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    International Moving Company

    Premium Q Moving and Storage offers top-tier international moving services to over 170 countries. When it comes to relocating abroad, finding a trustworthy international moving company is essential. With our customized moving plans tailored to your needs and budget, we make the process seamless. Whether you’re moving your home or business, our reliable international movers ensure your belongings are safely delivered to your new address, handling everything with the utmost care and efficiency.

    International moving company

    Expert International Movers to Help You Adjust

    At Premium Q Moving and Storage, our dedicated moving coordinators guide you through every step of your international move. From packing and shipping to navigating customs regulations, our experienced agents handle the complexities of international moving. We aim to make your transition to a new place and culture as stress-free as possible, leveraging our worldwide network of reliable movers for a safe and efficient move.


    All-Inclusive Boston Moving Experience.

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      What Sets Us Apart from Other International Moving Companies

      International moves are complex, requiring meticulous organization, trained movers, and quality equipment. Our international movers have the best strategies to ensure a smooth relocation. We offer personalized quotes and plans to meet your specific needs. Our services include:

      With our expertise and professional team, you can move anywhere in the world. From packing to customs procedures, we guide you through every step, ensuring your move is seamless.

      International moving company

      Comprehensive International Moving Services

      Planning an international move involves careful preparation. Our trained and certified professionals ensure your project is completed on time, within budget, and without stress. Learn more about moving tips and tricks on our blog.

      Project Management for International Moves

      Our dedicated project managers are with you throughout the entire process, ensuring effective communication and flexibility. They handle downtime efficiently, minimizing disruptions and allowing your business to resume operations swiftly. Our project managers employ quality control measures and time management tools to execute plans with precision.

      Why Choose Premium Q Moving and Storage

      For your upcoming international move, trust Premium Q Moving and Storage to handle your valuable assets with care and precision. Contact us today to discuss your moving requirements and experience the exceptional quality of our international moving services.

      We Provide End-to-End Support

      Your international moving coordinator will assist you through the entire process, advising on shipment, travel, insurance, customs, and cultural adjustments. With our comprehensive moving resources and global partners, we ensure a smooth move. Whether you need help with storage options, shipment tracking, or customs clearance, our specialists are here to assist every step of the way.

      International Packing Tips

      Efficient packing is crucial for a successful international move. Our team understands the importance of protecting your belongings during long transit. We offer expert packing techniques and quality supplies to ensure your items are safe throughout the move.

      Packing tools you will need
      • Wrapping materials
      • Packing tape
      • Cardboard boxes
      • Utility knife and scissors
      • Permanent markers
      Packing made easy
      • First, and most important – all your packing supplies should be new
      • Protect all your fragile items with paper and other wrapping material
      • Every box should be labeled with your name, destination and contents
      • Dismantle all furniture
      • Protect furniture pieces with additional supplies
      International moving company

      International Moving Company That Meet All Your Needs

      For a successful international relocation, meticulous preparation is crucial. Whether you’re moving your family or business overseas, choosing a reliable and dependable international moving company ensures a stress-free and comfortable experience.

      We understand the myriad of emotions that come with moving abroad—from fear, stress, and anxiety to excitement and joy. With our trustworthy international movers, you can leave your worries behind. Our focus is entirely on you and your needs, ensuring you feel supported every step of the way. We are dedicated to helping you plan, pack, transport, and adjust to your new community seamlessly.

      At Premium Q Moving and Storage, we go above and beyond to ensure that every item is meticulously accounted for throughout the entire process—from packing to shipping to delivery at your new international home.

      Contact Your Favorite International Moving Company

      Experience a seamless moving experience with Premium Q Moving and Storage as your favorite local moving company in Boston, MA and Tampa, FL. Get your personalized quote:

      Common Questions People Ask About International Moving

      In Boston MA the average cost of movers varies between $90/h to $350/h per hour for a moving crew of 2 movers and a truck. This price difference depends on a few things like the slow vs busy moving season, the time of day, and whether you need add-on services like packing, storage, furniture assembly/ disassembly.

      We consider anything within the state of Massachusetts to be a local move and anything crossing the Mass interstate line to be an interstate or long-distance move.

      Tips are never mandatory but are always appreciated. You can tip $5 per mover per hour or 15-20% of the total cost for the crew to split.

      In a nutshell, moving on a weekday (Monday through Thursday) during the winter season is more budget-friendly. The reason is simple: moving companies usually have lower prices during the winter season and typically during the week days, since they’re not as busy.

      Professional Boston movers typically charge $90 to $350 per hour for a team of two movers and a truck. Prices vary based on factors like season, time of day, and additional services. Most movers bill hourly for local moves, so it’s essential to estimate:

      – Studio/Small Apartment (1-2 rooms): 2 movers, small truck or van, 2-4 hours

      – 1-2 Bedroom Apartment (3-4 rooms): 2-3 movers, medium-sized truck, 3-6 hours

      – 2-3 Bedroom House (5-7 rooms): 3-4 movers, larger truck, 6-8 hours

      – 4+ Bedroom House (8+ rooms): 4+ movers, large truck(s), 8+ hours, possibly multiple days

      Yes, we offer both full-service and partial packing services.

      We consider anything within the state of Massachusetts to be a local move and anything crossing the Mass interstate line to be an interstate or long-distance move.


      All-Inclusive Boston Moving Experience.

      Free Boxes With A Free Moving Quote.

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