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Tips to lower interstate moving expenses

Posted on : April 17, 2019

Moving is a very unique game, sort to speak. This game has one objective – have the least stress and save the most money and time. Now, the objectives are not necessarily aligned in this particular order. Some people value money over time, whereas others value the lack of stress over everything. So for example, to reduce stress some people decide to hire long distance movers Massachusetts to help them with the moving. Still, regardless of what your priorities may be, saving money is good for everyone. Am I right? Therefore, we are going to talk about how to lower interstate moving expenses.

Interstate moving, just like any other, brings its stress, time requirement, and cost. All of these combined will create the moments we all dread. Or at least one of these. If you want to lower interstate moving expenses, you will have to sacrifice something. In most cases this is time. In some rare cases, this is the amount of stress you need to endure. Still, moving will never come super easy, and it will never come free. It is up to your strategizing how cheap it will become. Strategizing and planning.

In an attempt to lower interstate moving expenses

So, we are going to take a scenario where we are going to lower interstate moving expenses. This means that some other expenses will have to go up. Or does it? There are certain things you can do in order to attempt to lower interstate moving expenses. And if you would like to learn how to avoid the 10 biggest moving mistakes, you can get our book here:

Don't wait to call the moving company and select the moving date. If you wish to lower interstate moving expenses you will not wait.
Quite often people find themselves in a lot of trouble because they waited for too long to call a moving company.

Some of these tips may sound a tad universal, but they are globally applicable. It doesn’t matter which state you are moving from, and which state you are moving to. It all comes down to the same thing. Some expenses can be cut down, and it is not that difficult either. All you need to do is have someone share their wisdom with you. The trick is to start ahead of time. If you can do this ‘little’ thing, you are bound to be as successful as one can be. This means that you could end up saving both money, time and nerves. Unfortunately, not everyone can always start ahead of time. In some cases, this ends up being impossible. In these cases, it comes down to good fortune.

However, we are going to stick with a scenario where you can foresee your move ahead of time. In doing so, you are bound to save a lot of resources and energy, and here is how.

Starting ahead of time

There are a few things that can happen when you start ahead of time. Moving companies are always going to favor those who are not moving on short notice. The more time you can give a moving company in advance, the better!

This does not, however, work for those that are wishing to do a ‘do it yourself’ move. This is more inclined towards people who are hiring professional moving assistance. However, this does not mean that this is the only way to do it. If you can plan ahead of time, I am almost certain that your DIY move will be more successful. But we are lacking experience in this field and look at everything from a professional point of view. Having this said, we will rarely recommend doing a move yourself (unless you are moving 2 floors down). In this case, you are probably better off on your own.

So, why do moving companies favor those who can book their time ahead of time? Because this allows the moving companies to do one very special thing.

Booking your slot ahead of time

Moving companies have one very unique strategy. During the year there are parts that are in season and out of season. During the in-season part of the year, there is lots of work and moving business is flourishing. For the most part, at least. However, in the out of season part, the business is slow. Regardless of how much work moving companies get, they still need to pay taxes and salaries. But, if the company is making no money and having lots of expenses… Well, you get the idea. This is why moving companies have a unique strategy of making sure they have work all year round.

If you wait for too long to call the moving company the moving cost will increase considerably.
Time is money in moving business. The sooner you call the better the deal you are going to get.

Moving companies offer substantial discounts to those that are able to book their time ahead of time. In doing so, moving companies make sure to have work all year round, and never have a dull moment.

Clever, isn’t it? How does this benefit you? Well, you can make the most of these discounts by booking your move ahead of time. In doing so, you can save nerves, time, energy and money all at once. There is no catch, this is it. Figure out your move 3 months in advance and you are golden!

Having choices

Another brilliant side effect of booking a moving company ahead of time is having choices. This means that you would go ahead and contact 7 different moving companies, and in return, you would get 7 different moving estimates.

You can be extra cheeky and compare the moving estimates, but share the numbers of moving companies offers in order to see if this will influence them lowering the price. This is a game to lower interstate moving expenses after all, and you should give it all you have got!

You should get at least three offers before you decide which one is the best for you.
The more options you have, the better the value you will get from hiring a moving company.

So, make sure to collect all estimates and negotiate further. You can start with moving estimate Boston to get you with your first estimate. When you receive an offer that is decent, don’t go overboard in reducing it. It is unfair to the business that is going to reliably move your personal belongings. Agree upon a decent price and you’re good to go!

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