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What is the best time to move the business

Posted on : July 23, 2019

Is there a thing like the best time to move the business? Much like commercial moving, relocating the whole business can prove to be a daunting task. Business relocation also includes the complex task of relocating the offices and storage rooms. In addition, there is a ton paperwork to be done, namely a change of the address, adjustments to different laws when moving from state to state, informing the authorities because of taxes, the list goes on.

The trick is to conduct a move without losing productivity and customers. You need to act effectively and efficiently. If you are moving to another state, the first thing you should do is to secure the services of high-quality movers. In order to accomplish that browse through long distance movers Boston and find the agency that best suits your needs. But before you do that you have to ask yourself, is this the right moment to relocate? In this article, we will analyze what is the best time to move business, so stay tuned to find out more.

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Financial parameters that indicate it’s the best time to move the business

Has the financial climate become unfavorable? Is it getting increasingly more difficult to keep the business profitable? Are there other cities which are a better environment for your type of product/service? If this is true, it is the best time to move the business. Before you decide to change the address of your company, take a look at moving estimate Boston to find the best deal for you.

Picture of conference room
There are several important factors that can show you what is the best time to move the business

So, speaking of finances, there are several indicators that might make you think about relocation:

  • Operating costs. By this, we mean all the costs that are necessary for the company to keep going. Operating costs could be divided into fixed costs and variable costs. Fixed costs consist of rents, phone and internet bills, insurance and salaries. On the other hand, an example of a variable cost is the price of materials used. If these go up by a considerable margin, maybe it’s the right time to begin your search for greener pastures.
  • Costs of living. The actual costs of living are equally important as the operating costs. It will be easier for you to attract new employees if your company is located somewhere the costs of living are not astronomical.
  • Problems in finding new employees. If you can’t financially match the salary demands in a particular area, you should consider finding states with a cheaper workforce. Speaking of employees, another possible scenario you might encounter is the lack of a quality workforce. Maybe your surroundings simply don’t have enough qualified workers. Many companies change their location in search of adequate personnel

Your business is in need of a bigger space

When you reach a certain point, you need to invest in a bigger property in order for your business to continue growing. When hunting for new offices try to estimate how your business will develop in the future. The fact you did well in the past year, doesn’t guarantee you will be able to pay the rent for the bigger property for the next three years.

picture of a dollar bill
The financial aspect is certainly the number one reason to consider relocating your business

If you are searching for a larger commercial space look at downtown Boston for interesting offers. If you are in need of extra storage room, there is a lot of storage units to choose from. When picking a storage unit it is important to remember that it must have a good security system, it must be dry and climate-controlled. Another good reason to relocate your business is when you need to upgrade your facilities. Need for new cutting-edge equipment and new modern working area is a sign that your business is ready for the next step. This is when people decide to relocate because moving is more cost-effective than renovating as it requires less capital and time.

The simple need to expand is the best time to move the business

Has your business reached the maximum potential at your current location? In order to expand you have to move to another location. Running a business is a dynamic process and in order to grow, it must adapt to an ever-changing economic climate. This is where you or your management must decide if it’s the best time to move your business.

The best time to move business is when you are in need of bigger office space
You have a plethora of options for bigger office space, but don’t go for something you can’t afford

To conquer new markets, sometimes you must move to another city or even abroad. If your best clients are located far away from where are you now, you have difficulties in communication, and you need to travel a lot, it is only reasonable to relocate somewhere closer. After all, your client’s needs should always come in the first place. In order to stay competitive on the market during those turbulent times, consider establishing a parallel office space prior to the move. Send a couple of employees to prepare the ground before the actual move. That way you won’t lose any precious time when moving.

You like the other place better

While this parameter is not strictly related to the business itself it can’t be omitted from the final equation. In the end, the most important thing is how you feel and what your wishes are. If you got tired of your city and are in desperate need of change, go for it. Fast-paced urban life can lead to depression and anxiety, and if you can run your business from somewhere more peaceful, you should do it. Do thorough research on your new location and see if it is suitable for your type of product/service. Make a good business plan and prepare everything in advance. Look for the smallest of details. In the end, your business will suffer if you are unhappy.

As you can see, there is a multitude of scenarios that indicate it is the best time to move the business. Be it out of necessity or because you want to make the switch it is important to embrace the challenge and prepare everything on time. Good luck!

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