Boston Moving Permit

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    Securing a Boston moving permit guarantees a legal parking spot for your moving truck on the day of your move. While not mandatory, it ensures a smooth, hassle-free moving experience by reserving space specifically for your vehicle, preventing potential parking issues. Here’s a detailed guide on how to obtain one:

    Boston Moving Permit
    Boston Moving Permit

     Key Takeaways – Boston Moving Permit


    • Securing a Boston Moving Permit: Obtain a legal parking spot for your moving truck, ensuring a hassle-free move by reserving two parking spaces for the day.
    • Application Process: Apply online at least two weeks before your move and check the Street Occupancy Permits database to verify availability.
    • Additional Services: Premium Q Moving and Storage offers elevator reservations, parking permits, police detail coordination, crane services, and certificates of insurance to streamline your move.
    • Cost and Payment: A one-day permit costs $69 for non-metered spaces and an additional $40 for metered spaces, payable by various credit or debit cards.
    • Expert Assistance and Special Offers: Get free boxes and 10% off your move with Premium Q Moving and Storage, along with expert tips and third-party permit assistance to ensure a smooth moving experience.

    Application Process

    1. Permit Details: A standard Boston moving permit reserves two parking spaces from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. for one day. This ensures you have ample space and time to load or unload your belongings without worrying about parking violations. The Boston moving permit provides peace of mind, knowing you won’t have to deal with last-minute parking issues.
    2. Online Application: Apply online if your move is at least two weeks away but no more than 30 days out. This window allows sufficient time for processing and ensures that you secure the necessary space well in advance. The online application process is user-friendly, making it easy for you to complete.
    3. Check Availability: Before applying, check the availability of your desired space in the Street Occupancy Permits database. This step ensures you don’t face any surprises on moving day. By verifying availability, you can select the most convenient and strategic parking spots.
    4. No Permits for Outdoor Dining Areas: From March 22 to December 1, permits won’t be issued for areas designated for the City’s outdoor dining program. Therefore, you must find an alternate location if you wish to obtain a Boston moving permit. Be mindful of these restrictions to avoid conflicts with local businesses.

    Special Considerations

    Actual Parking Spot: The reserved space must be a legal parking spot (residential, commercial, metered, etc.). This means it has to be a legitimate space where vehicles are typically allowed to park. Ensuring the space is legal prevents any complications on moving day.

    Busy Periods: From August 31 to September 2, some common moving locations will be blocked off for truck drop-offs and won’t require a permit. These days are particularly busy due to student move-ins, so plan accordingly. Knowing these dates can help you avoid peak times and streamline your move.

    Overnight Storage and Moving Containers: For overnight storage or moving containers, Boston moving permit must be obtained in person with a letter of authorization from the container company. The company must hold a bond with the City to ensure compliance. This additional step is crucial for those needing extended parking solutions.

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    Cost and Payment

    • Non-Metered Spaces: A one-day Boston moving permit for two non-metered spaces costs $69 and includes two signs. This is the most economical option for securing a space, providing a cost-effective solution for your move.
    • Metered Spaces: An additional $40 is required for two metered spaces, bringing the total to $109. This covers the cost of occupying a metered parking spot. Investing in this Boston moving permit ensures you have the necessary space without worrying about parking violations.
    • Payment Options: You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or a debit card. This flexibility ensures you can complete the transaction easily. Multiple payment options make the process convenient and accessible.
    Moving Parking Permit, Boston Parking Permit


    • Permit Issuance: After your application is submitted and approved by the City of Boston, we will mail you your Boston moving permit within 10 days. Make sure the address you provide is correct, as it may differ from your billing or moving address. Timely issuance of permits helps in the smooth planning and execution of your move.
    • Posting Signs: Post signs on the street at least 48 hours before the permit start time (7 a.m.). We recommend posting these signs three days before your move to ensure ample notice for neighbors and other vehicles. This proactive approach helps in securing the space effectively.
    • Flyer Distribution: Along with posting signs, we give you a flyer to alert your neighbors. Please make copies and place them in doorways and on cars within a half-block of the parking spaces you are using. This courtesy helps maintain good relations with your neighbors. Distributing flyers ensures everyone is informed and prepared.

    Additional Services by Premium Q Moving and Storage

    At Premium Q Moving and Storage, we understand that smooth moving involves meticulous planning and coordination. Therefore, we offer a range of additional services to ensure a seamless moving experience for our clients:

    • Elevator or Loading Dock Reservation: Should your building necessitate reserving an elevator or loading dock for moving day, we’ll assist you in securing the best time for reservation, based on our accurate quote. Additionally, we’ll handle all the necessary arrangements to streamline the process. This ensures efficient use of building facilities and minimizes disruptions.
    • Parking Permits: If a parking permit is required at your origin or destination, rest assured, we’ve got you covered. Our team can either apply for the Boston moving permit on your behalf or guide you through the application process, ensuring hassle-free parking on moving day. We take care of the details so you can focus on your move.
    • Police Detail Coordination: Moving in or out of a busy street? No problem. We can facilitate the coordination of police detail to ensure a smooth and safe move, alleviating any potential traffic or safety concerns. This service is especially beneficial for moves in congested urban areas.
    • Crane Services: For large, heavy items that require a crane for moving, count on us to handle all the coordination. Our team will manage the logistics, so you can focus on other aspects of your move with peace of mind. We ensure safe and efficient handling of oversized items.
    • Certificate of Insurance: Many buildings mandate a certificate of insurance for moving services. Leave the paperwork to us. From gathering the necessary information to issuing the certificate, we’ll handle the entire process, ensuring compliance with building requirements. This service eliminates the hassle of paperwork.
    Moving Parking Permit, Boston Parking Permit

    Third-Party Permit Assistance

    If you prefer, hire a company like Permit Puller to handle your Boston moving permit. They manage paperwork, put up signs, and ensure a reserved space for your moving vehicle.

    Forget paying pricey tickets or hauling furniture down the street. With a city-issued temporary Boston moving permit and signs from MovingPermits.com, you’ll have a space reserved for your moving vehicle or moving container (like Pods, U-Haul, U-Box, U-Pack, 1-800-Pack-Rat, etc.) when and where you need it. We’ll get you the permits to streamline your move and reduce your stress.

    Permit Puller has worked with thousands of moving professionals and do-it-yourselfers from coast to coast, with new cities constantly being added. You can request a Boston moving permit in 60 seconds from their website.

    How It Works:

    1. Request a Permit: Submit a simple request online. The streamlined process saves time and effort.
    2. Paperwork Handling: Permit Puller handles all the paperwork for you. Expert management ensures accuracy and compliance.
    3. Sign Posting: Permit Puller receives and puts the signs up on your building. Professional service ensures proper placement and notification.
    4. Print and Park: You just print the Boston moving permit and park the truck. Simplified steps make your moving day less stressful.

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