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    Boston to Detroit Movers

    When moving from Boston to Detroit, there are going to be a long list of things to remember: pack up your belongings, prepare the new place in Detroit, clean the old place in Boston, etc. On and on the list goes to the point of over-stress. Premium Q Moving & Storage is here so that you don’t have to worry about that list – we can take on responsibility for as much or as little of your move as you would like with the goal in mind to make your move from Boston to Detroit as easy as possible for you.

    Premium Q’s long-distance moving services offer full and partial packing and unpacking services so that you don’t have to stress about packing all of your belongings into boxes.

    Get your move from Boston to Detroit started today with a phone call to Premium Q at (781) 219-8777 for premier and efficient moving service!

    Boston to Detroit Movers

    You are at the right place to get the best interstate moving services!

    Not all interstate moving companies have the same quality of moving services. Some of the moving companies are fraudulent and there are many ways to be scammed in the process. So, be careful. Do not risk moving with rogue movers because you can end up with empty pockets and items loss. Premium Q is different from the others, you can completely trust us with your belongings. High-quality service, safety, and customer satisfaction are what make us one of the best interstate moving companies Boston has to offer. If you need reliable professionals, you are at the right place to get all the answers you need when moving from Boston to Detroit.

    Comprehensive moving services you can count on

    Not all interstate moving companies Boston can offer you services like we can. A wide array of moving services is what makes us different from the others.

    • Commercial and office moving services
    • Piano handling
    • Storage units Boston
    • Packing and Crating
    • Moving boxes and packing supplies
    • Cleaning & Organizing

    How to conduct an interstate move to Detroit with ease?

    The lack of knowledge and interstate moving regulations can cost you a lot. You can lose a lot of money and suffer a lot of stress. If you want to make your interstate move from Boston to Detroit with ease you need to be well prepared, to know all about interstate moving regulations, and most of all you need professionals you can trust completely. That’s why Premium Q Is your best way to conquer every distance of your move providing you with reliable services and all necessary information.

    moving from Boston to Detroit - Detroit at night
    Detroit is a great place with many job opportunities

    Good preparation is a crucial part of the easy interstate move

    With our interstate movers, you can start with your moving preparations on time, a few months ahead. We are here to help you plan, pack your belongings, move, store and to give you all the support during the transition.

    • We will provide you with a customized moving plan
    • Our agents will sort, declutter, clean and pack your belongings
    • You don’t have to buy packing supplies, we will provide you with them.
    • You can pick from the different moving insurance options
    • We provide you with a free moving estimate so you can move within your budget
    • Safe storage units give you a chance to store your belongings safe until your new home is ready for delivery

    Moving from Boston to Detroit? What’s to know?

    Moving from Beantown to the Motor City brings a lot of changes but don’t be afraid. No matter if you are moving from Boston to New York or Detroit or Miami, you need a good moving plan. There are only good things waiting for you in Detroit. It is a center of industry and American history. In the last few years, Detroit has experienced incredible growth and development. It attracts young professionals that are amazed by the economy and culture of Detroit. In the Motor City, you will live affordably, enjoying the fine dining, music, and arts. You can find your place in strong communities with residents dedicated to keeping their communities safe.

    view of Detroit at daytime
    Enjoy your new city and all its perks

    Like in any other city, Detroit also has more expensive renting prices in the downtown area. But, generally, housing in Detroit is affordable and for one bedroom apartment in downtown, you will pay $1,300, while similar apartments away from downtown you can rent just for $700 a month.

    Where to Settle Down?

    In Detroit, there are many diverse and friendly neighborhoods. Before you move, we suggest you explore all neighborhoods to make a list of pros and cons. Some parts of the city are great for families, some others for young professionals who are looking for a job and vibrant nightlife. Here are few great neighborhoods of Detroit:

    • Midtown and Downtown – with many restaurants, Wayne State University, sports stadiums, parks, and cultural sites, these neighborhoods attract young people who want to be in the action.
    • Grandmont-Rosedale – This is an area of five smaller neighborhoods, Rosedale Park, North Rosedale Park, Minock Park, Grandmont, and Grandmont #1 with many lively parks, restaurants, and shops. Here you can experience a strong community feel.
    • Corktown – This is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Detroit. Here you can find coffee shops, breweries, and BBQ places.
    • Sherwood Forest – A neighborhood with historic houses and plenty of trees that give this neighborhood a more suburban look.
    • Jefferson–Chalmers Historic Business District – Located on the mouth of the Detroit River it is a neighborhood with historic places and houses.

    No matter which part of Detroit you choose to be your new home, contact our Premium Q and we can help you relocate with ease. Nobody knows Boston and Detroit better than our professionals! Trust us and join the many people who have become our loyal clients over the years.

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