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Long Distance Moving

If you are in pursuit of the best long distance movers Boston can offer, you are at the right place. With years of extensive experience in the relocation business, Premium Q moving and storage Boston will be your best ally. Long distance relocations can be very delicate, hence we designed our moving service to ease your move. Moving away to a different State, or even abroad is a very big project, and the last thing you need in that situation is the additional stress. Therefore, pick only the best long distance moving company and focus on other tasks. Your belongings will be waiting for you at the new destination.

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    What do you need to know about long distance moving

    two frogs carrying bags around the globe model
    Long distance relocation must be planned properly

    Even though long-distance moves are more and more popular these days, they are not the same as local moving in Boston. The main difference is the time necessary for the actual relocation. Local moving usually takes up to one day, and by the end of the day, you can start unpacking. With long-distance moves, it is a bit different. Not only will your belongings need to travel for a couple of days, but also the preparation process is longer as well. And there are so many things you need to take care of prior to moving. Especially if you are moving abroad, which requires specific documents like a visa.

    In order to help you prepare for this big project properly, Premium Q long distance movers Boston will give you the necessary input. From our experience, we know how important it is to move a watertight moving plan. Here is the list of things you need to check in your moving plan:

    • Prepare all necessary documentation (e.g. visa, permits, etc.)
    • Declutter your home and bring only things you are using
    • Hire the best long distance movers Boston
    • Schedule moving day

    As you can see, there are many aspects of relocation you need to cover. In case you need any assistance, our agents will help you with any question or dilemma you might have. We are in this business for a long time and have many satisfied customers in our portfolio, hence you can be sure that we will be of utmost help.

    How to find the best long distance movers Boston

    Finding the most suitable moving company for a long-distance move is not an easy task. And it shouldn’t be. You can entrust your belongings only to the most reliable and experienced long distance movers Boston can offer. In order to find such, you need to know the characteristics of movers you can trust. In the first place, you need to check that movers you are hiring have a valid moving license. You can check this on the website of the US Department of Transportation. All you need to do is type moving company such as Premium Q Moving, and check if they have a DoT number.

    Next thing every good and reliable long-distance mover must have is insurance. This is particularly important for the long-distance relocations as you will not be able to oversee the transportation process. In case of any unfortunate event, you will get the appropriate compensation if any damage occurs. Therefore, even if you need to pay extra for this feature, make sure you do so. Better safe than sorry.

    Finally, check the reputation of your movers. We at Premium Q Moving are proud of our work, and our main goal our customers’ satisfaction. We know that the best way of promoting our work is a recommendation our customers are giving to their friends and colleagues. Therefore, we do our best to fulfill every request our clients might have. As a direct result of our efforts, we can proudly say that we are the most wanted long distance movers Boston have.

    We have a solution for any request you might have

    Moving is very delicate and specific type of business. If you think that it means only transporting stuff from one place to another, you can’t be more wrong. There are so many other complementary services we provide to our customers. As a result, Premium Q Moving provides all moving services – from planning to unpacking.

    Commercial and residential moving

    office table with chairs and laptop that will be moved by long distance movers Boston
    We are specialized in commercial relocation

    It doesn’t matter if you need to relocate your home or your entire business facilities. We are specialized in transporting any kind of equipment – from your personal belongings, office furniture to the most delicate working equipment. Additionally, if you need to move your piano or any other specialized item you have, we have a properly trained crew that is using only the most adequate equipment.

    Storage solutions

    Our customers often need a storage solution for belongings that can’t fit their new home, or simply for storing seasonal clothing and sports equipment. We offer the best storage solutions in Boston, with all sorts of storage units. As a security measure, every unit is under the constant surveillance system for which we are using top-notch cameras and sensors. For additional safety, any access must have an owner’s 24-hour notice in order to prevent unauthorized access.

    Packing and Cleaning services

    If you do not want to waste your precious time on packing, you can use our premium Boston packing service. We will safely pack any item you want, with paying special attention to delicate and fragile items. We are using only the best quality packing supplies, so you can sleep tight knowing that all your belongings are safe and sound.

    fragile label on the crate
    We will safely pack all your fragile items

    Finally, if you can’t handle the mess that will occur during the move, our professional cleaning service officers will clean your entire place in no time. We are using only the best cleansers, with following all safety procedures.

    In order to get your free estimation today, all you need to do is to contact your long distance movers Boston now, and we will send you all details. We will make this relocation one of the best experiences in your life. Premium Q Moving is waiting for your call.

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