Certificate of insurance – Premium Q

Certificate of insurance

Click to download Premium Q Moving Insurance Certificate


A Certificate of Insurance is a document from Premium Q’s insurance company. This document does the following:

  • proves that Premium Q is insured
  • specifies in what ways the insurance will be used, if necessary.

The Certificate of Insurance really exists for your apartment/condo building’s management to ensure that any damage caused to the building while you move in or out is covered.

You only need a Certificate of Insurance if your building management requires one. It is best to ask management if it is indeed required — whether you are moving into or out of a building.

All you need to do is go onto our website and there you will find Premium Q’s Certificate of Insurance available to download and present to your building management.

It is best to get the Certificate of Insurance to your building’s management several days prior to your move in or out of the building. If you wait too long, you run the risk of the management office being closed and not allowing Premium Q movers in the building to help you with your move. To save yourself time and stress, get the Certificate of Insurance taken care of ahead of time so things run smoothly on moving day.