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About Us

Packing up your home or office in boxes is emotionally trying for everyone. You may fret about furniture that has been in the family for generations, fragile glassware, fine art, and delicate computer equipment. As one of Boston’s top moving companies our professional movers have incredibly high standards. Professionalism, recognition, expertise, motivation, integrity, and an upbeat mindset, together with the Quality of our services are the pillars that have built Premium Q Moving & Storage of Boston. Professionalism, recognition, expertise, motivation, integrity, upbeat & mindset together with the Quality of our services are the pillars that have built Premium Q Moving & Storage, Boston.Our team brings quality and value to all our customer services.

Client Reviews

If there was a 6th star, I would award it to Premium Q Moving and Storage. Efficient, thorough, fast moving, pleasant, knowledgeable and funny! Those are the descriptive adjectives that come to mind. From a thorough Sergio on the phone and email to hard working Lamar and Ronnie who flew through our house like nothing I’ve seen in quite a while. Jay B.


Premium Q moving is an award winning company built on trust, offering the best quality local and interstate moving among with a variety of other services. We understand how important your time is and our experienced consultants will provide tips to ensure your preparations go smoothly. If you choose to take advantage of our premium services, we will provide experts to pack and unpack all of your belongings. They will take the utmost are to ensure all your valuable items arrive undamaged.If you decide to handle the packing and unpacking yourself, we provide boxes and other moving supplies at reasonable prices. We are fully committed to providing an economical relocation service without hidden fees or high costs for packing supplies.


Premium Q moving is an award moving company offering premium quality services in the relocation industry. Our commitment to maintaining the highest standards sets us apart from many moving companies in the Boston market.

Our Team

Our team brings quality and value to all our customer services. Our Boston movers are highly-skilled with years of experience. They love their job and care about you and your goods. Whether it’s our quick yet careful, friendly service or the honesty and value that we bring to every interaction, our customers Premium Q Moving & Storage of Boston aims to transform your first moving experience with us into customer loyalty. Our services go far beyond just moving, and we would love to have you come to us for your other needs. We are committed to our customers and we will be serving you with quality, honesty and value. Contact us to discuss your upcoming move with one of our moving coordinators and we can help you immediately relieve stress as we take over your moving process. Call Premium Q Moving & Storage of Boston today for a FREE MOVING QUOTE, and experience our commitment to quality and the real meaning of Premium Boston movers!

Why Choose Us


  • A free & accurate moving estimate produced with the latest technology
  • A fair and reasonable price
  • Transparent communication throughout the move
  • A 24/7 dedicated person assigned to you as your direct point of contact
  • A minimum of one-two calls prior to your relocation, to make sure that you are fully prepared
  • A highly trained, professional moving team, fully uniformed
  • The cleanest trucks and proper equipment to move your furniture and belongings
  • Post-move communication designed to ensure that we exceeded expectation


When people ask us why they should ask Premium Q moving, we point out, among other things, the motivation & dedication of our leadership team. Through their experience and expertise, they ensure that our company is able to provide our customers with a worry-free move. Our company continually adapts to changes and trends in the marketplace, so we stay on top of the important details during your move. It’s thanks to our leadership that we’re able to take the stress out of moving for our customers.


At Premium Q Moving, we believe that you should never have to pay extra for peace of mind when you deal with a professional. When you are getting ready to relocate your family or business, you have enough to worry about without stressing over the safety of your valuables. We take full responsibility for every item that we transport for our costumers, whether it is a chair, high end couch, or an antique piano.


Premium Q prides itself on being a different kind of moving company. We believe that is the quality of our guys that set us apart from the market. We takle every move, large or small, with the same upbeat & smile. We would never take a break on your time without taking it off the bill and we work as long it takes to get the move done, with any unexpected challenges during the day.


We have embraced a team philosophy that everyone pulls together. Premium Q’s value is directly related to our team success and since we want to advance in our industry day by day, we show our commitment to the costumers by making sure those around their home will make them feel like family . Additionally, we reinforce this ideology on a daily basis by communicating the team regularly and explaining how our goals and values will help them as well. Equally as important is to make the communication real. Our employees are committed to each another, and they make the company a culture that breeds success.


Premium Q’s standard for quality is higher than most moving companies on the market, but that’s what it takes to provide our customers with a smooth transition. Not surprisingly, our customer satisfaction ratings are very high and every day we’re innovating new ways to ensure the quality of our services.

You Should Not Be Worried About The Safety Of Your Belongings

Moving Should Be Stress-Free For You & Your Family.