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Top household packing strategies

Posted on : March 27, 2019

Packing is probably the most obnoxious part of a relocation. At least it always is for me. This is why we are going to try to cover top household packing strategies for you. When compiling the list of these strategies I tried to stay as general as possible so that they can be applied to as many cases as possible. The final list is filled with tips and tricks you could use to make your household packing a breeze. Or at least I tried. The sad truth that this process will never be easy. We are not trying to simplify it. We are trying to make it more effective by removing any risky steps that could turn it into a nightmare. So, with the help of professional moving services, you should be quite alright.

Top household packing strategies include all the packing done by yourself.
Packing is best done by you.

Our top household packing strategies help you to avoid any potential mistakes. Those mistakes become visible when you reach your final destination and start unpacking. This is when the nightmare part kicks in. In order to avoid having such a bad time, we offer some tips and tricks that will help you organize and implement your household packing. We have some dos and don’ts prepared as well. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it! And if you would like to learn how to avoid the 10 biggest moving mistakes, you can get our book here:

Top household packing strategies – overview

The first advice we have for you when talking about top household packing strategies is not to hire packing services. You should always consider hiring moving services Boston to do your move. However, you should fully avoid hiring professional packing services, for a number of reasons. Professional packing services are expensive. This is a cost you wish to avoid having since moving is already quite expensive. Any attempt to save money should be highly welcomed. But, this is not the primary reason why you should avoid hiring packing services.

The primary reason as to why you should do packing yourself is simple organization. Plus, there is one additional reason. This may be personal, but I feel awful thinking that some strangers will be touching all of my belongings. You should really want to pack all of your things on your own, or with your family. This is something that you can definitely do if you follow simple tips and tricks while doing it.

You will know what goes where

If you dedicate the time to pack your belongings yourself, you will know exactly which items went into which boxes. This will be of super high value when you reach your new destination and start unboxing. If somebody else packs you, there could be a risk of you not knowing which items are where. This could double the time needed to unpack which could cause a nightmare. You will already be very exhausted because of the move, and not being able to find things you need first could be obnoxious, to say the least.

The best way to find your way around your boxes is by marking the boxes with color markers.
Use markers to know what’s what.

If, however, you packed all the boxes, you will know exactly which items went where. This could save a ridiculous amount of time when you are trying to settle into your new home. Hiring packing services Boston could avoid this issue since these professionals make sure to follow a very strict labeling strategy. However, even with this, you could end up spending hours searching for something in the sea of boxes. This is why the absolute safest way to go about this is to have done the packing yourself.

How to pack yourself? Top household packing strategies

There are several techniques you should use when packing everything yourself. We could even classify these techniques as top household packing strategies. The steps are simple but should be followed to the letter. Skip one step and it could have disastrous consequences (meaning you could spend hours and hours unpacking). None of these tips are expensive or impossible to achieve. You just have to be meticulous.

The first thing you have to do is get boxes. The trick with boxes is to get small, medium and large ones. People usually make the mistake of getting a single size set of boxes which could easily cause confusion later on. So, arm yourself with differently sized boxes. Second, buy markers in different colors. At least three, to be exact. Lastly, get a bunch of duct tape. As much as you can find. It doesn’t matter which material it is made of, but if you can choose – choose the plastic / silicone one. With these three you can proceed to start packing your own stuff like a true professional.

Organize your belongings into different priorities

The first step is to make sure that your belongings have different priorities. You are not going to need everything the first day you move in. This means that you will not be unboxing everything on the first day. You will be exhausted enough. You will be unboxing only items that are essential to you. If you do your prioritization, you will be able to know which boxes contain such items.

Make sure to have an abundance of duct tape for your packing.
In the packing process -Duct tape is your best friend.

To make your packing process easier – Label your moving boxes!

Make sure to have markers in different colors and don’t be afraid to be creative. Mark your boxes based on the priority. So if, for instance, summer clothes is your priority, you should take a yellow marker and write on the box – Summer clothes – HIGH PRIO. This will let you know immediately that this is the box you need. Do this with all your boxes! Also, label your boxes with the name of the room they belong to, so you can easily unpack it in your new home. There will be no mistake about which is which. Don’t forget about the duct tape! It will make sure their bottoms don’t snap open.

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