of your relocation. That doesn’t change the fact that their work is hard. Moving heavy and bulky items, packing fragile items with special care and staying positive through it all is not easy. The entire process of moving your items and handling the heaviest furniture pieces may seem easy when you look from afar. But, before you decide on tipping your movers, remember that this seems easy only because they have experience and straight.

    If you decide to reward your movers for a job well done, it is recommended that you calculate their tips based on a standard percentage. This decision is entirely up to you and your budget. If you have money and wish to stay fair, you should consider numerous factors of your move.

    Which factors to consider when tipping your movers?

    We already mentioned that the distance of your move is one of the factors that affect your mover’s tip. However, this factor is not the only one. You can base your tip based on the time they spend working, packing and moving your home. Depending on the number and the size of items your movers need to move, they may work a 6-hour shift, 8-hour shift or 12-hours straight. On the other hand, if you are moving long distance, you may have two moving crews come to your home. In this case, you should consider your costs and your moving budget if tipping both moving crews. Consider the following factors when calculating your mover’s tip:

    Consider your mover’s performance and professional approach before you give them a tip.
    • The complexity of your move is one of the most important factors you should consider when tipping your movers. It is not the same if movers relocate your home belongings to another part of town, country or a continent. On the other hand, if movers need to carry a heavy load without an elevator to a moving truck, that makes the process harder.
    • Size of your moving cargo can affect your decision too. You should calculate a different tip if your movers pack and transport your entire house belongings including all of your items from a garage, attic, your storage space, and your yard. Moving items from one bedroom apartment are way easier, right?
    • The number of movers that come to your home to relocate your belongings will also affect your decision when tipping your movers. Sometimes a quality moving company can send a big moving crew to move your huge household in time. You should make sure you give each mover a tip if you are satisfied with the service they provide.

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