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    Boston to Portland Movers

    Moving from Boston to Portland constitutes like an interstate relocation. If you’re planning such a move, you should know that there are many challenges lying in front of you. That is exactly the time that you can benefit greatly by hiring the best interstate movers Boston has to offer. This type of move is much more complicated and difficult than moving locally due to additional federal and state regulations. Not to mention all the moving tasks that such a transition will entail. It can get very stressful and quite overwhelming very quickly. However, that doesn’t have to be the case if you hire a reliable moving company to help you.

    Boston to portland movers
    Here at Premium Q Moving and Storage Boston, we have all that it takes to ensure the smoothest possible relocation. That is trustworthy, experienced, well trained and highly professional movers that will do everything to ensure that your move is without stress or difficulties.

    Differences between local and interstate movers

    Surely, the most obvious difference between interstate and local relocation is the distance. When you’re moving from Boston to Portland, there are a lot of miles between these two cities, and a state borders. You will have to take extra care about protecting your household items even before you start to pack them for your relocation.

    Of course, that won’t be your concern if you choose our company since our movers will take extra measures to pad and secure your load.

    While the distance is the apparent difference between local and long-distance movers, there is another very important one that lies in the details of Federal regulations. While many moving companies provide both local and interstate moving services, the ones that are conducting only the local moves don’t have the authorization to move your things across the border.

    Road - similar to the one that you will pass when moving from boston to portland
    More miles on a bumpy road, the bigger is the danger to your belongings.

    Premium Q Moving and Storage Boston is a highly reputable company that has all the necessary legislation and licenses to conduct all types of relocations. You can make sure of that by checking our USDOT number at the U.S. Department of Transportation website.

    Why moving from Boston to Portland requires the help of professional movers?

    Moving from Boston to Portland is easy when you have a good ally. Still, with so many moving companies Boston has to offer, it can be a bit tricky choosing the best movers for the job.

    Not to blow our own horn, but our reputation precedes us. Years of hard work, learning and perfecting our skills, as well as the high quality that we provide, earns us right to claim that we are certainly one of the best moving companies in the country. We put our heart, knowledge, and experience in each and every relocation that we do.

    Thumbs up
    According to the reviews of our customers, we are doing a splendid job at that.

    Premium Q Moving and Storage Boston take care of our customers and put there needs first. It is our job to take the heavy burden from your back and put it on ours. We go back and beyond to ensure that you aren’t bothered with any relocation tasks and that your moving from Boston to Portland goes without any stress.

    We are offering:

    • Movers with exceptional training, experience, and delicate touch
    • Reasonable, fair and affordable prices
    • Free and accurate moving estimate
    • Transparent communication and answers to all of your questions
    • A person that will be your direct point of contact 24/7
    • High-quality packing supplies and proper equipment to move your belongings
    • Complete moving package – we provide both basic and additional moving services like packing and storage
    • Post-move communication for making sure that you are fully satisfied with our services
    • Any additional help that you may need for settling down at your new home

    If you have huge, bulky, yet difficult household objects, we also have vast experience with moving such items. Pianos, hot-tubes, pool tables present no difficulty to our movers. Not only that, but we can proudly say that our movers are the best piano and pool table movers Boston has to offer.

    Does moving from Boston to Portland even require help from the professional movers?

    The simple answer to this question is a soundly YES. While you can try and move on your own, it is highly recommendable. In the end, why should you? Contrary to the common belief, the DIY relocation won’t save you a dime. As a matter of fact, when you add all of the expenses, it can even cost you more.

    No to mention all the hassle that comes with it. First, you have to rent a moving vehicle of the proper size. It can’t be too big or too small, because that will increase your costs. If you by some wonder choose the moving truck that has the perfect size, now its’ time to pack your entire household.

    Man smiling
    Shake off that moving stress and let us bring back the smile on your face

    You have to be very patient and make sure that every piece has maximum protection.  When you pack all of your belongings, the heavy lifting is beginning. And the risk of the moving injuries increase. Don’t think that it couldn’t happen to you – those injuries are very common, as they can be painful and serious. If something goes terribly wrong (as it easily can), one wrong step can cost you a small fortune in hospital bills.

    Don’t gamble with your precious possession or your health

    Let our interstate movers do all the difficult chores while you are relaxing in the comfort of your porch char and sip cold lemonade. Just contact us, and we’ll design the best plan according to your needs and your moving budget. The best professional help is just a phone call away. Put your trust in Premium Q Moving and Storage Boston and we will show you why it is a good choice. Your moving from Boston to Portland can be easy as the walk in the park on a pleasant summer afternoon.

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