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How to prepare your home for movers

Posted on : June 27, 2019

Moving business requires a lot of preparations on both sides. But the more important side is you because you are the one that dictates the timing. If you are not ready when the movers come, then you are going to lose, big time. So, if you are moving and you hired local movers Massachusets, stay and find out how to prepare your home for movers.

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Declutter your home

Before the movers come, it is better that you have already finished doing this. It is important because it will make you easier to pack your belongings when that movers come. Sort your things out but there is a question on what to do with things you are not planning to move? Well, you can either sell them or donate them. It is better than just to throw them out. Decluttering your place will make you easier to prepare your home for movers.

Prepare your home for movers by packing all your stuff
Be ready to pack before the movers come

Many moving companies Boston have problems with the fact that people are not ready when they come to the place. It is bad for several reasons:

  • Money– When something like this happens, you lose money. This is only bad for you because all delays in transportation due to your mistake will only affect your bank account. Many companies are very busy so there is a chance that they already have customers waiting for their turn to move. Be responsible to yourself and to others.
  • Time– Time is very important nowadays because everything spins around it. We all live very fast so there is no much time to lose. When you move, it is important to go according to the schedule. As we said, many companies are very busy and have other clients. Also, you can lose a lot if you already have made some appointments right after the move.
  • Stress– Studies show that delays in life produce that kind of stress that is very toxic for your body. Some people better function with stress but can you?

Empty everything from your home

Once the movers arrive, your home needs to be empty. What we mean by this is that all of your drawers, closets, cupboards have to be empty. Also, all of your electrical appliances have to be turned off. Be ready for your movers because of this way you will prevent something bad from happening. All of your cushions, covers, drapes, etc have to be stripped off so you do not lose time on that on a moving day.


The number one problem from movers’ perspective is not being prepared when they come to your house. This kind of mistake will just make you pay more money to the movers. By the time they come, you have to be packed, at least most of it. When packing stuff, you have to make some kind of order so the movers could know what to put first and what last. You can do this by labeling your moving boxes and writing the content and priority on the box.

Sort stuff

We already said that it is important to prepare your home for movers. Other than that, it is as equally important to sort your belongings. What we mean is that you have plenty of stuff, but not all stuff has an equal priority. There is stuff that is personal and where you do not want anyone you do not know close to them, like the movers.

Avoid problems regarding your documents and money
Keep personal documents to yourself

You should pick a place where you will keep your personal documents, valuables, money, and your devices like mobile phones and laptops. This stuff are not movers business, you have to keep an eye on them. We advise you to do this before the movers come so they would not see you hiding your personal belongings.

Find an escape route from your home

Most people avoid transporting bulky furniture to more distant locations because that requires a lot of work and specialty from a moving company. But if you are moving from Boston to New York or any less distant location, you can usually find various moving companies that can grant you that service. But in order for them to do that, you have to think of the way on how to prepare your furniture for transport.

The problem is that sometimes it can happen that your furniture will not go through the door you intended it to go through. In order to avoid complications during the packing, measure your exits so you can be sure that it will fit. If your furniture can’t fit, you will have to disassemble it. You will need some knowledge if you want to do it yourself, but you can always demand that kind of service from a company you hired. It is a common option nowadays.

Prepare your home for movers by protecting it

We all know that workers sometimes can be a little clumsy. We do not mean to say unprofessional but it is natural for people that do things, to make some mistakes along the way. During loading moving trucks, there can be some damages in your house. Sometimes it happens that your furniture hits your wall and damage. Or the painting, or a mirror… You name it. No matter what it is, you can always prepare your home for movers that way so they can’t make any damage to your home.

If it can't, you have disassemble your furniture
Be sure that your furniture can get out of the house

You should put away all the stuff that can be damaged along the way. You should also protect the floor and carpets by putting covers on them so you could prevent dirt from falling on them. The floor is usually the one part of the house that gets the most damage out of your furniture. It is good to secure your floor but it is best if you know how to move furniture without scratching the floor. One of the most common problems are damages to the corners of the walls. You should definitely protect them by putting bubble wrap, covers, sheets, corner guards, etc.


As you can see, it is not that difficult to prepare your home for movers. You just need to think of what could go wrong and what you can do to prevent it. Being ready is the most appropriate term. If you follow these tips, we guarantee that you will have a stressless move and your movers will be grateful.

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