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    Boston to Philadelphia Movers

    Full of rich American history and pride that lingers today, Philadelphia is a place that many are proud to call home. From the location of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, to the birthplace of the famous Philly Cheesesteak, Philadelphia is a place you are lucky to be moving to!

    moving from Boston to Philadelphia

    When moving from Boston to Philadelphia make sure to hire movers that can handle all of your relocation needs. Big or small, household or business move can be handled by our movers with all-inclusive moving services Boston at an affordable rate. When you hire our moving company, you don’t have to worry about hidden fees and additional costs. Before you move, get our free moving estimate, and there will be no bad surprises. Premium Q moving and storage Boston will provide you with a move coordinator who will guide your way from Boston to Philadelphia. We are here to ensure everything goes smoothly. And all you have to do is to call us once your move becomes imminent. 

    The first step – Hiring Boston to Philadelphia Movers

    The first step when moving from Boston to Philadelphia is hiring professionals that are experienced to help. Professional moving companies in Massachusetts have agents dedicated to moving your belongings in a timely and efficient manner while respecting your budget.  Our Boston to Philadelphia movers will give the best moving resources for your successful relocation. From packing to loading and unloading, storage solutions and furniture disassembly, professionals can take care of every step of your move. The process of relocating from Boston to Philadelphia is a big life-changing event.

    Moving to a completely different city is a process you should be prepared for properly. No one can guide your way better than professionals trained and skilled to do it. Top notch services are what you need. Our clients deserve the best. That’s why we offer you affordable and reliable moving services, insured and licensed movers for your smooth and trouble-free transition. So, while we take care of every part of your relocation to Philadelphia from Boston, you can worry about something else, or you can just relax and be worry-free. Soon, you will be settled down in the new city with positive vibes.

    Moving from Boston to Philadelphia with our movers is an easy and smooth task

    Our Boston to Philadelphia Moving & Storage Services

    The moving process requires a lot of services and reliable resources. Sometimes you need all the help you can get. Besides moving services, a move often requires short and long-term storage solutions. Our storage facilities in Boston keep your belongings safe for as long as necessary. No matter how long your move from Boston to Philadelphia will take, we can take care of your items with care. Climate controlled storage units, extra protection, security, and ultimate care is what we offer.  There is a list of services you can count on while moving from Boston to Philadelphia:

    • Furniture Wrapping & Padding
    • Professional Packing and Unpacking Services
    • Special Handling of Antiques
    • Packing Supplies
    • Custom Crating
    • Storage Available
    • Free moving estimate
    • Additional moving services

    Moving from Boston to Philadelphia tips

    • Pick the right time of the year to move. Moving to Philly from Boston in the middle of winter or during the very hot summer period is a bad idea. Instead, schedule your move for the spring or fall.
    • If you are moving your car, register your vehicle within 20 days and apply for a new driver’s license in 60 days.
    • Find a real estate agent to help you find your new apartment.
    • Hire a decent moving company.
    • Gather packing supplies to pack and protect your belongings properly.
    • Explore your new neighborhood, make sure to pick the best school for your children and rent an apartment or house near your new job.

    Similarities and differences between Boston and Philly

    Before you make a move, you should be aware of all the similarities and differences between these two cities. Both Boston and Philadelphia have a great sense of history. With working-class cultures, similar climates, lots of colleges and large student population, these two cities are similar.

    Philadelphia city skyline is what you will enjoy after moving from Boston to Philadelphia
    Philadelphia is one of the East Coast cities that is not so expensive

    But, there are important differences too. Boston has a great local transit, it is a clean city with low crime, but Philly is much cheaper, it has great connections to NYC and DC, and the winter are milder. Another big plus of moving to Philly are affordable homes. This city offers more affordable homes than you can find in Boston, New York or D.C. The real estate prices are much higher in Boston or New York. Philadelphia is one of the East Coast cities that is not so expensive. The cost of living in Philly is lower, too. The median home value in Philadelphia is under $130,000. The real estate market is hot, so if you are thinking about moving to Philadelphia act fast so you can take advantage of low real estate prices.

    Other facts about Philadelphia

    ·         You can shop in markets, not supermarkets.

    If you’re tired of shopping in supermarkets, you’ll love living in Philadelphia. You can shop for groceries in farmers markets or at the Reading Terminal Market.

    • It’s a sports-friendly town

    Philly is a sports town. The Philadelphia Eagles and Philadelphia Phillies are well known in the entire state. No matter what sport is your favorite, you will enjoy it in Philadephia.

    If you want to move to a big city with many opportunities, moving to Philadelphia is a great choice. You have the chance to enjoy great food, history, art and much more in one place. Just don’t forget to find an apartment before the move and hire professional who can handle your move with ease so you can be all set up to enjoy the city from the moment you arrive. 

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